Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 Resources to Help the Online ESL/EFL Tutor

English language is spoken in the whole world. ESL which stands for English as a Second Language and EFL which stands for English as a Foreign Language are the two popular tests that are taken by the non-native speakers of English language. These tests are required for admission into various universities that are located in English speaking countries. Hence the importance of these tests is quite huge among the non native speaker countries.

When it comes to learning or preparing for ESL and EFL there are a number of ways. One can prepare on his own self with certain books, one can approach a tutor or one can go through an online tutoring program. If you have chosen the online learning path, you would find a number of resources that can help you achieve the required knowledge.

We have listed down the 10 most important resources that would go a long way in improving your skills with ESL and EFL:

1.      English Idioms: There are a number of websites that can help you gain a better grasp on idioms. This will go a long way in preparing you for the final battle.

2.    Phrasal verbs: You can easily find some websites on the internet that would help you gain knowledge in phrasal verbs.

3.    Quizzes and test websites: The test and quiz websites will improve your general English proficiency and it will also let you gaze yourself and your knowledge in a particular field.

4.    Articles: There are a number of website which have articles and coverage about various things. As you can read and improve your reading and understanding of the language easily.

5.     Tutor material: Some websites would also provide you teaching material which will go a long way in improving the knowledge of the client such as The Becoming a Better Tutor Group Site.

6.    Forums: There are a number of forums. These are the platforms where you can talk with the likeminded people around the world and share your ideas. You can also get your doubts cleared with the other people if any.

7.     Grammar tools: A lot of tools are available online that can inform you if you have used wrong grammar in your sentences.

8.    Software downloads: A number of software are available which can improve your understating of the subject matter of ESL and EFL with ease. Most of the software available in this segment have interactive approach.

9.    Flash Cards, Excel Sheets and Accessories: A number of websites would provide you flash cards and other material that you can utilize during your session.

10.            Internet Ideas: As far as the effectiveness of the lessons are concerned, you can get some really good teaching material and ideas from the internet. A great site to visit is Alla Sobirova's Blog; she has some great resources available.

What are some resources that you have found to be helpful with language tutoring?

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