Thursday, July 21, 2011

Communicating Results--Information You Should Tell Clients about their progress in tutoring sessions

A learning cycle is followed by another in every tutoring session. It is understood by every client when it is done because the teacher is required to communicate unmistakably the achievement of every client. This is done with a series of formal as well as informal means like:

Simple notes are taken during the ongoing classes. This process is known as documentation. In open discussions the tutor may elaborate on certain aspects of his classroom activities. The weakness can be pointed out whilst the situation or can be compared if there has been improvement.

Communication has to be done cautiously because if not done properly may lead to deterioration of the client. It need to thoughtful and constant. Many thoughts can be passed on to the recipients.

You can associate progress with meeting of expectations. By letting the client know your expectation you can put across your opinion about goals yet to achieve as well as aspects he or she has already surpassed. The achievement quotient can’t be evaluated only by the teacher but has to be gauged by the student for further progress.

The interaction procedure is crucial. And it is not one way that is from teacher to student but also vice versa. Thus both parties can be benefited by this if done properly. The data collection is very crucial as well. The teachers have loads of relevant information will only help in accessing the progress of the student more clearly.

The instructional strategy has to be planned so that the client can be told beforehand how the strategies are being changed so that the performance of the students increases. Each student are special and the client needs to know how they are progressing.

Everything need not be recorded by the teachers. The relevance of the information has to be judged by them. The teacher should be sensitive enough to screen the situation. Of the observed report the client can be told items which are relevant and would motivate them to do better in their studies.

Student progress can also be understood with the help of student journals. Often teachers give them assignments which bring out the potential in them. The client can be made aware of the strength and weakness through one on one session by reading abstracts from their own journal.

Tutoring sessions can also encourage students to pose open ended questions to the teacher so that they can know their own progress.


  1. I certainly agree that "Communication has to be done cautiously"! Teachers and tutors have the power to excite a student about his progress or make him feel like he's "not good at" such and such subject.

    I try to take every opportunity to praise even the smallest progress (without being condescending, though). If a student makes a mistake like 3x3=6 (accidentally adding), I say, "Oops. You have the right answer to the wrong question" to redirect the student in a positive manner.

  2. Great job. Teachers and tutors are in the position to serve as merchant of hopes to others. Therefore, it is very important to practice on effective communication.

    Thanks for your comments and look forward to future comments.



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