Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Business Cards: How to Use Them for Your Tutoring Business

At seminars, conventions, conferences, or even during tutorial sessions, business cards are very useful for enhancing your tutorial business. They are small and compact, easy to carry around, yet they provide enough information to make a client deal. Business cards should be used correctly, especially if you want people to keep them.

Advantage of Business Cards

Business cards have been known to be effective in that people keep them. The very act of keeping a business card is already one step toward receiving a client. They may not want your services now, but with business cards, they can simply take it out and contact you. If you compare this form of marketing to emails, you may find that people seldom check past emails, making email marketing a challenge. With business cards, however, they are just there in the prospective client’s wallet, ready at any time.

When Can You Use Them?

Make sure you use business cards when you are permitted to give a sales pitch or after a tutorial session. This courtesy is important, because people seldom even bother to keep business cards if they were forced to listen to a sales pitch. A business card is the perfect finish to your sales pitch, especially since its compactness allows people to keep it in a place where they can easily access it later on.

What You Should Always Have on your Business Card

Never forget your name, business name, and contact details. You should make sure that the layout on your business card is to the point, without fancy colors. Business cards are plain for the reason that they provide only the necessary information for people to contact you with. So keep it that way, but make sure the details are clear.

For your tutorial business tactic, business cards work very effectively, especially in long term marketing. Make sure to know when to appropriately give your business card, as it can make or break a potential client. You should consider the courtesy involved. And most importantly, make sure complete contact details are present in your card for your prospective clients’ convenience.


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