Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Science iPad apps for Your Tutoring Business

Science is a very interesting subject. Many students like it however some fear it as well due to the inherent toughness of the subject as opposed to the comparatively lesser burdening humanities subjects. Still a huge number of students prefer science compared to humanities. This is largely because of the high paying careers that science graduates can reach out to.

There are a number of iPad apps that can help you overcome your fears from science if you have any or if you don’t, it can help you polish your science skills.

Here are the 10 must have science apps for your iPad that we have compiled for satisfying the scientific soul in you.

1.      The Chemical Touch: This app, as the name suggests, provides valuable information about chemistry. You would find things like periodic table, atomic masses etc. It is quite interactive app because of which you tend to find it interesting.

2.    Pocket Universe - Virtual Sky Astronomy: This is a great app which seeks to give you a great amount of information about the sky. It has a built in compass that generates the similar view of the sky that you view.

3.    The Elements- A Visual Exploration: This is a great app that gives a lot of information about different elements in the universe.

4.    OnScreen DNA Model: See the structure and beauty of the DNA with this cool app.

5.     3D Cell: Cell is the basic unit of the body which acts as a building block. This app will give you the structure of cell in a 3D manner.

6.    Monster Anatomy HD: The human body structure can be seen every bit on this award winning app.

7.     Wolfram Alpha: This is a search engine in itself that seeks to structure all the scientific information about math and science.

8.    Science Glossary: This app can help you understand the difficult terms that you come across in your science classes or books right in a snap. It is definitely a must have app.

9.    Ball & Stick: This app lets you create your own molecular compounds. A great app that makes learning about molecular structures a great fun.

10.                        Molecules: You can use this app to look at the structures of different molecules very closely.

During your self-study when you have a number of curious questions and no one is there to answer them, these apps will help you a lot in learning a thing or two.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

IP 105: What does “Work for Hire” mean?

          ‘Work for Hire’ or ‘Work made for Hire’ is the concept which does not recognize the creator of a work as the legal author of the work. As per the copyright law of the United States, the work created by ‘work for hire’ is the property of the employer rather than the employee who created it. The employer is considered as the legal author of the work and it is sometimes referred as ‘corporate authorship’.

         It is entirely the decision of the employer to give credit to its employee for the work. Some employers like Adobe Systems, gives credit to its developers who developed Photoshop while Microsoft chooses to take the credit as a whole for Windows Operating Systems. But according to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, employees of both Microsoft and Adobe Systems have moral rights.

       A similar system is seen in newspapers where writers are credited for their work and publishers credit the authors for their novels. But the copyright of the novel lies with the publisher. In case of journals, the publisher gets a ‘copyright transfer’ from the writer to transfer all author copyrights from the writer to the publisher. The moral right and right to distribute and use their articles in further work with permission of the publisher stay with the writer.

       All these apply to an employer-employee scenario. But a freelancer or independent contractor’s work can be considered ‘work for hire’ only under some conditions. One of the conditions is that the work must be exclusively ordered. A written agreement specifying the work as ‘work for hire’ must be signed by both the parties. It should also fall under the nine limited categories in the definition of ‘work for hire’.

       The arrangement of ‘work for hire’ can be understood considering the scenario of making a movie. A movie needs music, effects, scripts etc. but if the creators of these works deny the right to use it in the movie then the whole movie is jeopardized. Hence the producer of the movie makes sure that all non-employees comply with the ‘work for hire’ requirements.

       An author can give the copyright of his work to any hiring party. But if is not a work made for hire, then the heirs of the author can terminate the hiring party’s right over the work. They can do so only after 35 years after the grant of copyright. If the rights of publication are included then they can terminate the grant after 40 years.

      “Work for Hire” is a concept that has worked over the years for a lot of people. It is time to learn about this concept to prevent its misuse.

Below are four resources to help understand "Work for Hire":

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 Reading iPad Apps for Your Tutoring Business

Teaching the younger kids to do anything is quite a chore. Although the grasping power of the younger ones is quite good but still it is difficult to have the patience to teach them. This is the main reason why a number of people send their kids to tutoring services. As a result, tutoring services end up teaching the kids how to read mostly. In such a case, it becomes all the more important for the progressive tutoring services to stay abreast with the new technology to stay competitive.

As iPad is making its way in as many hands as it can, the need for the tutoring agencies to find the most effective iPad apps is becoming crucial. There are all kinds of apps available from the app store.

Below is a compiled list of the 10 most effective reading apps for iPad users for their tutoring business:

1.     iBook: Apple’s own iBook is the quintessential iPad e - book reader that lets you read your favorite stuff on internet. This app lets you read your favorite books on the go.

2.     Amazon Kindle: This much successful product of Amazon has got its iPad app as well. You can create a free kindle account and start reading a huge collection of supported free and paid e books.

3.     PocketPhonics: This is a great app for children who want to learn reading. It would be a must have for the tutoring businesses involved in teaching reading.

4.     iPlay&Learn: This app is great for kids who are new to reading, writing etc. It can help the kids learn in an effective manner.

5.     Reading For Kids: 100 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read: This app as the name suggests, would help your kid improve his reading skills.

6.     ABC Phonics Animals: This app works like a flash card game with the name of the animals. It comes with carnival like music that the kids would definitely like.

7.     How Rocket Learned to Read: This app is an interactive game that has an puppy which helps you learn how to read.

8.     The Nook e-reading app: This is another book reading app. It has its own unique features and is worth a try for sure.

9.     Press Reader: This is an app which lets you read all the major newspapers.

10. Zinio: This is a magazine reader app with most number of magazines available for reading.

These are the major reading apps that are must haves for a tutoring business.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Message from Alise--Don't Forget To Register for Online Tutoring Courses!

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To Your Tutoring Success,

Thursday, December 1, 2011

50 Keywords to use When Building Your Tutoring Website

In today’s world, where more and more people are going online, definitely a trend in the exponential growth of the internet user pool is clearly visible. For businesses it means a huge potential consumer pool. Whenever someone would search for a certain keyword, based on his needs or curiosity at that point, that person is landed on the particular website.

This is the reason why internet marketing is a great way of promoting your products and services. When it comes to marketing, more and more companies each day are setting aside dedicated funds for internet marketing. Those companies that provide online services have to rely on internet marketing for attracting the right customer and making their profits.

When it comes to making an effective website, one has to ensure that they have a great design which appeals to the customer, great content and various other things. But often people may overlook a very important factor of website development. This factor is finding the right keywords and applying them in the content. 

Your website may be simply superb and the content may be outstanding however if you have not used the right keywords, search engine would not be able to find them. Because of this your website may lag behind. 

So for your convenience we have listed down 50 keywords that would help you achieve more and more hits:

  1. Tutoring
  2. Online tutoring
  3. Tutoring online
  4. Free tutoring
  5. Tutoring for free
  6. Tutoring jobs
  7. In home tutoring
  8. Home tutoring
  9. Tutoring at home
  10. At home tutoring
  11. Private tutoring
  12. Tutoring job
  13. Tutoring classes
  14. Free tutoring online
  15. Online free tutoring
  16. Online tutoring free
  17. On line tutoring
  18. Tutoring on line
  19. University tutoring
  20. School tutoring
  21. Tutoring school
  22. Tutoring center
  23. The tutoring center
  24. Tutoring centers
  25. Tutoring help
  26. Tutoring services
  27. College tutoring
  28. Tutoring program
  29. Tutoring service
  30. Online tutoring jobs
  31. Tutoring jobs online
  32. Tutoring online jobs
  33. Tutoring programs
  34. Tutoring business
  35. Online tutoring job
  36. Tutoring company
  37. Tutoring school
  38. Tutoring agencies
  39. High school tutoring
  40. Child tutoring
  41. Tutoring website
  42. Tutoring online for free
  43. tutoring for free online
  44. tutoring free online
  45. tutoring online for free for kids
  46. tutoring online for kids
  47. tutoring online for math
  48. tutoring online jobs for college students
  49. tutoring online jobs for school students
  50. tutoring online jobs for english