Thursday, February 28, 2013

10 Ways to Keep Cost Down as a Center-Based Tutor

Being a center-based tutor has its perks. For instance, you have the venue at your disposal and you offer clients with the sure-fire quality of service because of the investment you put in. Moreover, you can establish an effective business because of the permanence and the branding you can achieve. But, when things get on the economic high, cost management is necessary.

Here are 10 ways to keep cost down as a center-based tutor.
Invest in Tutoring Materials

Tutoring materials that can be reused later are very much strong cost-friendly resources for your center-based tutoring service. These may include visual aids, notes, and other references. Invest on those to really get the best out of your tutoring business.

Hire Less Tutors

Many tutoring businesses usually work through a collective batch of tutors. If you want to lessen the cost of your business, hire less and emphasize on the quality of each tutor you have at hand.

Minimize Electricity Costs

Electricity costs can be very tantamount due to the daily use of interactive media in your tutoring business. Limit such use by using minimal conditions if possible to really save money on the electric bill.

Utilize Portable Gadgets

Portability is a strong facet in the tutoring industry, especially with your notes ready and all that. By the use of portable gadgets such as tablets, you can benefit from less cost because you’d spend less printing materials and setting up visual aid devices because you can use your tablet as an instructional tool.

Tap into Internet Media

You can also handle tutoring through internet media such as video-based programs like Skype or through chat so that you can reduce center-based costs. This will also enhance the versatility of your tutoring program that will benefit clients.

Use Cost-friendly resources

Cost-friendly resources include using paper over high definition LED screens or whatever you wish to have in your tutoring service. Consider the financial situation of your business to really keep things in the loop and in the effective price tag range. In the same token though, you do want to stay competitive by keeping your tutoring practice modern. Who wants to receive tutoring services in an environment that is not progressive and vibrant? I can’t think of anyone either.

Engage in Income-generating ventures

Income-generating ventures allow your business to flourish, reducing the costs you may incur. These may include promos, sales, or anything that you desire to enhance your business function and likewise, save money.

Increase Your Business’s Market Value

When your business has a strong market value, many clients will flock toward you. Client income will eventually overcome your costs, allowing you the strong opportunity at profitability. This will eventually allow you to benefit from low-cost management that will strengthen your business at hand.

Tap into Sponsorship

Sponsors from publishing houses, notes programs, or educational support can really cut down your costs, especially since maintaining a tutorial center can be quite tough. These extra sources of income will really put things on a balance.

Expand Your Business Options

Lastly, expand your business options by offering cost-friendly services like online tutoring so that you can patch up on any high costs in your business.

Center-based tutoring is tough to manage because you have to consider venue rentals, monthly bills, and maintenance costs. But with these effective management tools, your business can really benefit from the potential of standing out there in a flock of tutoring services.

What are some ways to ensure your tutoring business is building 21st Century learners, while maintaining cost effective items?


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

10 Benefits of Group Tutoring—How it Can Be Made Effective?

Group tutoring is like a smaller version of the classroom setting. The benefit of such is that you get a small group and more tutor contact. This will help students really get into the zone with what the topic is about and provide them with the opportunity of interaction among peers. Not convinced?

Here are ten benefits of group tutoring you should look into, which are the following:
1.      Interactivity is Present

In a group, students are able to interact with one another during the tutorial session, and this will provide them with the ability to ask questions and even respond to discussions later on. The key though is to make sure that students are being tutored for the same subject and around the same grade level. Ideally, it would make much more sense to group the same math levels together as this would yield the best results for students within the tutoring group.
2.     Social Learning Becomes a Strong Point

Socializing is vital in the growth of a student, especially outside the four walls of the classroom. With group tutoring, this can be readily achieved because of how they interact with other people.
3.     Tutoring Becomes Productive

In a classroom-like environment, tutoring becomes very productive as many ears listen and many mouths share their thoughts. This enhances the tutoring process.
4.     Students are able to Relay Information to Each Other

Students can learn from other students, especially in understanding more about a given topic. This enhancement focus will establish the dynamic role in the tutoring process.
5.     Social Adaptation Becomes Evident

In a very diverse environment, students will learn to get along with each other, learning about each other’s backgrounds, personality types, and behavior.
6.     Participation is Encouraged

In one-on-one tutoring, the tutor does all the work, most of the time. In group tutoring, the students are encouraged to take part in discussion development, especially regarding concepts that require analyses.
7.      Everyone Contributes to the Topic Discussion

Because of this encouragement, everyone joins in the topic and they contribute to their own development. Tutoring is developmental in nature, and with the role that students play as the tutors guide them, the topic discussion is vital in the students’ learning process.
8.     Tutoring Becomes Dynamic

As a result, tutoring becomes very dynamic, as each individual develops in the process. Students are able to take the tutoring process as more than just a simple discourse between the tutor and the group, but as a session where everyone learns something through the power of interaction.
9.     Students Ease Up

Very importantly, students ease up in group tutoring. They are comfortable among other people like them; hence, they loosen up. It is this characteristic that makes group tutoring work for those who crave for social interaction.
10. Focus is Readily Achieved

Focus is vital in the tutoring session, and with group tutoring, the tutor will direct the students to attain such focus. When everyone cooperates, the effect is strong to the point that effective development is achieved and focus becomes inevitable.

Group tutoring is a very helpful option for you to cater to your students. This will give you that classroom dynamics you want and enhance interaction among the group. Try it out and you will see results unfold, but I must forewarn that it takes a great deal of planning to truly cater to each student’s learning needs within the group.
How has group tutoring been effective for you?


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why Tutoring during School Holidays is a Bad Idea?

Summer holidays have hit the corner and the beach is ready with its allure and its fun and games in store. Or perhaps, the winter chill has just blown right through the hallways where everyone anticipates the Yuletide with its merriment and cheers. Tutoring during those times is not a good idea at all. If you want to learn exactly why, here's what you need to know and consider for your tutoring business.

Students Seldom Retain Information

Holidays are there for a reason. They help students recuperate after the tough hours at school for some relaxation. Most students prefer to spend their vacation simply away from academic material; hence, if you tutor them, they seldom retain the information. This is due to the mental conditioning they have because of the holidays that temporarily shuts off the academic learning center.

It Adds too Much Pressure

Students do not want to suffer more burden than they already are. If you tutor them during these months, students start to worry about their academic performance before the vacation. This tends to bother them if they did not do particularly well and they get too pressured in the process. This is unhealthy learning and is not recommended, so tutoring during these times will just be detrimental for the student, wasting both the tutor's and student's time in the process.

It May Compromise Quality Family and Friends Time

Vacation time is also dedicated to catch up with family and friends. If you tutor during these moments, you may be compromising quality time which may endanger the social communication they ought to develop. It is important to consider that such family time actually builds confidence and character of the student, which are necessary for academic improvement. So, ease up on the tutoring during vacation and let the quality time takes it course.

Whenever you think about earning that extra money over the summer holidays or perhaps Christmas, think about these three important points beforehand. You should be careful because students would prefer that relaxing moment instead of cracking the books through something you're unsure they would retain. Alternatively, offer summer camps or fun activities instead of the formal tutoring, if you're keen on getting that extra money in through your business.

As much as you love tutoring, you could focus on ways to improve your business during the summer months or Christmas weeks. This can enhance your business at hand and ensure effective development potential for the upcoming busy periods during the school year. Work for that and you will see bigger profits and more students satisfied, leaving you with a smile for a job well done in your business.

What are ways you can grow your business without tutoring in the summer or holiday weeks?  How can you work to improve your business for the upcoming academic year?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

10 Reasons Why Tutoring is a Recession-Free Business

Businesses can become a danger when they go into recession, especially when the demand for such services gets so low that profit becomes almost impossible. However, with tutoring, you can most definitely not fear any income problems because it is a recession-free business. Here are 10 reasons you need to know to prove that your income will only go up instead!
1. There will Always Be Students

In the tutoring industry, as long as schools exist, students will, as well. This means that you will have all the business you deserve as a tutor in order to help these individuals in subject areas where they need improvement in.
2. Opportunities Continue to Rise

Tutoring opportunities lurk around each corner – and this is not a joke. A neighbor may want you to tutor his or her child. A friend you’ve known for years may even hire you to tutor his or her third grader. Word-of-mouth is a strong tool in the tutoring business and because of it; these opportunities always continue to rise.
3.   Clientele May Become Long Term

Whenever you tutor someone and if they need more help, you can always suggest more sessions. This is pretty much normal where clientele becomes long term, especially if they need help in other subjects. Through this, you can increase your income with more tutoring sessions!
4.   There is Huge Support for Tutors

Many tutoring support groups are available to keep your business afloat. Always seek support from these people in order to keep your tutoring business on track of things.
5.    Tutors can Spend Part Time as Teachers

If you feel that you aren’t getting any leads in your primary tutoring business, why not part time as a teacher? This will help you gain that extra income you need. This is a specialized form of tutoring where you can even recommend tutoring services (as long as you don’t explicitly advertise your services) to your students so that you can gain more business at hand.
6.   Tutors May Tap into Online Tutoring

If the local scene isn’t working out for you, then you can always delve into online tutoring. Your business can flourish just the same and you will open your business into a newer avenue. Isn’t it beautiful knowing that you are sharing your knowledge with the world…literally?
7.    Tutors May Expand Their Subjects Being Serviced

To gain more clients and even showcase your versatility, expand your services through other subjects you are knowledgeable in and your business will surely flourish.
8.   Tutors Earn More Per Student

The most advantageous aspect about tutors is that they earn more per student because of the individual treatment they provide. Through this, you would naturally earn more tutoring 5 students individually than you would in one class.
9.   Tutoring is a Growing Business

Tutoring continues to grow because of the evidence of how tutors continue to expand their services and enhance their client-focused businesses.
10.  Tutoring is Highly Competitive

Competition makes great business because of the continuous flow for services. With this in mind, tutoring becomes a strong facet of a recession-free business due to the bulk of tutors pitching their services to people. This all balances out with the high demand for tutors.

These 10 reasons will surely give you more than just a taste of the recession-free business of tutoring. So, buckle up and prepare for a very fruitful business endeavor as your tutoring will take you places, without fear of an income problem!
Did you see any items on this list that inspired you to begin or continue your tutoring business?  What else drives you in this career path?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Three Ways to Structure Your Tutoring Business

When you engage in tutoring, you should learn to structure your business effectively. If things go complicated, you may find it difficult without proper organization and development. This will throw your business into disarray, which is not a good sign for a tutor looking for an effective career. If you're wondering on how to reach your goal effectively, here are three ways to structure your tutoring business properly.

1. Create an Effective Organizational Chart

In a growing tutoring business, it is vital to consider how things should be run. This involves an effective organizational chart that will outline the important members of the organization at hand. This will give your tutoring business the direction it deserves, especially in the hierarchy at hand that should be respected. Through the presence of the organizational chart at hand, the role of effective management will be pushed through with limited problems that may occur.

With an organizational chart, the security of the tutoring business will enhance the presentational focus of the service in the desire to uphold its objectives.

2. Focus on Responding to Priorities

Your tutoring business constantly changes, and through this ideal, you need to adjust to the priorities that are affected. As a result, you will ensure the smooth functioning of your business in terms of market response. Market response is a critical asset of your business's development, especially considering how your clients require certain aspects of concern that must be met in the changing environment of tutoring.

Priority management is a strong aspect in securing effective business progression, especially in considering the role of your tutoring service. This will enhance the overall projection for business expansion in the desire of becoming very competitive in terms of performance and product quality.

3. Establish Effective Communication among Members

It is clear that in a good tutoring business, communication must be impeccable among its members. Through this, your tutoring business can maintain enhanced focus where each member will coordinate with one another in a smooth manner that will cater to what is necessary in the tutoring business at hand.

Communication is a strong asset in the business development pattern, especially in security management roles. This will establish a vital communication line that will create a strong backbone to the tutoring service at hand.

Structuring your business can be a challenge if you don't look out for what needs to be done in terms of business development and overall tutoring care. Through these three methods at hand, you will focus on enhancing the business proposition at hand and developing the certainty prospect of each individual in securing your tutoring business.
How will you manage your priorities within your tutoring business?  How do you determine what is the largest priority verses a smaller one?


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tutor Management 108: Company Communication to Clients

Communication, of any kind, is a highly essential factor in any relation, whether it is between family, friends, or a formal company to client communication. When it comes to business communication, it becomes all the more important to ensure proper flow, style and content of communication, because it will ultimately reflect on the company in question. However, the thing that is most important in business related communication is promptness and regularity.

A company has several channels of communication to its clients, such as marketing communication, customer service, scheduling communication and the like. Communication is an essential connection between the business and its client. The more a business is personally connected to a client, the more the client trusts the business. This also helps build customer loyalty to the business.
Here are some reasons why communication between a company and its client is important.
Build relations: when a client gets timely and prompt communication from a company, the bridge between the two is easily crossed, leading to better and stronger relations.
     Reduce negativity: by constant communication with clients, the business can understand if there is anything lacking. This helps in fixing the issue immediately to avoid any discredit to the company.
Customer loyalty: efficient communication will keep your customer feeling recognized, and thereby gets them to do business with the company again.
Cuts out misunderstanding: if the client is always informed and in the loop of things, the chance of any kind of misunderstanding is averted, leading to a healthy relationship.
Now that the importance of communication has been established, here are 5 tips to effectively communicate to clients.
Improve customer service: whenever a client calls in for any kind of assistance, ensure that customer support offers the quickest and easiest solutions.
Deliver valuable communication to clients: don’t just stop at customer service and regular meetings. Go the extra mile to deliver quality marketing, advertising, product-related material and market related material to the client. This helps in them feeling valued.
Create informal dialogues with the client: try to get your client into discussions or forums to identify what needs they have that are not yet met by the company.
     Ensure prompt communication of important information: always keep the client informed about the status of the client’s business with the company. Be prompt in delivering updates and schedules.
Open up channels to encourage client feedback: getting a response from clients about their interaction with the company will go a long way in helping improve communication.
Have you had an excellent business communication experience?  What did this company do to make a lasting impression?
Have you ever had a negative customer service experience?  What did or could the company have done to win back your loyalty?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What is an Organizational Chart and Do I need one for my Tutoring Business—You Betcha!

Expanding your business means you are going to hire employees and create an organization. Businesses thrive best when there is a clear and visual hierarchy of responsibilities present through an organizational chart.

An organizational chart shows who to report to and how the responsibilities are distributed in terms of priority and importance. This offers your tutoring business with the needed structure that will enhance performance and productivity. Of all business aspects to enhance, these two are crucial for making or breaking your tutoring service. Organizational charts are therefore necessary and here are three important facts why.

What Organizational Charts Really Are

These are charts that denote the structure of occupation based on priority. These charts focus on giving a hierarchy to the business model of your tutoring service, which allows the employees to know who to report to and where they stand in the whole organization. The organization charts also instill a systematic and disciplined approach to your business which is necessary in keeping things efficient and most of all, in order.

Systematic Focus

The main purpose of organizational charts is to employ a system. This means that employees know who to report to and who the important people are. This is very helpful if you plan to have different subject area coordinators in your tutoring business. The corresponding subject tutors must know who to report to in terms of meetings and other updates regarding their job description. This will prevent confusion and much hassle because of the clear identification of roles each member has in the organization.

Enhanced Performance Flow

Performance becomes very much optimized if work is described clearly through visual positions presented. Organizational charts do just that by providing clear job titles so that tutors can comply with their job descriptions readily. If you do not have a visible chart, tutors may have overlapping responsibilities which can lead to unnecessary conflict. Keep things organized by having a chart that defines the specific roles of each tutor through respective titles.

Disciplined Atmosphere

When employees know who is superior to them, they develop a sense of discipline because they know that they should respect their coordinators or supervisors. The organizational chart defines these roles and presents different boundaries that employees must uphold in order to maintain the high level of professionalism needed in the business atmosphere.

Uphold these three principles effective by simply placing an organizational chart. The visibility and the potency the chart has are necessary in exercising improvement in your tutoring business. Organizational charts therefore establish the foundation for effective personnel development. With this in effect, you will appreciate how your employees work more effectively as they clearly know what roles they have in your business model.

If you are looking to expand your tutoring business, then you definitely need to check out the “Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Expanding Your Tutoring Business Book Series”. You can find out how to set up your tutoring business with a sample of how a tutoring business organizational chart should look and a list of the various positions that can be created for a tutoring business.

What are the first steps for creating an organizational chart?  Would you prefer to see a visual of all employees?  Or create lists of each with job descriptions?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Car Magnets--Are They Worth It for My Tutoring Business?

You may not realize it, but with the many means of advertising your tutoring business, car magnets are worth it for your tutoring business. It is a great way of getting your business known as you travel around by people who read them. In considering the cost of car magnets, you can enjoy a low cost that will be worth your investment. Here are reasons that make car magnets effective for your tutoring business.

They Are Cheap

You can get car magnets for as low as $25.00. With the client potential present, you can clearly take advantage of this by the investment opportunity present. You can even get removable ones as well. Overall, having a car magnet can boost your marketing because people will be able to have a glance at your magnet that can contain your contact info.

They are Accessible

Car magnets are seen by anyone who passes by your car, especially during traffic. As people may find a suitable tutor, they can check out your car magnet and try you out. This can boost your business because of the marketability car magnets have.

They are Effective

Car magnets are convenient because you don’t have to secure many permits to put them up. If it’s your car, then you can easily just place it there. You can even spread the word by letting your clients put a car magnet, and if things go well, they just might! Mobile advertising is very effective because it has a wide potential.

As an advertising tool, car magnets are effective because of their affordability, accessibility, and effectiveness. With this in mind, you can use car magnets as a means of getting prospective clients as they can check out your site or call you through the contact info present. At a cheap cost, you can surely consider car magnets as a marketing tool, worthy to enhance your tutoring business.
Would you ever use Car Magnet Marketing to find a business?
In what ways would Car Magnet Marketing increase your business?


Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Importance of Tutoring Packages: IT’s More Than Just Getting Paid

Making a service seem more appealing to clients is one of the toughest challenges business individuals face. For tutors, the problem is nothing new, because a tutor must find even more innovative ways to pitch his or her services to prospective clients. Starting out a business, most tutors simply indicate an hourly or session-based fee per session and just specify duration rates in the process. Although this is good, the novelty of such prices is lost as others compete through lower price offerings. The best way to stir up the competition is through tutoring packages.

Below are three reasons why you should focus your business dynamics on tutoring packages:

Reason #1: Tutoring Packages Presentation

They present more service for a supposedly lower value. The collective presentation of your services offered for a bulk rate tends to stir up the psychological aspect of clients looking for quality for better pay. These packages act as advertising tools that not only guarantee you more payment, but a more dedicated approach to your tutoring business because they work akin to a contractual process. These packages offer different services that will cater to your client's interest, streaming in effective business.

Reason #2: Tutoring Packages Work

Think like how a business individual would think. Why would you pitch in a $35/hour rate when you can go ahead and note down a $100 flat rate for 3 hours? Although clients would pay less than the original per hour rate, but if you have more people selecting this package, you will surely make even more than what you would if they chose to go for 2-hour sessions to be on the safe side. You make $30 more with minimal effort in advertising.

Overall, you have more time to focus on even better developmental measures and more clients. These packages therefore not only reel in more business, but they work in such a way that you can properly schedule your business transactions.

Reason #3: Tutoring Packages are More than Just Getting Paid

The value of tutoring packages involves an increase in your business integrity and your development as a competitive tutoring business. Moreover, the tutoring packages indicate your versatility in tutoring as you are able to conduct multiple services for a given client through the terms presented. This kind of attention makes you very much reliable where clients begin to trust you a lot more.

Having that business perspective is vital in the tutoring world, especially when you’re competing with other tutors out there. Pitch your services with a package in mind to reel in client interest. Remember: clients want to get much for a bulk, low price. This will spark even more interest of other clients and you’ve got a great business there. But always keep in mind that quality matters above all.



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Five Ways to Offer Special Promotions to Your Clients

If you want to keep your clients loyal by engaging in your service more often, you should offer special promotions on your service. Everyone wants to get a freebie or better discounts at times, and this will help build your business image as people will enjoy the service you provide. Here are five ways that you can tap into to offer these promotions to help build the relationship you have with your clients.

Discounted Service

After a while, you can start offering your clients discounted service to ensure that they can enjoy your services. This form of promotion effectively guarantees more frequent tutoring sessions due to the lowered price. In the end you get more work and your client is satisfied with the affordability of it all.

More Tutoring Time

Suggest the frequency of meetings to be increased as you will be willing to give some more time to that client. They will appreciate you in spending more time with them, which will help build a healthy business relationship with more tutoring time settling in.

Free Consulting Hours

Another promotion you can consider, give them your number or email so they can ask you for advice that you can cater to. Through the times when you’re not tutoring them, you can help them out with their concerns, which can constitute as free consultation. Most clients like this service because of the accessibility.

Batch Tutoring at Lowered Price

You can engage in batch tutoring, where you tutor more than one person at a time, to help build your business image. With the discounted offer, more people will come to you for tutorial services, and you can enjoy the success you’re having as well as the fulfillment you’re providing for your clients.

Extra Notes and Discussion Materials

Another effective promotion activity is to provide extra notes and discussion materials for your client. This involves giving out hard copies of tutoring material for them to review. This not only allows your client to develop his or her knowledge on the subject when you’re not there, but it also boosts your business image if your client refers the materials to have come from you to his or her friends.

You can build business relationships and help people at the same time with promotion. Promotions are important in any business, and tutoring is no exception.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Ways to Keep Cost Down as a Mobile Tutor

Being a mobile tutor gives you a lot of opportunities to make it big in the tutoring business. For one, you have access to a wide array of clientele since you will be travelling around. Moreover, you will gain a wider perspective of knowledge that you can gain by the experience you garner. With the opportunity of a lifetime, exploring the world with your wits, tutorial materials, and your skills can be quite tough if you don’t have the money to compensate. Here are ten ways to keep your cost down as a mobile tutor.

1.       Prepare a Contingency Plan

Contingency is vital in the mobile tutor business because of the difficulty of having immediate access to your funds. Sure, you may enjoy the convenience of on-the-go banking, but without a specific location to stay put in, you may need to adjust to spontaneous budget changes that may occur. A contingency plan will mark down backup financial sources and other aspects that will effectively spearhead secure monetary sustenance.

2.       Travel Light

The best way to cut down cost is to travel light. You don’t have to worry much about luggage fees or any other payments if you do travel from one state to another. Moreover, light packing allows you to move more quickly than you would when lugging much around, which will lessen pit stops and as a result, cost.

3.       Use Technology to Your Convenience

Spend less on books and more on tablets or interactive media. This will ultimately cut down your weight and, effectively, your cost. Tablets may be expensive at first, but the investment opportunity yields them as much cheaper alternatives to bulk books.

4.       Know Where You’re Going

Different locations require different expenses. Thus, it is important that you know where you’re going in order to really budget your finances properly. Take into account different expenses that you may engage in when you travel.

5.       Be Economic in Transport

People spend a lot in transportation if they don’t properly budget. If you’ve got a private car, then by all means maximize your use of it. If not, then tap into public transportation that you can utilize on a fixed budget.

6.       Eat Healthily

Fast food is readily available but can rack up the costs because they can get expensive, too. Focus on eating healthily by monitoring your daily intake and you’ll end up saving a lot of money. If you’ve got the mind set down that you’ve got to eat just enough, then your budget will definitely work out for you.

7.       Engage in Promo Purchasing

Use coupons and other promotional tickets to buy your way through your busy day. This will help you ease up on the expenses and in return, you gain a lot of perks. A lot of stores offer coupons for you to enjoy future purchasing, so tap into that.

8.       Focus on Lower Limits

Maximize your expenses by tapping into minimal spending conditions. This entails tight budgeting in everything you do. When you focus on lower limits, you will definitely give leeway for more spending opportunities as you have a lot saved up in the process.

9.       Establish Strong Communication Lines

Sometimes, the people you’re familiar with can help you out when you want to lower down cost. Maintaining strong communication lines will allow you to tap into the people in the given area and ask around where cost-friendly places are.

10.   Take Note of Effective Financial Management Plans

Financial management is crucial in the development of effective cost handling of your expense. This is due to the need of following a stringent plan that works for you and your tutoring business. Focus on upholding whatever financial measures are taken in order to maximize your spending opportunity through minimal expenses.


Keeping the cost down is vital when you’re a mobile tutor because of the vitality in keeping things thrifty. Money is not always easily accessible when you’re on-the-go, so it becomes an inevitable that you focus on keeping the cost down.