Wednesday, February 27, 2013

10 Benefits of Group Tutoring—How it Can Be Made Effective?

Group tutoring is like a smaller version of the classroom setting. The benefit of such is that you get a small group and more tutor contact. This will help students really get into the zone with what the topic is about and provide them with the opportunity of interaction among peers. Not convinced?

Here are ten benefits of group tutoring you should look into, which are the following:
1.      Interactivity is Present

In a group, students are able to interact with one another during the tutorial session, and this will provide them with the ability to ask questions and even respond to discussions later on. The key though is to make sure that students are being tutored for the same subject and around the same grade level. Ideally, it would make much more sense to group the same math levels together as this would yield the best results for students within the tutoring group.
2.     Social Learning Becomes a Strong Point

Socializing is vital in the growth of a student, especially outside the four walls of the classroom. With group tutoring, this can be readily achieved because of how they interact with other people.
3.     Tutoring Becomes Productive

In a classroom-like environment, tutoring becomes very productive as many ears listen and many mouths share their thoughts. This enhances the tutoring process.
4.     Students are able to Relay Information to Each Other

Students can learn from other students, especially in understanding more about a given topic. This enhancement focus will establish the dynamic role in the tutoring process.
5.     Social Adaptation Becomes Evident

In a very diverse environment, students will learn to get along with each other, learning about each other’s backgrounds, personality types, and behavior.
6.     Participation is Encouraged

In one-on-one tutoring, the tutor does all the work, most of the time. In group tutoring, the students are encouraged to take part in discussion development, especially regarding concepts that require analyses.
7.      Everyone Contributes to the Topic Discussion

Because of this encouragement, everyone joins in the topic and they contribute to their own development. Tutoring is developmental in nature, and with the role that students play as the tutors guide them, the topic discussion is vital in the students’ learning process.
8.     Tutoring Becomes Dynamic

As a result, tutoring becomes very dynamic, as each individual develops in the process. Students are able to take the tutoring process as more than just a simple discourse between the tutor and the group, but as a session where everyone learns something through the power of interaction.
9.     Students Ease Up

Very importantly, students ease up in group tutoring. They are comfortable among other people like them; hence, they loosen up. It is this characteristic that makes group tutoring work for those who crave for social interaction.
10. Focus is Readily Achieved

Focus is vital in the tutoring session, and with group tutoring, the tutor will direct the students to attain such focus. When everyone cooperates, the effect is strong to the point that effective development is achieved and focus becomes inevitable.

Group tutoring is a very helpful option for you to cater to your students. This will give you that classroom dynamics you want and enhance interaction among the group. Try it out and you will see results unfold, but I must forewarn that it takes a great deal of planning to truly cater to each student’s learning needs within the group.
How has group tutoring been effective for you?


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