Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What is an Organizational Chart and Do I need one for my Tutoring Business—You Betcha!

Expanding your business means you are going to hire employees and create an organization. Businesses thrive best when there is a clear and visual hierarchy of responsibilities present through an organizational chart.

An organizational chart shows who to report to and how the responsibilities are distributed in terms of priority and importance. This offers your tutoring business with the needed structure that will enhance performance and productivity. Of all business aspects to enhance, these two are crucial for making or breaking your tutoring service. Organizational charts are therefore necessary and here are three important facts why.

What Organizational Charts Really Are

These are charts that denote the structure of occupation based on priority. These charts focus on giving a hierarchy to the business model of your tutoring service, which allows the employees to know who to report to and where they stand in the whole organization. The organization charts also instill a systematic and disciplined approach to your business which is necessary in keeping things efficient and most of all, in order.

Systematic Focus

The main purpose of organizational charts is to employ a system. This means that employees know who to report to and who the important people are. This is very helpful if you plan to have different subject area coordinators in your tutoring business. The corresponding subject tutors must know who to report to in terms of meetings and other updates regarding their job description. This will prevent confusion and much hassle because of the clear identification of roles each member has in the organization.

Enhanced Performance Flow

Performance becomes very much optimized if work is described clearly through visual positions presented. Organizational charts do just that by providing clear job titles so that tutors can comply with their job descriptions readily. If you do not have a visible chart, tutors may have overlapping responsibilities which can lead to unnecessary conflict. Keep things organized by having a chart that defines the specific roles of each tutor through respective titles.

Disciplined Atmosphere

When employees know who is superior to them, they develop a sense of discipline because they know that they should respect their coordinators or supervisors. The organizational chart defines these roles and presents different boundaries that employees must uphold in order to maintain the high level of professionalism needed in the business atmosphere.

Uphold these three principles effective by simply placing an organizational chart. The visibility and the potency the chart has are necessary in exercising improvement in your tutoring business. Organizational charts therefore establish the foundation for effective personnel development. With this in effect, you will appreciate how your employees work more effectively as they clearly know what roles they have in your business model.

If you are looking to expand your tutoring business, then you definitely need to check out the “Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Expanding Your Tutoring Business Book Series”. You can find out how to set up your tutoring business with a sample of how a tutoring business organizational chart should look and a list of the various positions that can be created for a tutoring business.

What are the first steps for creating an organizational chart?  Would you prefer to see a visual of all employees?  Or create lists of each with job descriptions?

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