Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Ways to Keep Cost Down as a Mobile Tutor

Being a mobile tutor gives you a lot of opportunities to make it big in the tutoring business. For one, you have access to a wide array of clientele since you will be travelling around. Moreover, you will gain a wider perspective of knowledge that you can gain by the experience you garner. With the opportunity of a lifetime, exploring the world with your wits, tutorial materials, and your skills can be quite tough if you don’t have the money to compensate. Here are ten ways to keep your cost down as a mobile tutor.

1.       Prepare a Contingency Plan

Contingency is vital in the mobile tutor business because of the difficulty of having immediate access to your funds. Sure, you may enjoy the convenience of on-the-go banking, but without a specific location to stay put in, you may need to adjust to spontaneous budget changes that may occur. A contingency plan will mark down backup financial sources and other aspects that will effectively spearhead secure monetary sustenance.

2.       Travel Light

The best way to cut down cost is to travel light. You don’t have to worry much about luggage fees or any other payments if you do travel from one state to another. Moreover, light packing allows you to move more quickly than you would when lugging much around, which will lessen pit stops and as a result, cost.

3.       Use Technology to Your Convenience

Spend less on books and more on tablets or interactive media. This will ultimately cut down your weight and, effectively, your cost. Tablets may be expensive at first, but the investment opportunity yields them as much cheaper alternatives to bulk books.

4.       Know Where You’re Going

Different locations require different expenses. Thus, it is important that you know where you’re going in order to really budget your finances properly. Take into account different expenses that you may engage in when you travel.

5.       Be Economic in Transport

People spend a lot in transportation if they don’t properly budget. If you’ve got a private car, then by all means maximize your use of it. If not, then tap into public transportation that you can utilize on a fixed budget.

6.       Eat Healthily

Fast food is readily available but can rack up the costs because they can get expensive, too. Focus on eating healthily by monitoring your daily intake and you’ll end up saving a lot of money. If you’ve got the mind set down that you’ve got to eat just enough, then your budget will definitely work out for you.

7.       Engage in Promo Purchasing

Use coupons and other promotional tickets to buy your way through your busy day. This will help you ease up on the expenses and in return, you gain a lot of perks. A lot of stores offer coupons for you to enjoy future purchasing, so tap into that.

8.       Focus on Lower Limits

Maximize your expenses by tapping into minimal spending conditions. This entails tight budgeting in everything you do. When you focus on lower limits, you will definitely give leeway for more spending opportunities as you have a lot saved up in the process.

9.       Establish Strong Communication Lines

Sometimes, the people you’re familiar with can help you out when you want to lower down cost. Maintaining strong communication lines will allow you to tap into the people in the given area and ask around where cost-friendly places are.

10.   Take Note of Effective Financial Management Plans

Financial management is crucial in the development of effective cost handling of your expense. This is due to the need of following a stringent plan that works for you and your tutoring business. Focus on upholding whatever financial measures are taken in order to maximize your spending opportunity through minimal expenses.


Keeping the cost down is vital when you’re a mobile tutor because of the vitality in keeping things thrifty. Money is not always easily accessible when you’re on-the-go, so it becomes an inevitable that you focus on keeping the cost down.


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