Friday, July 29, 2011

Math and Science Tutors Needed---eCampus Tutors

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Happy Friday! I came across a tutoring position that sounds interesting. If you are a math or science tutor, then I strongly encourage you to look at this opportunity because the pay is good for a work-at-home position. Not to mention, you get to choose your own schedule and can have availability 7 days a week, if you desire.

If I see any other worthwhile tutoring opportunities, I will definitely post them on our blog for you. In the same token, if you know of opportunities to help other tutors, please send tutoring opportunities at

Let's continue to network and help our tutoring community.

eCampus Tutors Opportunity

eCampusTutors is recruiting science and math online tutors. Teachers make $20/hour. English-only and English/Spanish speaking tutors needed. Visit the link below to (083)

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 Reasons to consider before opening a charter school

            Charter schools are those that have broken away from the public school mould to a certain extent. They are still have to produce certain results and are still a non-profit organization. Furthermore tuition cannot be charged by them and in many cases they provide a more well rounded education and better environment than public schools. This is mainly due to the better teacher to student ratio in these schools.

            All said and done charter schools are not as easy to open. It is a long and complex process and needs a lot of perseverance, willingness to persist and you can reap the rewards in due course. Here are 10 Reasons to consider before opening a charter school.

1.      Vision – First and foremost you must be very clear as to what your vision for this school is. Decide early on what kind of education you intend to give and how you intend to go about it. 

2.     Mission - Draft out a clear and concise mission statement. Before drafting your mission statement, you must check with the governing bodies if there are any specifics that must be added to the mission statement.

3.     Gathering support   - no venture of this scale can be started alone, so gather as much support as you can get from people who share your passion in this area. Then recruit experts in the field to help you run this.

4.     In your community – Let there be a good mix of people who set out to propagate interest in your school including educationalists, business men, leaders in the community etc. This will evoke more of an interest in your school.

5.      Filling it up – There is a lot of paperwork to be filled out when you set out on this enterprise. Be prepared to fill out pages and pages of application forms and sort out legal documentation to get approval for the charter school.

6.      Funding  - Get your funds in order. Charter schools get their funds from the governing bodies of the state and local school district. You can also look into low-interest loans and funds from personal investors and corporate.

7.      Land – You need to buy either a land to start you school or a much cheaper option would be to buy an existing building.

8.     Supplies- School should be properly stocked with school supplies like books, boards, tables and chairs etc. Find out for someone who has expertise running a charter school how much you will need, so that you will not fall short of supplies, but also not go over budget either.

9.      Faculty and Staff – Be clear about what kind of education you intend to provide, so that you can look for the best educators and staff to fulfill your mission.

10.  Students- no school is one without students. Place ads in the local newspaper informing parents about your school and the application process. Start the application process during spring break or summer. Have a good informative handbook ready along with the application form to make charter school a success.

These 10 Reasons to consider before opening a charter school should give an insight to anybody aspiring to start a charter school. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tutor Management 101: Why You Need to Plan Your Tutoring Business

A business of any kind is a risk, so to make sure you have the fighting chance to put up a successful business, you must be prepared. You must know the market you will be venturing into and do some thorough research on it. The tutoring business is no different.

            The tutoring business started gaining popularity in the United States as far back as the late 1990s. By 2000, it was fully fledged business with many people having already ventured into it successfully. So to be successful in the tutoring business, you need to plan ahead and make sure you are prepared for all eventualities.  And that is why you need to plan your tutoring business. Planning shows your professionalism to your customers as well, who will feel secure in your hands.

Research is one of the primary stages of planning. You should thoroughly research:

1.       How viable the tutoring business
2.      How much up-front capital will be required
3.      Whether face to face tutoring is more feasible than online tutoring
4.      Which area you would like to specialize in
5.      Know your competitors
6.      The rate at which the competition is selling their services
7.      What value added services are being provided
8.     What differentiating service can you provide
9.      Find out the shortcomings of this service in the market today

     Once your initial research is done, you can weed out a lot of your doubts and get into the actual task of starting the business. If your research was thorough, you should have the following points already sorted out:

1.       Whether you need an office space or a room in your house will suffice – Starting the business in your own home will mean that you can free up a lot of the set-up capital for other things.

2.      Cost factor – never sell yourself short. Even if you think this is a great and attractive customer magnet, it is not. Early bird offers or special discounts are great to encourage initial customer interest, but you must make it very clear that these are for a limited time only. Else customers might feel short changed.
            Get good quality tutors - They are your true assets. They are the representation of your firm and you must make sure you pick the best ones that you can find. They must be properly trained and must be taught to handle students as well as their guardians. Assessments must be done of them every 6months to a year and iron out any problems as soon as the crop up.

4.      Cash up-front – Always sell your tutor packages in a bulk package of 3-6months as far as possible. It is a tiresome task to collect payments after each class and not too feasible as well. People who are seriously committed to your services will not mind paying upfront.

      A well planned tutoring business will surely reap benefits and will move forward by leaps and bounds. And this is why  you need to plan your tutoring business.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Communicating Results--Information You Should Tell Clients about their progress in tutoring sessions

A learning cycle is followed by another in every tutoring session. It is understood by every client when it is done because the teacher is required to communicate unmistakably the achievement of every client. This is done with a series of formal as well as informal means like:

Simple notes are taken during the ongoing classes. This process is known as documentation. In open discussions the tutor may elaborate on certain aspects of his classroom activities. The weakness can be pointed out whilst the situation or can be compared if there has been improvement.

Communication has to be done cautiously because if not done properly may lead to deterioration of the client. It need to thoughtful and constant. Many thoughts can be passed on to the recipients.

You can associate progress with meeting of expectations. By letting the client know your expectation you can put across your opinion about goals yet to achieve as well as aspects he or she has already surpassed. The achievement quotient can’t be evaluated only by the teacher but has to be gauged by the student for further progress.

The interaction procedure is crucial. And it is not one way that is from teacher to student but also vice versa. Thus both parties can be benefited by this if done properly. The data collection is very crucial as well. The teachers have loads of relevant information will only help in accessing the progress of the student more clearly.

The instructional strategy has to be planned so that the client can be told beforehand how the strategies are being changed so that the performance of the students increases. Each student are special and the client needs to know how they are progressing.

Everything need not be recorded by the teachers. The relevance of the information has to be judged by them. The teacher should be sensitive enough to screen the situation. Of the observed report the client can be told items which are relevant and would motivate them to do better in their studies.

Student progress can also be understood with the help of student journals. Often teachers give them assignments which bring out the potential in them. The client can be made aware of the strength and weakness through one on one session by reading abstracts from their own journal.

Tutoring sessions can also encourage students to pose open ended questions to the teacher so that they can know their own progress.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

10 Reasons Why You Should Register Your Tutoring Business with the Better Business Bureau

Better business bureau was established in the year 1912 in the United States and Canada. It is looked upon as a brand name which any and every tutoring business holder would want to be associated with due to various reasons such as the following:

1.     Popular name: it is a trusted and reputed name in the market and thus association to it assures credibility to the organizations. Customers shed their inhibitions if BBB logo is on the website. The customers are positively aware of this name.

2.      Reliable: the customers can reach the help line anytime of the day to check the standard of the concerned organization. Meeting the standards of the bureau gives assurance to the customers.

3.      Eqouate or Equate: this is a business tool used by BBB to make the process of interaction between the consumers and the tutoring businesses as well as between different tutoring businesses smoother. The consumers can take quotes from various tutoring businesses with the help of the same form. Thus if your business can be one of them if you are a member.

4.      Special section: there is a member’s section especially for the members. You can keep updating your company’s information as and when required. There are many programs launched and organized by BBB. You can participate in them which will improve your popularity.

5.      Certified: once you qualify as a member your firm will receive a confirmation from BBB as a sign of promise to the consumers as a ethical company which is mandatory for the survival in the market.

6.      MIP: membership identification program can be opted by you if you are ready to comply in the decisions regarding dispute resolution procedures which are an additional benefit for no added cost!

7.      Enlistment: you are enlisted in the BBB list. Thus considered to be screened by experts on ethical grounds. Thus many sectors including the government may employ your firm if the need arises.

8.      Guide for consumers: this guide is circulated all over the country where your firm has been advertised because you are member. What better way to market yourself!

9.      Membership Live support: you are given live assistance by experts if you need help promoting your company.

10.  Networking events: Annual Golf Classic is one of the many events hosted by BBB for its members thus a chance for interacting with your competitors in the tutoring business as well as the future prospects who may also be members. Thus there are opportunities to expand.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 Reasons to Have a Tutor Mentor to Help Your Business Grow
Risk exists in any business venture. All you can do is reduce the quotient of risk. The best of doing that is being guided by a mentor. This is mandatory if you are a novice businessman. Mentors may help you in many ways and the reasons for appointing them are:

1.      Most important decision as an entrepreneur is choosing the correct mentor because he or she will be the key to the success or failure of your business. He or she will inspire you as well as the others with the expertise in that particular field of work.

2.       Answerability: business owners are often known to have overlooked some minute details. A mentor helps you set real goals and help you achieve it in terms of marketing or finance or advertisements.

3.      Strategy building: he or she will be aware of the common mistakes and will avoid them while formulating the business plan thus helping your venture.

4.      Objective: you as the owner may get emotionally attached and will refrain yourself from taking important decisions. The staff is like your family but the mentor doesn’t have these limitations. Necessary decisions shall be taken on time.

5.      Maintenance: mentor will detect the problems and find the solutions along with you to support and maintain the business. Without the right maintenance it would collapse.

6.      Expert opinion: mentor is the one who has an expert knowledge of that line of work as well as a pro as a businessman due to past experience. Thus he being a part of your core team is an asset!

7.      Insightfulness: you are the owner of the business. You finance it with the capital. But the in-depth knowledge of the business and how it can do better lies with the mentor.

8.      Networking: the mentor shall have a name for himself in the market so along with him you get to exploit his contacts. Thus he or she becomes the representative of your organization. Thus an instant marketing strategy.

9.      Feedback mechanism: through the mentor you can get an outsider view of the situation. It would be unbiased along with necessary suggestions to perform better.

10.  Communication: mentors have capability of reaching out to the employees and customers of all strata thus his communication techniques can be observed and should be benefited from. Like in marketing and sales firms techniques of convincing is an important aspects of training at all levels

If you are looking for a tutor mentor to help you grow your business, please contact iGlobal Educational Services, Inc. ( at for a FREE consultation to assess your tutoring needs.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 reasons to list your services for German and Russian language tutoring

As globalization and mobility and communication is bringing the world even more closer, to remain monolingual is to restrict your communication and thinking abilities, in understanding the socio- economic and political need for  global citizens. A person who is competent in a foreign language can engage in international trade, contribute to international diplomacy and promote national security. German and Russian are languages of great political and economic importance. Learning German or Russian is like taking a step towards joining the ranks of business elites oriented towards the growing global market. However learning these two languages is a complicated task and one needs to devote time to learn the intricacies of these two fine languages. There are no short cuts.

      Here are 10 reasons to enlist your services for German and Russian language tutoring

· Learning German can open doors to employment in variety of occupations such as marketing, manufacturing, translation, interpreting and the travel industry.

·Learning German can be scary especially for a beginner. Variety of reasons for this; the pace is fast, overwhelming amount of vocabulary and problematic memorization. So it is important to invest in a good tutor who can make your learning easy and fun.

·The best German courses will give you the information you need in a way that will let you engage it with your learning.

·Taking courses in business German or vocational German as it is called is becoming highly popular as people feel the need for knowledge of the language alongside skills for a specific profession.

·German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and a detailed course study will help you to understand the importance of German literature, philosophy, architecture and music

·Irrespective of popular beliefs learning Russian is much easier than learning Chinese or German Russian do not use complicated sentence structures and once you learn the alphabets pronunciation is easy.

·A quick course in Russian will be your guiding light and only universal communication tool if you are traveling in former soviet and its neighboring areas.

·By learning Russian you have the added advantage of learning and understanding other Slavonic languages and linguistics.

·As the Russian economy is opening up to a capitalistic model, there will be better marketability for  employment for people who know Russian for companies that will need linguistic for translation and interpretation.

·Russia is rich in its art, culture and literature, movies and music. Learning Russian will open up avenues for you to a new cultural awakening.

The possession of another language is the possession of another soul. Joining a proper German and Russian language tutoring will definitely open up new avenues for you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

10 Reasons Why Networking with Other Tutors Work!

Networking is a lifestyle and skill for success. In today's world it is not important ''who you are but who knows you''. Education cannot happen in isolation in today's tech-savvy world. Networking with tutors is important for the  growth of  the learner as well as the educator. A tutor who has built up a strong network can share resources, get ideas, advice and techniques and inculcate new methods which can be innovative and creative in his/her teaching.

Here are 10 strategies of networking with tutors and its benefits:

1. Create a Personal Learning Network: By creating a  personal learning network teachers become aware, connected,empowered, confident ''learners''.

2. Use Social Media to Connect With Other Tutors: Considering the demands of today, networking with tutors, is the best investment for an educator. Tools such as twitter, wikis, blogs helps them to know what others are doing, the problems they face and whats worked best for them.

3. Be a Life-Long Learner: Educators need to learn constantly to grow to become better. Networking with  tutors enhances there personal learning, recharges them and gives them ideas and provides them with the support they need to keep on going.

4. Use Different Educational Experiences: By networking you  can develop different educational experiences (audio, visual, interactive,help and tutoring) and inculcate them in classroom teaching to enhance the learning of your students and making learning fun.

5. Free Publicity with Trusted Individuals: By networking a tutor can spread word about his/her area of skills and contact with parents and students beyond his own work area.

6. Meaningful Professional Collaboration: Through networking educators will be able to participate in meetings and discussions  held anywhere,for the greater benefit of the educator and the student. Friends , this is the age of collaboration.

7. Use More Than One Way to Network: Another strategy of networking with tutors is to combine asynchronous learning with synchronous tools, so that educators can have the best of both worlds.

8. Find a Mentor: A old form of  networking strategy that can be used is to observe master teachers in their classroom situation. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from a mentor.

9. Seek Problem Solving Opportunities: Take advantage of problem solving opportunities that exist in your school like grade level meetings , teacher assistance teams, child study team,all designed to brainstorm the teacher to meet different student needs.

10. Attend School Events and Functions: School events and functions can be used for increasing your network meetings, sports events, functions are places where you can expand your network not just with parents of students but, sponsors, partners, vendors and associates of the school.

In a profession that can be profoundly isolating and lonely, networking with tutors will provide the educator with a scope and arena to grow and explore.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Future of Tutoring: What You Need to Know For Your Tutoring Business

                       Tutoring is an aspect of numerous educational programs designed to prevent the risk of educational failure in students. The tutorial business on the other hand depends on the geographic location of the facility and the amount of money gotten from it ranges, depending the tutoring service given to students, who are the target population of the individuals managing the business. Contrary to the past when  private-tutorial-profit was not common, now it has become a money making venture a lot of individuals are eager to tap from, irrespective of the their level of qualification. Every tutorial business owner, claims to be the best whether they are specialized in the subjects or not, owing to increasing competitors.

            The increasing competitors have made it necessary for tutorial business owners and those willing to engage in the business to have good business acumen, if they want to survive and make enough money to support the business and themselves. Moreover, the more information you can get about your target market, will help you in gaining their interest in your services. Also, you being sure about your potential clients, depend on the amount of competitors. The rural area, the competition is less and you can teach English, history and anything else you feel you are good in but if you teach a regular subject in a big city, you will have to very good in one or more subjects or a particular teaching method.
            If you are just starting the tutorial business, you need to make the most of the word of mouth as many new tutors find their students through the medium. Also you need to have a high quality business cards printed and give some to your friends, family and students so they can help in the promotion of your tutoring business and if anyone helps you to get students for your services, as a technique to sustain their services, offer a fee for each student they send your way.

           When talking with teachers in the field of education, about your services, be prepared to be scrutinized in order to verify your educational background and show them that you are good. So you have to be sound, confident and sure of yourself. Generally these uprisings in the tutorial business has made the business stiff in a good way, as it leaves only the best individuals in the business and limiting incompetency.

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I just wanted to drop a few lines to let you all know that we have started a group on LinkedIn that discuss various aspects of tutoring.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

10 Promotional Products for My Tutoring Business

          Starting up your own tutoring business, can be quite beneficial in terms of its low-start-up costs, flexibility in your schedule and the opportunity to learn as you teach. In the business however, it is necessary to get more students in order to earn a proper income. This necessity has prompts the need to make more effort to showcase your business to students using effective promotional products. For these promotional products to work for your tutoring business, you need to identify your target market because having a good knowledge about the people you want to attract enhances your chances to get them to patronize you. Also, before you consider your promotional product, ensure its familiar, in demand and a well used product in your location.

Below, are 10 major promotional products you can use to boost your tutoring business.

1.) Pencils and biros can be said to the number one promotional product because it’s used by everybody most especially students and can be easily passed around.

2.) Promotional bookmarks can be given to current students   and you can use the wide imprint area to put your business details which will always be there.

3.) Refrigerator magnet for hanging results or other thing, since there are constant visits to the fridge, your tutoring business details will be seen all the time by both parents and students.

4.) Key holders are also good promotional products as they are used by a lot of students in school, who need them for the keys to their locks.

5.) Notebooks, just like pencils and biros, are highly used writing materials in the classes by students, likewise teachers.

6.) Apparels like custom sleep wear, robes, footwear and T-shirts could also be used, as the important products that are regularly used.

7.) Accessories, like headbands, handbands, bandanas, facecap and hat are also good avenues to promote your tutorial business as they are regularly used and handy.

8.) Cups used in drinking could also be as people, students need them always to take a drink.

9.) Calendars and planners, everybody needs a calendar and students need to plan their activities in school, this is another effective promotional product.

10.) School Bags are used by all students and are very good promotional products to use in passing 
messages across.

           All these promotional products for tutorial business have been tested and produce positive results for tutors who wanted to improve their recognition among students.