Thursday, April 28, 2011

5 Resources that will Jump-Start Your Tutoring Business

Staring off your tutoring business can be quite tricky to do, with all the competition out there. If you don’t know how to jump-start your tutoring business, then you’re for a rough time. Luckily, here are five important resources you should have with you in order to start off your tutoring business very effectively!
Have a Website
This main resource of information for your tutoring business is integral in having a functional start to your tutoring. With all the data accessible by your clients, you can surely provide them the convenience of setting up appointments and learning more about you with just a few clicks here and there.
Start a Newsletter
Newsletters are effective in maintaining your visitor traffic. If you have them subscribe to your website, you can surely provide information on your business as well as the industry you work in to people that can learn a lot from you. Being an authority in your industry is a sure way to fire up your business.
Lecture Materials
This is very important in starting a serious tutoring business. Gather your lecture materials, whether textbooks, or online material, so that when you start your tutoring session, you have everything ready. Make sure you get the authorization of any material that is copyrighted (if the case would be) in order to use them as instruction material.
Marketing Tools                     
Although a newsletter is a form of a marketing tool, it was specifically mentioned as a visitor retention tool. Marketing tools involve article posting, blog writing, and social media marketing. Investing in marketing is a clear fact you should engage in even if you’ve established your tutoring business. This will help you keep your business active, with future opportunities for more clients at hand.
Lecture Scope
This is important in defining your tutoring business. Check out schools to find out which trend is bustling right now in terms of lecture scope. If you have the right information, this resource will keep your business alive, especially when it comes to meeting your student’s demands.
Starting out a tutoring business can be tough without the right resources. These five important things you should have will give you that needed jump-start for your tutoring business. Keep this in mind and make sure you get these things ready in time for your tutoring sessions.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Using a Mobile Swiper to Get Those $$$

Opening payment options for your client can make your business increase its functionality, especially those who wish to pay using credit cards as opposed to hard cash. With the recent innovation allowing you to care a mobile credit card swiper wherever you go, you can easily handle transactions using credit cards for your clients more effectively that way.
How Mobile Credit Card Swipers Work
They are portable devices that can read credit card information processed to a desktop or laptop computer. Usually, USB Swipers are available where you conveniently link the device to your laptop (especially if you’re on the go) and simply swipe your client’s card in the interface provided. This will securely handle the payment means through software you can download.
The advantage of the mobile credit card swipers is that you can conveniently receive payments that you normally would have a check mailed to you within minutes. With this system, everything becomes streamlined, which is great for your tutoring business, especially for clients who want to make payment immediately.
PayPal Integration
Another key advantage of mobile credit card swipers is that they integrate with PayPal, a very popular internet broker site that allows convenient payment means. PayPal is a cheaper way than most banks, in accepting the credit card swiper payments, especially with the flat fee presented. With this in mind, you can surely trust the security of your payment to be handled by PayPal, which develops trust between you and your client.
Mobile credit card swipers allow you the convenience of having your credit card payments accessible without the formalities of a more rigid swiping machine. The portability is effective for your business, and the security measures keep you safe even if you misplace the machine.
With your tutoring business a mobile feat at times, you may need the convenience of mobile credit card swipers to help you in transactions. Once you do so effectively, the payment scheme becomes seamless, with transactions being made the moment the tutorial session is done. If you travel a lot and you require payment to be consolidated immediately, the mobile credit card swiper solution will work out just right for you.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to Celebrate a Grand-Opening for Your Tutoring Business

Once you start out your tutoring business, you should always be wary that you won’t start out with a blast, especially if your business is starting up. An effective tactic that you can do, which is both traditional and a marketing tactic, is to celebrate a grand opening for your tutoring business. This can get the message out there that you’re open for business, and it can also lead to very loyal clients that you can have in the near future.
Plan Your Grand Opening
Do you plan on going with a traditional party in your local town or perhaps with a promotion for your tutoring website? You should plan how you will celebrate your grand opening before you invite guests over. This will define your scope of business, if you wish to deal with local clients, online-based, or both.
For Traditional Celebration
As a functional business, you can invite guests over. This is different than a sales pitch because it involves an invitation, where you are the host of the event. You can publicize your tutoring business this way, by handing out flyers or business cards to people who attend the event. Some restaurants allow function halls for this specific purpose, and this can build the initial client base you desire.
Online Promotion
Some tutors wish to utilize online promotion as a form of grand opening celebration. If you want to, then offer discounts for services as a grand opening sale. This will entice visitors to try out your new service, especially with the lower price and competitive service you bring. With this in mind, you can surely jump start your business with little or no burden, if you plan things right.
As a tutor, you should plan effectively on what direction you wish to go through with your grand opening. Most tutors would go both ways, but it requires time and money. If you’ve got enough resources, then you can implement both, which can provide great publicity, which in turn means effective marketing for your tutoring business to expand and develop as a stable business with a growing client base.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hiring 106: Ten Things that must be addressed in Tutor Training

In hiring a tutor, you should understand what components of the training procedure must be addressed in order to train a competent tutor. Tutors must provide necessary knowledge and skills in order to qualify into the work place, which you should check out. Here is a check list of ten important things to address in tutor training.
1. Competency – Primarily, you should consider the tutor’s competency level, especially in his or her tutoring performance. With this at hand, you can surely understand the capacity and capabilities of the tutor to handle stress situations.
2. Adaptability – How easily a tutor adapts to students of different abilities and to different types of materials is a sign of an effective tutor. Make sure you study how a tutor handles different topics of different scales of difficulty to evaluate his or her tutoring capacity.
3. Knowledge – A tutor must have enough knowledge on a topic matter to be considered an effective instructor of that subject. You should address this scope of tutoring in order to evaluate and gauge his or her effectiveness with knowledge of the topic.
4. Interpersonal Interaction – Effective tutors know how to handle different types of people. Make sure you look for this quality in gauging a tutor, because he or she should know how to treat them properly.
5. Confidence – A tutor’s confidence level can change how the tutoring service is provided. A tutor with low confidence will lack credibility, so make sure your tutor has this trait which you can find out or supplement in the tutor training.
6. Professional Level – In dealing with stress situations or material concerns, professionalism is important in tutors, as it will shape the relationship between the client and the tutor. They should handle situations fairly and provide rational solutions in the process.
7. Availability – This is another key aspect in tutor training. Your tutor should be available enough to meet the requirements of the client in terms of frequent tutor meetings.
8. Resourcefulness – With little or abundant materials to use in subjects, the tutor must be able to utilize visual aids and other teaching devices effectively.
9. Consistency – By consistency, it is important to assess the tutor’s ability to provide a high level of enthusiasm in teaching as well as handling interactions between people.
10. Character – Although this is highly subjective, a tutor must be able to effectively communicate with the student in a manner that is not demeaning or degrading, but friendly and approachable.
With these ten important things, you can surely trust that your tutor will effectively do his or her job, providing you with the sense of fulfillment in hiring that tutor.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ten Websites to Outsource Work for Your Tutoring Business

If you’ve got too much work on your plate, you may want to decide to outsource your work. Whether it is filing reports or making course syllabi, you will need all the help you can get. These ten websites to outsource work for your tutoring business can help you out through each aspect present.
Freelancer - Very much accessible for a compact design with a lot of function to work with, Freelancer allows you bid on products and other forms of business in order to secure smooth operations.
Vworker - Categorized projects are found in this interface, providing you specific project-completion dates for you to manage. This is effective for people who are deadline oriented.
Getacoder - In handling programmers and web designers for your tutoring business, even with part time activities, the site allows you to check out relevant people in running your site, especially in that specific area.
YourManinIndia - This outsourcing website shall allow you to handle international transactions quite effectively.
CrowdSpring - This allows you the convenience of logo and web design, along with writing projects. If you wish to reassign tutoring service to other people, this interface will provide such convenience.
Guro - This site is effective by offering the right commands for a marketplace allowing you to look for competent people to handle your database.
99 Designs - This offers you the convenience of your logo design and having one designed for your tutoring business, providing you with that smooth business image you wish.
ODesk - This interface allows you to hire members of different organizations to be under one marketplace. The interactive design helps you find the right people for the job, especially with the interface allowing you to do just that without much hassle.
Brickwork India - With the growing base of offshore outsourcing, you can provide the necessary info needed to start working for you.
These sites offer you the convenience you need in handling the workload you can build up while managing your tutoring business. Make sure you limit your outsourcing and choose wisely who to outsource work to!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seven Types of Assessments that Tutors Should Use with Their Clients

In order to know what level to start out in the tutoring session, you should be able to administer seven important assessments types for your clients. These seven types consist of varied types that will help you assess the performance level of your clients.
Math Assessment
Depending on the subject material level, this assessment is used to understand how much of the concept and application a student was able to grasp in terms of mathematical manipulation.
Reading Assessment
This assessment evaluates the reading rate, comprehension level, and fluency of the student with a given reading material. Also, this involves vocabulary level and other language tools of development a student must have for his or her level.
Study Skills Assessment
Students have different study patterns, and with this assessment, you can learn more about how often a student sticks to these patterns. Moreover, you can help them improve their study habits by understanding any patterns involved.
Spelling Assessment
This, along with the basic foundations of communication is tested to see what the level of spelling your student has is and work from there to provide effective tutoring measures.
Writing Assessment
By testing the student’s ability to construct paragraphs and essays, the organization and logical order of the student shall be assessed, along with the word choice, or diction, and other grammar tools present in composition writing.

Progress Monitoring Assessments
Usually given periodically in the tutoring sessions, this assessment ensures that the topic is being absorbed properly. This is important because if a tutor finds out the student is not absorbing the lesson well, then he or she shall monitor the flow of the lesson and emphasize those parts not understood by the student.

As a knowledge assessment approach, this is usually given before a specific tutorial program is administered or even when you introduce new concepts to your student. Giving him or her this assessment will allow you to determine whether the student can handle the new lesson easily or not.

With these seven important assessments at hand, you can enhance your tutoring program by adapting to these issues that become present through these assessments.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Five Ways to Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Tutoring Business

Email marketing is growing popular, where almost everyone checks his or her email at least once to twice a day at his or her busiest. With this in mind, tutors can take advantage of emails to engage in marketing activities that can promote their businesses. Here are five ways you can use email marketing in order to promote your tutoring business.
Sending Out Pitching Emails          
Probably the most fundamental use of email marketing, pitching emails allow you to describe your service to people who may be interested in your service. This will give you the leverage of allowing people to learn more about and your business.
Writing Newsletters
Newsletters provide important information on the industry you’re working in. Being a tutor, you can surely talk about teaching strategies and tutoring resources that can help other people. In this way, your business will flourish as an authoritative figure with consistent newsletters.
Linking to Your Website
Website links will build up your traffic base, which is an important determinant in search engine ranking. As you structure your email effectively, you will find people clicking links set out and visiting your site to check out your service. This will help you build up your business as it rises in the search engines ranks.
Learning More About Business Improvements
With email marketing, you can sometimes get feedback on your business performance. Learn from these comments and improve your business patterns. With the responsiveness of individuals interested in your business, you can surely perform better with satisfying their needs to have the benefits they desire.
Establish Connections
Email marketing is also important for establishing connections among people. With this in mind, prospective clients can be contacted quite easily, especially if they approve you of the marketing email provided.
With the convenience of technology, you can surely secure continued business from effective email marketing. The importance of email as being checked most by people, even in their busy days, provides you the advantage to ensure your business’ development. Promote your tutoring business properly with email marketing and you shall receive continued business.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Five Ways to Offer Special Promotions to Your Clients

If you want to keep your clients loyal by engaging in your service more often, you should offer special promotions on your service. Everyone wants to get a freebie or better discounts at times, and this will help build your business image as people will enjoy the service you provide. Here are five ways that you can tap into to offer these promotions to help build the relationship you have with your clients.
Discounted Service
After a while, you can start offering your clients discounted service to ensure that they can enjoy your services. This form of promotion effectively guarantees more frequent tutoring sessions due to the lowered price. In the end you get more work and your client is satisfied with the affordability of it all.
More Tutoring Time
Suggest the frequency of meetings to be increased as you will be willing to give some more time to that client. They will appreciate you in spending more time with them, which will help build a healthy business relationship with more tutoring time settling in.
Free Consulting Hours
Another promotion you can consider, give them your number or email so they can ask you for advice that you can cater to. Through the times when you’re not tutoring them, you can help them out with their concerns, which can constitute as free consultation. Most clients like this service because of the accessibility.
Batch Tutoring at Lowered Price
You can engage in batch tutoring, where you tutor more than one person at a time, to help build your business image. With the discounted offer, more people will come to you for tutorial services, and you can enjoy the success you’re having as well as the fulfillment you’re providing for your clients.
Extra Notes and Discussion Materials
Another effective promotion activity is to provide extra notes and discussion materials for your client. This involves giving out hard copies of tutoring material for them to review. This not only allows your client to develop his or her knowledge on the subject when you’re not there, but it also boosts your business image if your client refers the materials to have come from you to his or her friends.
You can build business relationships and help people at the same time with promotion. Promotions are important in any business, and tutoring is no exception.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Pros and Cons of Using Tutoring Packages

If you plan on having tutoring packages as a service provision for your clients, you should learn the pros and cons that come with using them. Tutoring packages are great for bundling your tutorial services, especially if you want to offer your clients a discounted rate. With the presence of tutoring packages, your tutoring service can be well defined as you have a working scheme with you. However, there are some disadvantages to this scheme. Here are the pros and cons that you must consider before implementing tutoring packages.
Pros of Tutoring Packages
  • Tutoring packages are effective in keeping your tutoring business professional. You have defined hours/sessions that your client can avail by purchasing the package. With this in mind, you can secure a service component that is popular among clients.
  • Tutoring packages are paid immediately, or in denominations agreed. With this, you can get conveniently, especially with the bulk nature of tutoring packages. If you’re worried about pay, tutoring packages provide you the same consistency as you would receive for a predefined number of sessions.
  • With the defined pattern of tutoring packages, you have a sequence to follow, saving you the time to plan on what lesson to handle or consultation measure to engage in.
Cons of Tutoring Packages
  • Some clients may not be able to afford your tutoring package, because of the cost that is defined by the amount of hours or sessions you put in. You may face lesser business if you completely rely on tutoring packages as your main stream of business.
  • You may not be able to fulfill the complete session requirements, especially if your client feels he or she has learned enough. Compensation issues may rise, especially if you issue the complete payment and the client argues that the complete number of hours weren’t spent.
  • You will also focus on a strict schedule which you must comply with, since your tutoring package is already predefined in terms of session span and scheduling.
With these points in mind, consider how you are going to implement your tutoring package and make sure to consider the pros and cons that might occur with this service option.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Message from Alise--Update on Free Book Giveaway!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to design a one-week Academic Camp - What must be included

As a form of enrichment, you can start an Academic camp that can happen any time of the year. Ideally, you can have it during semester or Christmas breaks so that you can help students learn something new with this one week endeavor. If you plan to design a one week academic camp, what should you include in order to make it a success?
Establish It’s Purpose
What are you going to focus on in your academic camp? Are you going to hold a math enrichment program or a science development program? Are you going to develop the student’s writing skills and literary proficiency? It all depends on your tutor scope. It is important that you focus on one aspect to make your academic camp easy to manage and effective in terms of material handling. If you mix a camp with two or three subject areas, it may be confusing to handle, especially for students with multiple interests. One week won’t enough in that case.
Outline an Activity Plan
A good academic camp is always ready with activities. This should be outlined properly, usually with a scheme of fun-filled learning and enrichment classes, depending on your approach to the academic camp. It is important, however, that you balance fun and learning, because students will be spending their holiday time in your camp. If you do so, you can surely establish a successful academic camp that way.
Provide Incentives
Inclusive of your academic camp, you should provide gifts, certificates, or even prizes for the events you hold in order to increase chances of a second academic camp due to its success and the fulfillment for the students having achieved a goal in their lives. The camp will supplement their learning, so by rewarding them, this positive reinforcement shall provide your students with the leverage they need in class.
The scope of a one week academic camp should depend on how you outline your activities. Make sure that you stick to one scope or two related subject areas (like math and science or reading and writing). This will prevent confusion and it will promote effective management. Once that is settled, make sure to provide incentives for the benefit of the participants. With these points in mind, you can surely start off a successful academic camp.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011—Why it is the preferred choice?

TutorTeach is notable for its comprehensive list of tutors of almost every discipline known and studied. This indicates how much communication can be used to effectively convey ideas through the dynamic teaching methods found in With this site, you can truly learn the ropes of tutoring if you’re new or even enhance your knowledge if you’ve been doing that since before.
Tutoring Opportunities
With TutorTeach, you can find opportunities to become a tutor yourself for them. The list continues to grow and as you are part of a huge company with credibility, joining can help you land jobs, especially if people need tutors right now.
Moreover, TutorTeach allows individuals to search specifically for the tutor they wish. With this in mind, you can surely obtain more information regarding the student needs.
Resources Opportunities
TutorTeach is a hub for tutoring resources where you yourself can prepare the necessary lessons needed for the tutorial session. With the portion dedicated to resources, you need not worry much about looking around every library number to find the resources you need, as most of those are digitally available. With this in mind, you can help your student perform his or her tasks better through the resource opportunities present.
Social Networking
TutorTeach is important as a social connection among tutors because you can share ideas and tutoring concepts with others. This will help you improve your teaching style and learn more about the difficulty students are facing in the current educational system. With the social networking functioning, individuals may learn more about tutoring and put these into effect, allowing you to interact with other tutors.

As a tutor, you may need information to continue your career. With TutorTeach, you can obtain such information through the means and methods outlined earlier. This makes TutorTeach a preferred choice for old tutors and new ones alike.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three Ways to Expand a Tutoring Business

In order to expand your tutoring business, you should offer more services that can secure you both more income and versatility as a tutor. In the growing need for businesses that can cater to many services, you must be able to bring something new to the plate, making you a unique tutoring business. It is, therefore, important to be creative in such expansion, so you can get more clients and maintain strong business relations with them. Here are three ways you can expand your tutoring business!
Consulting Services
If you don’t, then you should start offering these services. Tutoring is the formal level of teaching instruction you may have, but what about those times when your student wants to give you a call on a subject matter that does not require the tutoring formalities? Consultation can really be beneficial for you because it happens more often than tutorial sessions.
Study Patterns Counseling Services
Students need help coping with their material, and this involves more than just providing them materials and techniques. You can help them deal with emotional issues and study issues by illustrating tips on how to effectively manage their emotions. With this added service, you can surely garner a more responsive client base.
Test Review Services
If you want to help students prepare for local standardized tests or for college entrance exams, this specified service will focus on test techniques and other important topics that are usually not emphasized in tutoring sessions. With this at hand, you can surely help your client construct effective essays for that entrance exam or answer effectively on that standardized test.
Expanding your business is important should you wish to gain more clients and more income that way. Also, the expansion will make you a versatile business, with services ready to meet the needs of your clients. When you focus on expansion of your business, you will bring new services to the tutoring business, especially if you want your clients to try out something new you’ve got to offer. Remember to keep your clients’ interests at hand when expanding your tutoring business. Moreover, make sure you have enough time to handle these services.

Monday, April 4, 2011

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