Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Five Ways to Offer Special Promotions to Your Clients

If you want to keep your clients loyal by engaging in your service more often, you should offer special promotions on your service. Everyone wants to get a freebie or better discounts at times, and this will help build your business image as people will enjoy the service you provide. Here are five ways that you can tap into to offer these promotions to help build the relationship you have with your clients.
Discounted Service
After a while, you can start offering your clients discounted service to ensure that they can enjoy your services. This form of promotion effectively guarantees more frequent tutoring sessions due to the lowered price. In the end you get more work and your client is satisfied with the affordability of it all.
More Tutoring Time
Suggest the frequency of meetings to be increased as you will be willing to give some more time to that client. They will appreciate you in spending more time with them, which will help build a healthy business relationship with more tutoring time settling in.
Free Consulting Hours
Another promotion you can consider, give them your number or email so they can ask you for advice that you can cater to. Through the times when you’re not tutoring them, you can help them out with their concerns, which can constitute as free consultation. Most clients like this service because of the accessibility.
Batch Tutoring at Lowered Price
You can engage in batch tutoring, where you tutor more than one person at a time, to help build your business image. With the discounted offer, more people will come to you for tutorial services, and you can enjoy the success you’re having as well as the fulfillment you’re providing for your clients.
Extra Notes and Discussion Materials
Another effective promotion activity is to provide extra notes and discussion materials for your client. This involves giving out hard copies of tutoring material for them to review. This not only allows your client to develop his or her knowledge on the subject when you’re not there, but it also boosts your business image if your client refers the materials to have come from you to his or her friends.
You can build business relationships and help people at the same time with promotion. Promotions are important in any business, and tutoring is no exception.

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