Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to design a one-week Academic Camp - What must be included

As a form of enrichment, you can start an Academic camp that can happen any time of the year. Ideally, you can have it during semester or Christmas breaks so that you can help students learn something new with this one week endeavor. If you plan to design a one week academic camp, what should you include in order to make it a success?
Establish It’s Purpose
What are you going to focus on in your academic camp? Are you going to hold a math enrichment program or a science development program? Are you going to develop the student’s writing skills and literary proficiency? It all depends on your tutor scope. It is important that you focus on one aspect to make your academic camp easy to manage and effective in terms of material handling. If you mix a camp with two or three subject areas, it may be confusing to handle, especially for students with multiple interests. One week won’t enough in that case.
Outline an Activity Plan
A good academic camp is always ready with activities. This should be outlined properly, usually with a scheme of fun-filled learning and enrichment classes, depending on your approach to the academic camp. It is important, however, that you balance fun and learning, because students will be spending their holiday time in your camp. If you do so, you can surely establish a successful academic camp that way.
Provide Incentives
Inclusive of your academic camp, you should provide gifts, certificates, or even prizes for the events you hold in order to increase chances of a second academic camp due to its success and the fulfillment for the students having achieved a goal in their lives. The camp will supplement their learning, so by rewarding them, this positive reinforcement shall provide your students with the leverage they need in class.
The scope of a one week academic camp should depend on how you outline your activities. Make sure that you stick to one scope or two related subject areas (like math and science or reading and writing). This will prevent confusion and it will promote effective management. Once that is settled, make sure to provide incentives for the benefit of the participants. With these points in mind, you can surely start off a successful academic camp.

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