Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5-Must Know Educational Theories to Help with Tutoring

Educational theories shape your tutoring session by providing you with the background concepts necessary to administer the right lecture. With taking into consideration the educational theories that will enhance the tutoring scheme, it is important to determine which 5 important educational theories you should keep in mind at all times. Educational theories that are found in the following areas are beneficial as a tutor. 

Curriculum Theory

This theory focuses on the structural aspect of the tutor and student relationship. It involves the reference details and the capacity of the student by indicating what needs to be learned by the student. This theory enhances the interaction between the tutor and student in verifying the material needed to be learned during the tutorial session.

Instructional Theory
This theory addresses the means of instruction in the given setting. It involves teaching methods and particular approaches that will ultimately develop the student’s understanding in the most effective way

Nature of Learner and of Learning

By cultivating the learning means of the student and the material at hand, this educational theory develops the insightful aspect of determining how to effectively convey the given material. Similar to educational psychology, this particular theory represents how tutors should understand their students in order to teach them properly within the students’ capacity range.

Organizational and Leadership Theory

This develops a hierarchical order of the tutor having ascendancy over the student. By that virtue, the tutor has the obligation to lead the student appropriately, with correct intention, and proper knowledge imparted.

Sociology of Education

By understanding the social factors in the educational theory presented, the tutor can learn to adapt to the attitudes of the student in order to effectively handle tutorial sessions. This, as a result, will provide the tutor the leverage of a successful tutorial lecture without any misunderstanding.

Educational theories are important in the development of a tutor in his or her discussion of the topic at hand. By focusing on the social and cultural dynamics of educational theories, a tutorial session can easily be handled quite conveniently as the tutor is more aware of how the session is functioning from a critical analysis taken place via understanding the development of the educational theories involved.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Message from Alise--Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful to have an audience to share my knowledge and experiences regarding tutoring.

Please enjoy your time with family and friends during this Holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be blessed,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Should I Hire a CPA? How Will I Know

In your tutoring business, having a certified public accountant, or CPA, will help you get started and even maintain your business, legally. It is the duty of the CPA to make sure that you, as a founder or CEO of your company, are up to date on financial dues and other obligations. Here is what you need to know in order to hire a CPA.
Tax Laws Knowledge
A CPA knows tax laws like the back of his or her hand, so you can trust him or her to inform you of the needed tax liabilities your company needs to pay. It is in this that a CPA can guide you to make sure your company is legal. Also, with a CPA’s guidance, you pay your taxes right on time.
Record Keeping
Sometimes, keeping your financial documents in order can be quite tedious. It may be a burden to your business if you focus on that instead of more lucrative prospects such as marketing or actual transaction. A CPA can keep your records in tact by filing statements of each transaction and other financial dues at hand.
Sales Advice
A CPA knows the market trend, especially when he or she can interpret financial data quite effectively. He or she can recommend business options that will enhance your company’s standing. Furthermore, a CPA can tell you when you have the financial capacity to expand your business, and find the ways to fund the expansion.
Deal Negotiation
A CPA is great with negotiation, so if you may have issues with payroll rates, your CPA can determine if you are paying too much or too little. With this, your CPA can also help in the transaction model of your company, especially in keeping the business function at hand.
With a CPA for your tutoring business, you need not worry about the finances and the legality involved as he or she will do the job just right for you. With this in mind, you should hire a CPA because he or she not only provides you due service for your financial department, but he or she also allows you to expand your business properly.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TutorsTeach.com--Why is it the Preferred Choice?

TutorsTeach is notable for its comprehensive list of tutors of almost every discipline known and studied. This indicates how much communication can be used to effectively convey ideas through the dynamic teaching methods found in TutorsTeach.com. With this site, you can truly learn the ropes of tutoring if you’re new or even enhance your knowledge if you’ve been doing that since before.
Tutoring Opportunities
With TutorsTeach, you can find opportunities to become a tutor yourself for them. The list continues to grow and as you are part of a huge company with credibility, joining can help you land jobs, especially if people need tutors right now.
Moreover, TutorsTeach allows individuals to search specifically for the tutor they wish. With this in mind, you can surely obtain more information regarding the student needs.
Resources Opportunities
TutorsTeach is a hub for tutoring resources where you yourself can prepare the necessary lessons needed for the tutorial session. With the portion dedicated to resources, you need not worry much about looking around every library number to find the resources you need, as most of those are digitally available. With this in mind, you can help your student perform his or her tasks better through the resource opportunities present.
Social Networking
TutorsTeach is important as a social connection among tutors because you can share ideas and tutoring concepts with others. This will help you improve your teaching style and learn more about the difficulty students are facing in the current educational system. With the social networking functioning, individuals may learn more about tutoring and put these into effect, allowing you to interact with other tutors.

As a tutor, you may need information to continue your career. With TutorsTeach, you can obtain such information through the means and methods outlined earlier. This makes TutorsTeach a preferred choice for old tutors and new ones alike.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Message from Alise--Don't Forget To Register for Online Tutoring Courses!

iGlobal Educational Services Launches Non-Credited and Credited Online Tutoring Business CoursesAs you may already know, we value our clients' feedback and current needs. As a result, we have launched an Online Continuing Education Program in which educators and tutors around the globe can gain professional development at the comfort of their homes or any location.

We take pride in providing relevant, data-driven content that is coupled in research and designed for you to use the information immediately.

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The first online tutoring business course, Tutor 104 Marketing Your Tutoring Business: A Data-Driven Approach to Pricing Your Tutoring Services, is designed with professional tutors, like yourself, in mind.This course focuses on helping tutors find clients by using both basic and advanced marketing strategies. Also, you will have the opportunity to create marketing tools and develop an effective marketing plan. For a limited time offer, you can take this course for only $79.00. That's less than $3.00 a day to move your tutoring business from good to great.

Furthermore, we offer another online tutoring business course, Tutor 105 Conducting Tutoring Sessions: Strategies to Help Conduct Effective Tutoring Sessions, which is designed to help you become a better tutor for your clients. Not only will you learn state-of-the art strategies, you will also get continuing professional education (CPE) credit. For a limited time offer, you can take this course for only $89.00. Again, that's less than $3.00 a day to take charge of your tutoring business.

Lastly, you will receive a personally autographed copy of "Becoming a Better Tutor" by author and successful entrepreneur, Dr. Alicia Holland-Johnson.  

 The best of all is that you can file these online courses as professional development on your tax return at the end of the year. So don't delay; Register Here and sign up for your free account to begin investing in your financial prosperity.

To Your Tutoring Success,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Intellectual Property 103: What are Patents and how are they used in Education?

                Patents refer to a set of elite rights that the government grants to the creator or their assignee for a limited duration in exchange for disclosure of the invention to the public. There is no universal or generalized version of patenting as it the procedure varies from country to country. But a traditional patent application must include one or more claims characterizing the invention which must be new, ‘non-obvious’ and industrially applicable. But business techniques and treatment methodology do not come under the gamut of patent in some countries.
                 The main reason behind ‘patenting’ is to prevent recreation, distribution, usage and marketing of the invention without the permission of the inventor. Patent empowers the inventor to stop the usage of the invention by others for a minimum of twenty years as per World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property rights. But additionally a variety of terms of patent are available.
                   Several forms of patents exist today. Patent for an invention and industrial designs are the most widely used. To distinguish inventions from designs the additional qualification of ‘utility patent’ is granted to inventions in the United States. Biological patents, business method patents, chemical patents and software patents are the various forms of invention patents. Industrial design rights, plant breeders’ rights qualify as design patents.
                     Apart from invention and design patents, there are a several other forms of patents. Land patent is a notable instance in this regard. Printing patent was another example before undergoing metamorphosis to become ‘copyright’. ‘Edupatents’ are the latest addition to this list.
                Edupatents or education patents are the patents that affect education markets. Alleged patent infringement followed by law suits is the current status of edupatents, the classic example being the Blackboard versus Desire2Learn lawsuit.
                Education has emerged as a potential service market. Everyone is looking to invest in the field and reap benefits. The result is online education systems. But the idea of online education system has already been patented by some companies. If education patents are recognized then others using these ideas will have to pay hefty amounts to patent holders. This idea has kicked up the hornet’s nest and the debate continues.
                The future of education patents is dangerously poised. Both sides of the issue have their share of supporters and the clash is viewed as the one between educational institutes and supporting businesses. The only way out is to amiably sort of the issue to aid the symbiotic growth of both the fields.                  

Friday, November 11, 2011

Message from Alise--Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Friday, Readers!

I just wanted to take time out to thank all of the men and women who have fought for our freedom.  There are no words or blog posting that could possibly be written to show our deepest appreciation.

Please take the time to honor and remember our fallen soldiers as well.

Enjoy the rest of your day and have a blessed weekend.

Happy Tutoring!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Message from Alise--Join Us on LinkedIn!

Hey there, Readers,

TGIF! Hope that everyone plans to enjoy the weekend, even if you're just able to watch TV or do something fun of your choice. 

I just wanted to drop a few more lines to let you all know that we have started a group on LinkedIn that discuss various aspects of tutoring. It's a great way to collaborate and help each other learn and grow.

If you are interested in joining our group discussions, please join us at the group “Becoming a Better Tutor”.  

We do have members that have already joined and look forward to you joining us as well.

As always, please know that we welcome any guest posts from individuals who have great tutoring strategies to help us grow our tutoring businesses.

Have a blessed weekend!

P.S. Don't forget to set your time back so that you can get that extra hour of sleep. :)

Happy Tutoring,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Future of Tutoring: What You Need to Know For Your Tutoring Business

  Tutoring is an aspect of numerous educational programs designed to prevent the risk of educational failure in students. The tutorial business on the other hand depends on the geographic location of the facility and the amount of money gotten from it ranges, depending the tutoring service given to students, who are the target population of the individuals managing the business. Contrary to the past when  private-tutorial-profit was not common, now it has become a money making venture a lot of individuals are eager to tap from, irrespective of the their level of qualification. Every tutorial business owner, claims to be the best whether they are specialized in the subjects or not, owing to increasing competitors.

            The increasing competitors have made it necessary for tutorial business owners and those willing to engage in the business to have good business acumen, if they want to survive and make enough money to support the business and themselves. Moreover, the more information you can get about your target market, will help you in gaining their interest in your services. Also, you being sure about your potential clients, depend on the amount of competitors. The rural area, the competition is less and you can teach English, history and anything else you feel you are good in but if you teach a regular subject in a big city, you will have to very good in one or more subjects or a particular teaching method.
            If you are just starting the tutorial business, you need to make the most of the word of mouth as many new tutors find their students through the medium. Also you need to have a high quality business cards printed and give some to your friends, family and students so they can help in the promotion of your tutoring business and if anyone helps you to get students for your services, as a technique to sustain their services, offer a fee for each student they send your way.

           When talking with teachers in the field of education, about your services, be prepared to be scrutinized in order to verify your educational background and show them that you are good. So you have to be sound, confident and sure of yourself. Generally these uprisings in the tutorial business has made the business stiff in a good way, as it leaves only the best individuals in the business and limiting incompetency.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 Reasons to protect your intellectual property from intellectual "borrowers"

          Intellectual property is an intangible entity. It does not have a physical existence or a price tag attached to it. It is the result of a person’s thinking and vision. Consequently it is that person’s intellectual property. But the internet age has made us insensitive to this aspect. We often don’t respect a person’s hold over his intellectual property. This has led to what we now call ‘intellectual theft’.

                  Some do it out of ignorance. But there are some others who steal knowledge in spite of being aware of the consequences. Greed and laziness prompt several people to commit intellectual theft. Some people even commit it for the sake of adrenaline rush that the theft gives. Some do it out of spite while some just do it for the money that the idea brings in.

              Whatever be the reason, intellectual theft is highly condemnable. It reflects the low moral values of the person and it is extremely unfair to the victim. It is thus necessary to protect your intellectual property. 

Here are ten reasons as to why you should protect your intellectual property:

1.      Piracy and counterfeiting are forms of intellectual theft. Your business will be dealt a serious blow if your intellectual property is not protected.

2.    The trademark of several American companies has been copied by several companies abroad. These companies are using the features of the American companies to sell their products. They are depriving American companies of potential markets.

3.    Trade secrets are an integral part of intellectual property. If they are revealed they will threaten the very existence of your business.

4.    If the unique and cost cutting design that your company uses is stolen, it increases your competition.

5.     Invention of a product that has the potential to cater to millions is another idea that can be stolen. If stolen, it can deprive you of the credit for the invention.

6.    Some of your ideas could be potentially worth a lot of money. It is necessary to protect them sufficiently so you can enjoy the fruit of your hard work.

7.     Some ideas are modified and used to make profit. But the person who contributed the core idea is given no share if his idea was not protected.

8.    The resources invested in popularizing your product could be of no use if others are using your trademark to sell their products. This loss can be prevented by protecting your intellectual property.

9.    Intellectual theft deprives you and your organization of the ‘unique’ status.

10. Your intellectual property is your asset, it should remain yours exclusively.

 Thus, it is very important to protect what is yours for the sake of your tutoring organization.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Intellectual Property 102: What are Trademarks and how does it apply to your Tutoring Business?

              A ‘Trademark’ is any sign that renders a product unique. Trademarks are used by individuals or organizations for their products or services. Trademark guarantees genuine quality of a product to its consumer. A trademark also helps the customer distinguish one provider from the other.
              Trademark exists in different forms. It can be a logo or a phrase or a symbol or a combination of all of these. Some of the non conventional forms of trademark include smell, colour or even sound. A registered trademark cannot be used by anyone other than the person or the organization that owns the trademark. If used they can be subjected to legal proceedings.
                A trademark is the identity of a product. It stands as a symbol that reflects the authenticity of a product. Its misuse could mar a product’s image in the market. Thus trademark infringement has to be prevented. The law comes to the aid as it gives the power to the trademark owner to initiate action against the infringement.
                Trademark is not limited to a product. It is also used to refer to a set of qualities that uniquely identify a person. The way a person dresses or the accessories a person is always seen with become the trademark of that person. They provide a different form of identity to a person unlike their name or personality.
                Similarly a service can have a trademark too. It is given the name ‘service mark’ instead of ‘trademark’. This term is extensively used in the Unites States. Service mark is an apt term as it is providing unique distinction to the service provided.
                 Unlike a product, selling service is tricky. The intangible nature of the service does not help. But the track record of the service provider and timely delivery of the service assume paramount importance. Thus, excellent track record and timely delivery must become the ‘service mark’ of any service provider.
                  Tutoring business is one of the fastest growing services today. Extreme competition in all walks of life has left people yearning for more. Every student wants to possess an edge over the other and is hence seeking out the aid of tutors. A student considers the track record of the tutor before selecting the best tutor. The teachers and cost occupy the next criteria. To attract maximum number of students to your tutoring business it is necessary that your business has commendable track record and experienced staff as your trademark.
                Tutoring business is at its peak now and it is the right time to make the most of it. But to be successful, it is necessary to have the right attributes as your trademark.