Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Intellectual Property 102: What are Trademarks and how does it apply to your Tutoring Business?

              A ‘Trademark’ is any sign that renders a product unique. Trademarks are used by individuals or organizations for their products or services. Trademark guarantees genuine quality of a product to its consumer. A trademark also helps the customer distinguish one provider from the other.
              Trademark exists in different forms. It can be a logo or a phrase or a symbol or a combination of all of these. Some of the non conventional forms of trademark include smell, colour or even sound. A registered trademark cannot be used by anyone other than the person or the organization that owns the trademark. If used they can be subjected to legal proceedings.
                A trademark is the identity of a product. It stands as a symbol that reflects the authenticity of a product. Its misuse could mar a product’s image in the market. Thus trademark infringement has to be prevented. The law comes to the aid as it gives the power to the trademark owner to initiate action against the infringement.
                Trademark is not limited to a product. It is also used to refer to a set of qualities that uniquely identify a person. The way a person dresses or the accessories a person is always seen with become the trademark of that person. They provide a different form of identity to a person unlike their name or personality.
                Similarly a service can have a trademark too. It is given the name ‘service mark’ instead of ‘trademark’. This term is extensively used in the Unites States. Service mark is an apt term as it is providing unique distinction to the service provided.
                 Unlike a product, selling service is tricky. The intangible nature of the service does not help. But the track record of the service provider and timely delivery of the service assume paramount importance. Thus, excellent track record and timely delivery must become the ‘service mark’ of any service provider.
                  Tutoring business is one of the fastest growing services today. Extreme competition in all walks of life has left people yearning for more. Every student wants to possess an edge over the other and is hence seeking out the aid of tutors. A student considers the track record of the tutor before selecting the best tutor. The teachers and cost occupy the next criteria. To attract maximum number of students to your tutoring business it is necessary that your business has commendable track record and experienced staff as your trademark.
                Tutoring business is at its peak now and it is the right time to make the most of it. But to be successful, it is necessary to have the right attributes as your trademark.

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