Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to Describe Yourself as a Professional Tutor

Being a professional tutor has many perks. You are respected among your peers and you get the best opportunities available in the market because of the experience and the skill set you have prepared. But, business can get dry sometimes if you don't describe yourself properly. After all, getting yourself in the tutoring business can be quite a challenge due to competition and basically the impression you want to leave to your prospective clients. The trick to describing yourself as a professional tutor is to put yourself out there right, exhibit your forte, and maintain connections. After all, the perfect blend makes the effective tutor, so listen up and prove you're worth it all.

Put Yourself There--Market Yourself Right

Don't be cocky. Basically, if you want people to use your services, you have to be known to them and at the same time humble enough. No one likes a tutor who gloats over his achievements because the person comes out as insensitive. Marketing yourself right is the key to describing yourself as a professional because you'd know the ins and outs of your business. Set up a personal website with your basic information and share it to prospective clients to get the business rolling. You don't come off as arrogant and you handle yourself quite well, which is the most important thing of them all.

Exhibit Your Forte--Don't Sell Yourself Short

Although it is not advisable for you to turn out cocky, it doesn't mean you should sell yourself short. If you have skills, make them known to the world. Let clients know you're good at something. This is a great marketing tactic and also a huge plus for your career. Always remember you live in a business that continuously grows. Keep up with the pace flaunt what you need to flaunt, because that's what really matters.

Maintain Connections--Sociability is Your Middle Name

Tutors, by nature, are communicators. You should never hinder any communication progress because of the potential client you could come across. Always keep in mind that clients want tutors who are easy to approach; hence, it is important to open your communication lines all the time. This will not only provide students with the comfort that their tutor is approachable, but also, you can gain even more frequent jobs because of your pleasing personality. Charisma is your secret weapon to success as a professional tutor, so make sure you live up to its charm.

Professional tutors make it big when they know how to handle everything in the business. Always keep an eye on those who are secure tutors because they know how to present themselves. Make sure you follow these three golden steps to ensure that you put on your best for the best impression. Being a professional tutor takes skill and perseverance, so make sure you have your bases covered because you never know when you’re expected to serve the students. Market, forte, and connections are three traits that you should keep in mind when describing yourself as a professional tutor.

What are ways you describe yourself? 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Master that Mock Tutoring Session

One of the most common parts of the tutor application process is the mock tutoring session. This involves your prospective employer giving you a task to teach to a given audience. Mock tutoring sessions test prospective tutors on their adaptation and response mechanisms to varying attitudes exhibited by different students. Mock tutoring is effective in determining which tutors do make the cut. So, make sure you do the best you can do and focus on being professional and effective in handling any mock tutoring session they give you. Here's what you definitely need to know.

Pretend it's Real

Nothing can put you into that intense moment of panic unless you think of something as real as possible. This will give you that emotional condition that you need in order to overcome any tensions that you may be thinking about. Keeping it real is essential in realizing that you control the elements of the tutorial session. After all, you're the tutor, so act like one. You will find out that you have more control of your situation when you internalize it, which is a strong trait of a tutor that any prospective employer is looking for. Keep that in mind and you'll impress more than just the panel of those observing your mock tutoring session, but your future students as well.

Keep Your Cards in Check

Tutoring is supposed to be spontaneous. You may have some sort of direction to kick you off in your tutoring session, but always keep in mind that your students may not always be as perky as you would plan to. This may ruin your perfectly plan flow, so always keep your cards in check. Understand that you should adjust to the situation and wing it from there. Everything will definitely work out if you anticipate ahead of time. You never know if your panel will play with you and try to catch you off-guard, so don't topple of your tutor podium.

Confidence is Your Secret

No matter how worse things may seem to be, you should cling on to your confidence so you can bounce back from anything during the mock tutoring session. Confidence will break the chills that may happen if you get nervous. This is because you are in control and you understand what is going on rather than stuttering in front of different people. What you should realize is that confidence makes the person even more vibrant in terms of delivery and focus. This is not only great for mock tutoring sessions, but also for your professional career later on.

Mock tutoring sessions help companies determine which tutors make the cut. Don’t be underestimated by the whole experience and take it one step at a time. With that, you will surely understand how you’re going to treat your students, and this will give you that edge over other tutors. Make sure you internalize the whole mock tutoring experience because it will help you out in your career path in the future, which you most definitely would want to be a success.

How have mock tutoring sessions gone for you?  Share an example.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Three Good Websites on How to find Online Tutoring Jobs

Online tutoring has been a blessing to tutors because of the convenience of teaching students from the convenience of your own home. Not only do you get to schedule sessions in the comfort of your abode, but also, you get to tap into a wider consumer base because the world is your playground and just your locality. If you're interested in making it big online, you need to know where your leads are. They will definitely give you that push toward establishing your authority and your reputation as an online tutor. But, if you aren't in the know in what's up and going in the online tutoring buzz, here are some good websites that you can refer to kick-off!


Probably everyone's favorite classified ads site, Craigslist brings you basically anything you'd want for your tutoring business. You can set your rates and even specify your target audience. You can set your rules and make sure that you get what you deserve, but here's the catch. You never know when client ads looking for tutors are really what they promise to be. Scams are very much prevalent when you least expect it, so be wary. Dealing online is tricky if you just want to wing it out with personal transactions, so make sure you have your contract covered or any form of binding agreement to ensure that your service is rendered and paid accordingly.


This website is specialized in tutoring because it has specialized departments where you can apply and check out the fields where you're skilled at. The thing about Tutor.com is that the application process is more in-depth. They require more than just a resume. You may need to take part in a mock tutoring session. Moreover, they may need to check your background and then you may take a final exam to top it all off. Based on what they provide, they highly needed tutors in the fields of Trigonometry, Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics. So, if you're an expert in one, then you can definitely tap into this company that offers online tutoring in a breeze.


Another great alternative you could tap into when applying as an online tutor is this website right here. The registration is pretty straightforward where you fill in the gaps of what you'd want to help out in. After that, fill in your professional information and pass the exams and you're good to go. Although they kick off at $5 to $10 an hour, but if you work hard, then you're definitely on your way to success as an online tutor.

These three sites will give you that edge when you want to apply as an online tutor. Don’t forget to secure all your credentials and make sure you offer your best to your students. After all, you both deserve the best from each other. Online tutoring is an avenue of exploration as it paves the way for effective development. So help out and be the best you can definitely be.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Three Questions that May be on that Tutor Application

Being a tutor is a great fulfillment, especially as you can help out students who are in need. It is tough to catch up with study material if students don't know what they should be learning. But, applying as a tutor can be quite tough. Going freelance may skip the whole application process altogether, but you will find it difficult to find jobs on your own than you would with a company. When you market yourself on your own, you are burdened with a lot of requirements by clients. On the contrary, if you apply as a tutor at a company, you will gain the advantage because work is readily available when you represent the company. But, how can you make the cut above the rest? The application process can be quite tricky to overcome. Especially, if it's your first time actually applying for a company. Here are three questions that may be on that tutor application that you should definitely look out for.

Availability—How much time can you commit?

First of all, companies want to know when you're available. You should be ready to take assignments that may throw your schedule into a frenzy, but that's how being a tutor works. But the bottom line is, when asked about your availability, don't make anything up and tell them what works for you. An honest answer is the best way to go because they'd definitely fix you up with students, especially if you have the skill, so there's nothing to worry about.

Availability is the first thing you should understand because of how frequent you'd be doing tutorial sessions. Of course, the more you do, the more you earn, so it depends on how committed you are to tutoring.

Experience—How long have you been tutoring?

This is a basic question in almost all applications. They want to know how well-versed you are in the tutoring business. Make sure you outline any past experience and your overall understanding of how tutoring works. If you and the company are on the same page, the odds are you'll jive in with the company objective and work out quite well. Experience usually defines a tutor's edge over others, but always keep in mind that your skill definitely matters. Always ensure that you've got everything figured out so that you can prove that you can adapt to learning new things. No one likes a tutor who doesn't learn, so make sure you've got that blend of knowing what's up and finding out what you could learn to be a better tutor in the long run.

Case Study Assessment—How would treat the situation?

This can either be in the form of a simulation or perhaps a narrative description. Case study assessments allow companies to gage how you would treat a certain situation. This gives them an idea on how you would be performing when you are sent out to tutor students.

The trick is to be natural. When you answer these assessments, respond with what you would naturally do and provide a rationale for these actions. This will help you mold the scenario even better and enhance the learning curve of students you'd be dealing with.

Tutor applications determine the potential of each tutor, so make sure you do your best when filling out that form. Understand that availability, experience, and your assessment matter. By doing so, you will grasp everything a whole lot better and enhance your tutoring drive in the process. With this in mind, you will enhance your potential as a tutor and provide the students what they deserve.

Have you seen these questions on an application before?  How much do you think your answers effected the outcome?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

In-Home Tutoring and Why it’s Here to Stay

Tutoring helps out students cope with everyday subject matter and allows them to adjust to new lessons quite easily. From various choices of locations where tutors handle your business, in-home tutoring is definitely what most tutors and students desire because of the ease-of-access and other benefits that will aid both the tutor and the student. Wherever you engage your tutoring in, you should consider what makes in-home tutoring work, and try to invest in this option when you tutor.

Better Contact with Students

In-home tutoring is your one-shot deal at better communication with tutoring. Alternative tutoring measures involve online measures or even coffee-shop tutoring. Although they can be effective for some tutors, you wouldn't be able to understand your student's situation via online chat or perhaps coffee-shop meet ups because of the lack of that "home" feel that your student is most comfortable in. In-home tutoring brings that aspect there so you can interact with your students even more readily because they are in their comfort zone. When students operate in places where they are most comfortable in, they tend to express themselves more readily, opening communication lines that would have otherwise been blocked.

Students are More Comfortable

In-home tutoring is effective in putting students at ease when they engage in learning sessions. This will not only help students with the conducive atmosphere they desire, but, they will learn a lot because they are at ease. At home, students go with their own pace, which is a huge plus for all tutors because you get to understand how fast your students can learn when they are in their comfort zones. Unlike coffee shops or online, in-home tutoring provides a more personal experience for the students and this is known to enhance retention and overall development in terms of study habits that will pave effective tutoring in the long run.

Tutors Understand the Background of the Student

In-home tutoring involves tutors understanding the social and cultural background of students. This will give tutors an even clearer perspective on how they will deal with their students, especially in understanding how students would like to be treated. Some students prefer group tutoring while others go for one-on-one. It is this belief that will allow tutors to fine-tune how they tutor and adapt to various environments for the development of the students.

The bottom line is, in-home tutoring is effective in connecting with students well. This is done with a more personal network established that will ensure that your students are more involved in the development process. Through these instances, you will learn a lot about student dynamics and how to adapt to their learning curves. As a tutor, you should always consider how to make sure you connect with your students. In-home tutoring is a definite plus, so ensure that you can enhance your tutoring service with the development you wish to provide your students with. After all, their welfare is the most important, and this can be attained by understanding where they’re most comfortable in.

What have your experiences with in-home tutoring been like?  Positives?  Negatives?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Three Qualities Tutoring Companies Look for in Tutors

Getting hired by tutoring companies is your definite goal in mind, especially considering the perks that come your way. From benefits to a consistent salary, tutoring companies treat their employees properly. Not to mention the consistent flow of work that would come your way because of any contracts that you may sign. But, first, what do these companies actually look for in tutors? Of course, you can't just stroll in and expect them to take you in. You have to prove that you have the edge over other tutors to get you hired. Well, you're in luck, because these are three trade secrets that tutoring companies look for, so listen up.

Someone Who Knows the Business Well

Tutor companies want people who know how the business work. They want tutors who are aware of peak schedules, schools that require tutoring, and how to pitch in services to hard-to-get clients. Overall, they want someone who has street smart in the tutoring world. This works both ways, actually. You help the business grow, and their establishment provides you with the venue to build a reputation. Keep in mind this work-oriented nature is a definite plus for tutoring companies because of the get-up-and-go attitude that tutors will face when in a high paced environment such as tutoring.

Someone Who Knows How to Say No

Believe it or not, tutoring companies want tutors who know how to prioritize. They don't want tutors who simply give a nod of agreement showing them that they can do anything. The problem with accepting everything is that you spread yourself too thin. You don't give the same quality that you would when you focus, which is a huge turn off for most companies. Learning to say no can be quite tough because you have to time it well. But, if you know how to prioritize, you will definitely blend in quite easily in the tutoring environment at hand.

Someone Who Knows Technology so Naturally

Face it, in this day and age of technological dominance, getting in touch with people through social media is a huge advantage because it reaches a lot of people. This is great in expanding your tutoring. Moreover, these Internet avenues provide alternatives to how you deliver your tutoring session, giving you that versatility that tutoring companies. It isn't enough to know you work hard and you prioritize, but the ideal 21st century tutor knows his or her way around Facebook and Twitter to get to clients and seal long-term ones.

The tutoring business is quite competitive because a lot of people need help and a lot of people give help. Learn the ropes of the business, prioritize, and get in touch with your techie side to give you that advantage over other tutors. After all, your career is your passion, so make sure you integrate it into your life to get the most out of your potential. This will provide you with the insight and determination that most tutoring companies look for. Once you prove you matter, the rest, as they say, is history.

Which qualities do you possess now?  What can you work on for future jobs?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tutoring Out of Coffeeshops—Why You Should Reconsider?

Most tutors usually enjoy giving out their services at coffee shops because of the easy access and the convenience for most individuals. Moreover, you may find it strategic at times instead of going to your client's homes, and in extreme cases, safer. Although it may turn out as being too paranoid, but your safety is definitely your highest concern; hence, coffee shops make great venues for tutoring. But, if you think about it, tutoring out of coffee shops is better in the long run because it takes care of privacy and competition. Here's what you definitely need to know.

The Delicate Nature of Privacy

Most students want to catch up with study material on their own pace. They do not want others to interfere in the process, especially if they are ashamed of having a tutor in the first place. Others just simply want a place where they can quietly absorb the study material without distraction. Privacy is a major concern among tutors and students because of the delicacy of the matter. You should realize that having a tutorial session is a specialized service and it should remain as such, taking into consideration the complete privacy as the student prefers. This option will not only provide you with better connection with your student, but your student can easily be more comfortable in having these personal sessions that you can filter out any other problems that hamper the student's learning.

The Barrier of Competition

One other concern tutors should go private in their tutoring is that you should be wary of competition that may be around to listen to how you handle the students. Although this may be sneaky but it does happen. Tutoring can be quite tough if your students aren't too happy with your tutoring performance. Others will look out for what you're doing wrong, pitch in their services, and you've lost a client. You should understand that tutoring, downright, is a business, too. So, you should find ways to ensure your client is satisfied at all times without the barriers that arise when competition lends an unwelcome ear.

Bottom Line of Getting Out of Coffee Shops

Tutoring deserves an even more specialized treatment to the whole education process. Students, likewise, deserve an even more intimate treatment without the barriers of noise, interruption, and even distraction that arise in coffee shops. If you're not too comfortable going to the student's house, you could rent out an office so that everything goes smooth. But, most importantly, you should establish a strong connection with your client in order to enhance your tutoring business and to provide him or her with the education he or she deserves. Reconsider alternative venues for your tutoring to maximize the potential your student has. After all, everyone has the ability to extend their learning curve beyond the traditional coffee shop setup—just tap into that and the rest will unfold, with your students even more enlightened and your tutoring career even more fulfilling, an important feat tutors desire.

How are you able to tutor outside of coffee shops?  What was the hardest part of transitioning?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Three Skills to Always Improve as a Tutor

Tutors never stop learning. You should never forget that. No matter how experienced you may turn out to be, you should always realize that the potential to learn is always there. As a result, you should learn to adapt with the constantly growing nature of knowledge and focus on enhancing your skills accordingly. Not only will you be able to gain even more clients because of your enhanced skills repertoire, but you will also carry out tutorial sessions more effectively that way. Here are three important skills you should develop should you wish to enhance your tutoring performance.

Patience Draws a Huge Difference

One important skill that tutors need to develop at all times is patience. In your tutoring, you will be dealing with various students with different backgrounds. Some are easy to deal with because they are eager to learn. Others were forced by their parents to undergo the tutorial session. You should learn to develop patience for those that refuse to cooperate so that you can establish an agreement between the both of you. This can be built by taking therapy sessions and by meditating constantly. Moreover, it can also be developed by reminding yourself of the ethics you wish to uphold and your desire to help out the students.

Social Awareness Establishes Connections

Another important skill that you should improve as a tutor is your social awareness. This will help you learn about the different cultural and social backgrounds of your students. Understand different behaviors are important when you deal with many students. You would be able to adjust to their responses to your lectures and enhance your tutorial sessions even more. To establish connections is the vital strength of tutors with enhanced social awareness. This can be attained by observing how your students behave and responding accordingly with proper action.

Constant Learning Supplements Tutorial Sessions

The third skill that you should improve on as a tutor is to constantly supplement your knowledge by reading more about the subject matter so that your tutorial sessions will become even richer and richer. This is an important asset in enhancing student performance and even giving you the edge in your tutoring as you can share useful information. When you constantly learn, you take the initiative and provide your students with the ability to learn even better as you provide them information that goes beyond the textbook.

Improving yourself as a tutor is vital in enhancing your quality as a tutor. Learn to be more patient in dealing with your students and supplement this with social awareness. You will find out that your connections with your students will be stronger. To top it all off, constant learning will push your career further and provide students with the ability to learn more effectively. Remember; keep on learning to give your students the edge  that they deserve in making up for poor performance at school. Tutors never stop learning, so always remember to enhance your skills and improve yourself in the process.

What are ways you have developed your skills as a tutor?  Were they successful?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What to Do When You Don’t get a Tutoring Assignment

Tutoring is a business that depends on your students. You may find it tough when your schedule starts to empty and when things dry up. After all, this kind of thing happens in any business, actually. What you should be wary of is how to stay on top of your game despite the slow business activity. You can do so by focusing on various strategies to gain clients, maintain connections, and even go into alternative business endeavors to spice up your versatility as a tutor.

Putting Yourself Out There

Even though you don't have any active clients at the moment, you shouldn't let your presence dwindle down. Put yourself out there by tapping into various social media outlets, classified ads, or even spice up your website during your tutoring down time. This will not only attract prospective clients, but this will also build up your reputation as a tutor, and in effect, your authority in the field. Expanding your online presence is vital in getting in touch with prospective clients. Moreover, you could also engage in cold calling for people interested in your services. The bottom line is to make sure you are updated regarding your market so you get a better picture on how to gain long-term clients.

Establishing Better Present Connections

Although you don't have a tutoring assignment right now, don't forget contacts with clients is still warm enough for you to check up on them. This not only shows your concern for their welfare, which is a huge plus in building a very progressive business relationship with your clients. Not only can you even get future assignments in your to-do list, but you can ensure that your present clients turn long-term. The thing about establishing better present connections is that it keeps your tutoring business alive and running, which is vital for the continuity you deserve in your tutoring service.

Prepping up Your Service

Down time means organizing time. Have you been forgetting an important aspect of your tutoring while you were on-the-go? Take the chance to settle things out and invest in materials, proper scheduling, and even development so that you can provide better services later on. By ensuring that you maintain on top of your game despite the down time, you can enhance your tutoring potential that will provide you with the opportunity of better focus when you engage back into active tutoring.

Having no assignment does not mean you should stop honing your tutoring skills. Observe your market and learn to adapt so that you can remain updated in terms of ability and organizing. After all, you should make sure that you know your tutoring potential in handling prospective business. Down time is not necessarily a bad thing, because you can surely catch up with whatever you’ve missed out while being on-the-go with your tutoring assignments. If you remain on top of your game, no matter how slow business would be, you’ll definitely have that edge over other tutors while stepping up to the competition.

What are ways you have improved your skill set after not being awarded a tutoring assignment?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why Tutoring Companies Hire in Semesters?

Looking for opportunity as a tutor can be quite challenging. Besides the competition you'd be watching out for, you should consider trends that tutoring companies usually administer when hiring tutors. This will not only give you that top priority spot that you wish, but this will also help you out in sending out applications and pitching in your services.

Here are what you definitely need to know to be in the mix when tutoring companies are looking for prospective tutors:

Tutor Demand is High on a Semester-Basis

Tutoring is basically student-dependent. Student performance is a basis for tutoring companies to hire in tutors into their firms, so you need to know what kind of problems students are having so you can pitch your services to companies in line with these needs. By working with this demand at hand, tutoring companies tend to focus on semester-basis hiring to find tutors suitable for students.

Semester-basis hiring effectively helps the tutor pool move more fluidly, since tutors tend to take gigs more than full-time opportunities. But, there are of course, exceptions, which can help a tutoring company furnish its tutor-base more effectively.

Tutors Come-and-Go

The main thing about semester-basis hiring is that tutors usually engage in short-term work before moving on to other venues. Tutors tend to be on-the-go because traveling is part of the lifestyle. Having access to different venues to explore is a strong facet tutors enjoy, which is important in providing as-needed service for students.

Moreover, most tutors already operate in school or even have full-time teaching jobs, which makes the whole semester-basis opportunity inviting and easy in terms of commitment. Tutors are known to be on-the-move most of time, usually going to where clients request them to, in handling their tutoring services.

What Tutoring Companies Actually Want

Although tutoring companies hire tutors on a semester-basis due to student demand and tutor availability, they really want tutors that commit to one academic year. This way, you would get more opportunities because of your long term involvement. If not, you'll definitely get first choice. Semester-basis hiring is a plus for tutors, but being hired for a whole year can really help out in terms of getting the most assignments and connecting with students for future development.

Basically, semester-based hiring has been a trend among tutoring companies who wish to work with tutors who want term-based hiring. Also, it provides students with the right pool of tutors based on the demands that the students desire. If you want to join a tutoring company, always keep track of hiring trends and pitch in your services accordingly. Know the pros and cons of semester vs. one full academic year hiring and you will definitely get the priority you deserve.

Tutoring is a business that is constantly on the move; it changes as students’ needs change, so make sure you stay on top of your game and you will benefit from the choices and actions you undertake. Remember:  Your priority is on addressing the learner’s unique learning needs. If you do this, you will definitely be on the rehire list for the following semester.
What is your tutoring availability and how can it help ensure you receive the priority you deserve?