Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Three Qualities Tutoring Companies Look for in Tutors

Getting hired by tutoring companies is your definite goal in mind, especially considering the perks that come your way. From benefits to a consistent salary, tutoring companies treat their employees properly. Not to mention the consistent flow of work that would come your way because of any contracts that you may sign. But, first, what do these companies actually look for in tutors? Of course, you can't just stroll in and expect them to take you in. You have to prove that you have the edge over other tutors to get you hired. Well, you're in luck, because these are three trade secrets that tutoring companies look for, so listen up.

Someone Who Knows the Business Well

Tutor companies want people who know how the business work. They want tutors who are aware of peak schedules, schools that require tutoring, and how to pitch in services to hard-to-get clients. Overall, they want someone who has street smart in the tutoring world. This works both ways, actually. You help the business grow, and their establishment provides you with the venue to build a reputation. Keep in mind this work-oriented nature is a definite plus for tutoring companies because of the get-up-and-go attitude that tutors will face when in a high paced environment such as tutoring.

Someone Who Knows How to Say No

Believe it or not, tutoring companies want tutors who know how to prioritize. They don't want tutors who simply give a nod of agreement showing them that they can do anything. The problem with accepting everything is that you spread yourself too thin. You don't give the same quality that you would when you focus, which is a huge turn off for most companies. Learning to say no can be quite tough because you have to time it well. But, if you know how to prioritize, you will definitely blend in quite easily in the tutoring environment at hand.

Someone Who Knows Technology so Naturally

Face it, in this day and age of technological dominance, getting in touch with people through social media is a huge advantage because it reaches a lot of people. This is great in expanding your tutoring. Moreover, these Internet avenues provide alternatives to how you deliver your tutoring session, giving you that versatility that tutoring companies. It isn't enough to know you work hard and you prioritize, but the ideal 21st century tutor knows his or her way around Facebook and Twitter to get to clients and seal long-term ones.

The tutoring business is quite competitive because a lot of people need help and a lot of people give help. Learn the ropes of the business, prioritize, and get in touch with your techie side to give you that advantage over other tutors. After all, your career is your passion, so make sure you integrate it into your life to get the most out of your potential. This will provide you with the insight and determination that most tutoring companies look for. Once you prove you matter, the rest, as they say, is history.

Which qualities do you possess now?  What can you work on for future jobs?

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