Friday, September 30, 2011

Message from Alise--Looking for High School Math Tutors!

Dear Readers,

Thanks for the many inquiries! We are still in need of high school math tutors that are able to tutor at least one or more  high school math subjects. These subjects include the following:

Algebra I
Algebra II
Calculus AB and BC

All online academic coaches will be trained to use the virtual classroom and have support to grow as an effective online academic coach. You must be willing to take and certify in a tutor certification exam, pass both criminal background checks and fingerprinting, and participate in a mock online tutoring session.

The pay range is $15-$25 per hour depending on experience, teacher certifications, and educational background.

To apply for the position, click on the following link:

Please contact me immediately at after you have submitted your online application.

Have a blessed weekend!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 Tips on Designing or Hiring Someone for Your Tutoring Business Logo

Designing  or hiring someone to design your logo , can be quite taxing , owing to the fact it requires coming up with numerous designs, having more conversations with the clients regarding the designs, in terms of quality and suitability. Hence, this article presents you with 10 effective tips on designing your logo, as well as hiring someone to design it.

(1) Before engaging in designing or hiring someone to design your logo, ensure the client provides series of designs for you to select from, in order to get the best type of design out of the difference ones presented.

(2) Have a marketing plan, as well as making a list with your short and long term marketing needs, which involves your company’s logo and print advertising campaign respectively.

(3) Always do researches on other companies’ logo that offer the same services as your company, in terms of how the logo reflects what they do and its quality , this will help you better design your logo.

 (4) Always endeavor to use the services of person who specializes in logo designing, for the best type of logo, instead someone, who just does it as a hobby, which could reduce the quality of the job.

 (5) Enquire from your associates, friends and family, in terms of referrals and recommendations for logo designers that can give you the type of logo design you want as well as one with a good quality.

(6) Always go through the profile of the logo designer you want to hire along with reviews and previous jobs done by them, and ensure you get all original files regarding the logo for future edits as well as to avoid copyright lawsuits.

(7) For your logo design, it is advisable to select fonts, which are great for “inspiration and evolution” of your design style, updating them, as it will assist you in develop new ideas and methods of putting together information.

(8) use  objects  that relate  to the product or services for the logo, So that the public can easily relate to your services without being confused about what your company does or the services they offer.

(9) it is also advisable and better to meet the logo designer you intend to hire in person, in order to be able to track the job the logo designer will do for you properly, without being stressed and anxious.

(10) Lastly, always get a logo designer in the same region as you, and attempt seeking the services of recent graduates from design programs, who want to develop that portfolio, and will do so for less money, if you are running a tight budget.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Message from Alise--Online Tutoring Business Courses Available!

iGlobal Educational Services Launches Non-Credited and Credited Online Tutoring Business Courses
As you may already know, we value our clients' feedback and current needs. As a result, we have launched an Online Continuing Education Program in which educators and tutors around the globe can gain professional development at the comfort of their homes or any location.

We take pride in providing relevant, data-driven content that is coupled in research and designed for you to use the information immediately.

For more information about our Online Continuing Education Program, please click here


The first online tutoring business course, Tutor 104 Marketing Your Tutoring Business: A Data-Driven Approach to Pricing Your Tutoring Services, is designed with professional tutors, like yourself, in mind.This course focuses on helping tutors find clients by using both basic and advanced marketing strategies. Also, you will have the opportunity to create marketing tools and develop an effective marketing plan. For a limited time offer, you can take this course for only $79.00. That's less than $3.00 a day to move your tutoring business from good to great.

Furthermore, we offer another online tutoring business course, Tutor 105 Conducting Tutoring Sessions: Strategies to Help Conduct Effective Tutoring Sessions, which is designed to help you become a better tutor for your clients. Not only will you learn state-of-the art strategies, you will also get continuing professional education (CPE) credit. For a limited time offer, you can take this course for only $89.00. Again, that's less than $3.00 a day to take charge of your tutoring business.

Lastly, you will receive a personally autographed copy of "Becoming a Better Tutor" by author and successful entrepreneur, Dr. Alicia Holland-Johnson.  

 The best of all is that you can file these online courses as professional development on your tax return at the end of the year. So don't delay; Register Here and sign up for your free account to begin investing in your financial prosperity.

To Your Tutoring Success,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Message from Alise- Looking for a High School Math Tutor

Dear Readers,

Happy Friday! Thank you for the many responses to my post last Saturday regarding online academic coaching positions.

I am looking for a high school math tutor who is willing to work at least 5 hours a week and online. Also, we are in need of high school science tutors as well.

The pay range is $15-$25 per hour depending on experience, teacher certifications, and educational background.

To apply for the position, click on the following link:

Again, thanks and have a blessed weekend,

Please contact me immediately at after you have submitted your online application.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tutor Management 106: Budgeting for Professional Development as a Professional Tutor

It is a different thing if you are tutoring just for the summer break to earn a few extra bucks, but what when you want to tutor professionally. Research has shown that not only do students benefit from a trained teacher; tutors who have undergone prior training and development do a much better job than those who haven’t. So before you consider taking up tutoring professionally do consider honing your skills by undergoing professional development and training.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider budgeting for professional development as a professional tutor.

  1. Even though you may have a knack for teaching students, to maximize your potential one must consider professional development. This may be in the form of a part time course or training. For any profession- formal training takes your performance to a whole new level.

  1. When you undergo professional development it automatically bring about a change in the way you teach and your outlook on the subject and student. This directly has an impact on your student’s achievement.

  1. Professional development is primarily done for the overall improvement in student learning.

  1. Professional development helps tutors better understand different types of students. As a professional tutor you do get students with different scales of abilities and mind sets. You cannot always deal with each and every student in the same way, it is very necessary to understand and approach each differently.

  1. Undergoing training also helps you realise various curriculums and what is expected to be learnt by the student for better career prospects.

  1. By concentrating on professional development you may also attract many more clients that may opt for you rather than a tutor who has no formal training to their credit.

  1. Learning to teach students from different backgrounds and standards can get challenging. With honing your skills as a professional tutor, you get well trained to teach students of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.

  1. Professional development for tutors is a continuous process by which you learn to get more out of your students and your profession.

  1. Receiving professional development as a tutor helps you approach students better. Trains you to better impart knowledge amongst your pupils, weather it is on a one on one basis or a class room.

  1. On the long run the bargain of receiving Professional development always pays off, if you later opt to teach in a school or college.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Tutoring Careers in Sports

Get a degree in physical education (P.E) - this is the first step towards pursuing  a teaching career in sports. This would give a good enhancement to your resume’. The P.E. degree opens a number of avenues in health, exercise and sports science. Certifications in a specialized field would be appreciated by employers.

It is a notion that career after a PE degree entails nothing but gym teacher, which is a myth. The reality says otherwise.

1         Water fitness: this is a kind of specialized resistance training given to players who play close contact sports and athletics. This reduces the chances of injury to muscles. A class lasts for 45-50 minutes. It is the best way of stretching your body.

2        Athletic trainer: It requires licensed certification and also recognized by American Medical Association (AMA). Their services are applied at training centers, schools, universities and even the defense.

3        Exercise Physiologist: They study the impact of a particular exercise on the player’s body.  They keep a track of the effectiveness of exercise. They don’t require licensing and thus they can range from sports trainers to sports scientists.

4        Group exercise instructor: In all sports there is certain training that has to be done in group i.e. along with the team players. You need to have a skill set like PR skills to manage them. Some good examples are aerobics and yoga.

5        Sports medicine: This requires certification. They prevent, manage and predict the pathologies resulting from sport activities.

6        Personal Coaching: if you have represented your state or country in a particular sport then you can train the future candidates by helping them understand the strategies and regular fitness.

7        Strength and Conditioning Coach: It is very important for players to increase their stamina. If a player has been injured then he has to be trained for a better form. Without their help a player won’t be able to play.

8       Sport Nutrition: players won’t be able to play right if they don’t eat right. Management of their diet chart is of crucial importance. Each player has separate requirements.

9        Clubs: if you have been a achiever in a particular sports then you can start a club where you can coach the future generation of enthusiast. This can also lead to sponsoring a upcoming talent in sports. Boxing is a good example.

10    Team coach: This is a prestigious position. You design strategies and evaluate the performances of the player. A coach is a leader apart from being a sportsman.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Websites and Newsletters: 10 Strategies to Keep Clients Engaged

Planning the right strategy for newsletters and websites may not be tough, what however seems to be missing is customer satisfaction. Newsletters and websites should be written keeping in mind what the clients would want, so as to keep them engaged in and out. This blog will dwell into the strategies required to keep clients engaged.

Firstly, you could start by adding more sources to collect feedback from your clients – you could create short or long surveys. Short surveys are however preferable as your clients wouldn’t really have the time to complete long surveys and even if they do, you may get an incomplete survey. The short surveys should be related to your website or rather your product. You could make it interesting by introducing a quiz to make it look fun or could even ask for opinions about website.

Secondly you could also tell your story. Who doesn’t like peeking in and knowing it all? You could tell your clients about how your company works .You could also give educate them about your company picture, for example- about the launching of a new products et al.

Another interesting way to get your clients engaged is by- Adding their reviews or rather publishing their recommendations. This would make your readers want to be a part of your newsletter or website.

You could make a blog especially for your clients and subscribers. It would make them feel special and would in turn engage more in your websites or newsletters.

Increasing media exposure is another creative option you could keep in mind-newsletters is read by many especially the media. The media is an added advantage as it would cover your company stories.

You could engage your clients otherwise- like for example twitter. It surely helps with marketing and would also help you connect better with your clients by building meaningful relationships, asking for testimonies, and lastly asking them to share interesting articles.

You could make your website a little more interesting by creating videos. As said, Actions are louder than words- For all said and done; you may get your clients engaged more often since the video would have detailed information.

With respect to newsletters you could spice it up by giving away a prize in each issue. Now wouldn’t this interest your client? Think about it.

Try giving your newsletter a personality- A personality that would make your client want to read or check out every detail in your magazine. Try giving your newsletter the Edge.

And lastly and importantly keep in touch with your clients regularly- They will not come to you and may not even bother doing so. You should keep sending them mails, newsletters et al on a regular basis. And you should make sure to do something new in the next issue, which would get the client's interest. These strategies have found to be very beneficial for some successful businesses.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Message from Alise--Flexible, Online Tutoring Opportunity!

Dear Readers,

Happy Saturday! Hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend.

I just wanted to take some time out to share with you that my fast-growing learning organization, iGlobal Educational Services, is looking for independent online academic coaches to work part-time, flexible hours to tutor students in various subjects. 

iGlobal Educational Services is an approved Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Provider in the state of Texas and am looking for individuals to serve as online academic coaches who have the following qualifications:

  • Reside and eligible to work in the United States.
  • Teachers with Full Teacher Certification
  • University Students
  • College Graduates
  • Ability to pass a criminal background check and fingerprinting
  • Strong Content Knowledge
The subjects that we are currently hiring for are the following:

  • Middle School Math
  • Middle School Science
  • Middle School Reading
  • High School Math
  • High School Science
  • High School Reading
  • Elementary Reading
  • Elementary Math

All online academic coaches will be trained to use the virtual classroom and have support to grow as an effective online academic coach. You must be willing to take and certify in a tutor certification exam, pass both criminal background checks and fingerprinting, and participate in a mock online tutoring session.

The pay range is $15-$25 per hour depending on experience, teacher certifications, and educational background.

To apply for the position, click on the following link:

Please contact me immediately at after you have submitted your online application.

We will offer referral bonuses to anyone that you refer who passes our tutor certification exam and criminal background checks and fingerprinting. In addition, once this individual has completed his or her first 5 tutoring sessions, then you will receive your referral bonus.

To find out more about iGlobal Educational Services, please visit

Have a blessed weekend!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

10 Ways to Get Referrals for Your Tutoring Business

If you’ve been in your tutoring business for more than 10 minutes, you would know that the best way to get clients for your business is through referrals. However the whole process of the word of mouth could be exhausting and that’s one of the reasons why referrals could be considered a good option for your business. The crucial question being how you would work out referrals especially from people outside your circle or rather how you would increase the size of your circle in order to include more people. Now that sounds tough, doesn’t’ it?  However what is important to know is that knowing enough people is not what is important, what makes sense is- Knowing the Right People.  Below are a few ways, in fact 10 ways to get referrals for your tutoring business.

You could start with a blog or website. If you’re not familiar with the web world you could always ask for help.  Blogs or even a website could be useful. The advantages being, you could make people aware of your business and in turn get referrals. The cyber space today gives you or rather allows you to communicate in ways you wouldn’t want to do on a personal level.

Secondly you could also put up a video on YouTube since its famous worldwide. Today conveying messages through videos is an everyday phenomenon and is appreciated by many.

Thirdly, if you’re an Email person you could go ahead and send Emails to your friends pertaining your business and ask them in turn to forward your mail to their friends. So in a way, your word is being passed around. Now this is fast, easy and less expensive!

Fourthly, you could use colleges or cafes nearby – You could make flyers somewhere at the bottom which could be ripped off. Make sure to give your referral link as well.

Fifthly, if you’re a Facebook or a Twitter person- You could make use of these sites to advertise your business, you could make pages, blogs, whatever you feel you are comfortable doing.

Sixth- You could also use of Mailboxes around your town or city. You could make flyers adding information along with your referral link and put them in mailboxes.

Seventh- eBay is another interesting way of getting referrals. There a million people who check and buy various things from eBay. This may widen your chances and will do you good.

Eight- You could always ask people around you which would include your family, friends. They could help you get referrals.

Ninth- You could consider talking to students at schools and colleges since they would be interested the most.

And lastly you could also place your business cards with your referral links in shopping carts.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Reasons To Only Work on a Project Per Month for Your Tutoring Business

A tutoring business can be a very beneficial and rewarding venture, for both the tutor and the student. When you start a tutoring business, you are giving a part of your time and skills to developing the skills of another individual. There are several ways in which you can tutor, such as home tutoring, online tutoring, group tutoring and classroom tutoring. Which ever method of tutoring you choose, it is best that you ensure never to overdo it. Maintain a steady workload so that you are able to give your full focus to the students you handle at any given time.

Based on studies and research conducted on tutoring styles and habits, many consider that taking on one project at a time is the best way to efficient tutoring. Here are 10 reasons why.

  1. Give full attention – when you have only one project to work on at a time, you are able to focus complete attention on the task and the students in that group. This allows you to help tutor the students more efficiently.

  1. Maintain high quality of teaching – teaching a project at a time enables you to ensure the right amount of knowledge and correct knowledge is shared with pupils.

  1. Ensure you don’t rush things – when you don’t have multiple projects to work with, you get ample time to focus on the one task at hand, thereby ensuring you don’t rush through courses where students may not follow well.

  1. Maintain consistency in training – like the saying goes, ‘take one step at a time’. Similarly, keeping a limit on the workload to take on helps you maintain a clear and consistent level of teaching.

  1. Get better concentration levels – both you and the students are able to concentrate better when there is just one project to focus on at a time.

  1. Better success rates – when you give everything into one project a month rather than focusing on multiple tasks, it produces better quality results, both to your students, and to you in terms of your reputation as a tutor.

  1. Stay organized – a project a month helps you stay organized and not create confusion with too many tasks to handle.

  1. Ensure you don’t get stressed out – the more work you need to handle the more stressed you get. So keep it simple and take on one project at a time.

  1. Have plenty of time to prepare – when you have just one project on hand per month, you have enough time out of the schedule to prepare for your sessions.

  1. Get time to work on obtaining the next project.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tutor Management 108: Company Communication to Clients

Communication, of any kind, is a highly essential factor in any relation, whether it is between family, friends, or a formal company to client communication. When it comes to business communication, it becomes all the more important to ensure proper flow, style and content of communication, because it will ultimately reflect on the company in question. However, the thing that is most important in business related communication is promptness and regularity.

A company has several channels of communication to its clients, such as marketing communication, customer service, scheduling communication and the like. Communication is an essential connection between the business and its client. The more a business is personally connected to a client, the more the client trusts the business. This also helps build customer loyalty to the business.

Here are some reasons why communication between a company and its client is important.

¨      Build relations: when a client gets timely and prompt communication from a company, the bridge between the two is easily crossed, leading to better and stronger relations.

¨      Reduce negativity: by constant communication with clients, the business can understand if there is anything lacking. This helps in fixing the issue immediately to avoid any discredit to the company.

¨      Customer loyalty: efficient communication will keep your customer feeling recognized, and thereby gets them to do business with the company again.

¨      Cuts out misunderstanding: if the client is always informed and in the loop of things, the chance of any kind of misunderstanding is averted, leading to a healthy relationship.

Now that the importance of communication has been established, here are 5 tips to effectively communicate to clients.

¨      Improve customer service: whenever a client calls in for any kind of assistance, ensure that customer support offers the quickest and easiest solutions.

¨      Deliver valuable communication to clients: don’t just stop at customer service and regular meetings. Go the extra mile to deliver quality marketing, advertising, product-related material and market related material to the client. This helps in them feeling valued.

¨      Create informal dialogues with the client: try to get your client into discussions or forums to identify what needs they have that are not yet met by the company.

¨      Ensure prompt communication of important information: always keep the client informed about the status of the client’s business with the company. Be prompt in delivering updates and schedules.

¨      Open up channels to encourage client feedback: getting a response from clients about their interaction with the company will go a long way in helping improve communication.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 Strategies to Find Students to Tutor During the School Time

A tutor is someone who assists in improving the learning skills of others. Tutoring involves training students on subjects that the tutor is an expert at, and which the students need help understanding or learning. Generally done on an individual basis, tutors conduct tutoring classes depending on their and the student’s schedules. As such, tutoring while the student is at school becomes a tough task.

However, with the right method and approach, you can easily get a good number of students to attend tutoring classes during school time. Here are 10 strategies to help you do so.

  1. Tutor in class sessions: you can take guest sessions in particular subjects where students require more attention, and tutor during a particular hour of that subject in a week.

  1. Find free hours during school time: if a particular class has a free hour between classes, rope them into a tutoring class instead of wasting time.

  1. Tie up with schools to have a tutoring hour: many schools will actually take on a part time tutor to help students out, and even give you an hour or two a week regularly to do so.

  1. Plan a recess tutoring session: recess or break time can become a learning experience for students if you can come up with innovative ways to teach while they take their time off from classes. Things like games or fun question-answer sessions can help in tutoring students while they are actually at ease.

  1. Detention classes: detention classes are a great way to teach! Though it might sound like a punishment to the students, coming up with fun and educational tutoring styles can make their detention class more manageable.

  1. Before or after official school hours: add an extra hour either just before or after official school hours to conduct tutoring classes. This way, students will get into a routine of attending because there is no gap of time between school classes and other activities.

  1. Assist during class hours: regular lecturers will allow you to come into their class hours from time to time to assist with the lecture.

  1. Engage with weak students during classes: weak students might be benefited more from one on one tutoring than being with the entire class. As such, you can request permission to tutor them individually during those subject hours that the student is weak in.

  1. Tutor on weekends: weekend classes might be a distraction for students, but making it fun and interesting along with educational can earn you a good number of students.

  1. Online tutoring: online tutoring can be achieved at any time, making it a very simple and easy method of tutoring during school time as well.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 Tutoring Careers in Music

                      A career as a music tutor demands you being interested in the job, dedicated and patient with your potential students. Most of the jobs as a tutor in music can be found in public, private elementary and secondary schools. However, being a tutor in the field of music enables you become more creative, inspired more often, as well as sharing your interest with like minds. Music teachers’ influence, often goes beyond the classroom and for many members of the community, their experience with live musical performances is limited to programs taken in the local schools. Hence, here are 10 tutoring careers in music, you should consider if you want to venture in to the field of music.

1.       Working with Public and Private Schools. You can get a music tutor job in a public or private schools, where you will get to work with students from different grade, as well as be in charge of activities such as singing, composing, playing instruments, dancing, coordinating the choral, instrumental and musical theatrical programs.

2.      Working as a Secondary-School Music Teacher. Also, you could be a secondary-school music teacher in charge of teaching musical theory history and related arts.

3.      Working with Colleges. Post-secondary music teachers, which is another career opportunity, and it involves  specializing  in either  at a local college or university, in  music theory, history and literature in terms of  conducting, composition, or performance.

4.      Working with Churches or Other Organizations. You can get a special job as church or commercial music tutor, which involves a level of proficiency and expertise to the area, though some institutions prefer to employ musicians who are established performers.

5.      Working as a Private Music Tutor. Private tutoring is another career for a music tutor. You can offer music lessons at your home or the student's house.

6.      Working as a Part-Time Music Tutor. Being a part-time music tutor, is a good career, as you get to offer individual lessons  on a part-time basis, like during the summer or winter months when students are on school vocation, also you can teach church choirs and local theatrical group.

7.      Working as a Voice Music Tutor. Voice music tutor, here you can help aspiring musicians, who are students, to train their voices to the path that suits them best.

  1. Working as a Guitar Tutor. Guitar tutor, you can teach students how to play the guitar, the appropriate way and become professionals.
9.      Working as an Electronic Music Tutor. Electronic music elective tutor is another career, where you need to enlighten your student on the role of technology in the history of music and let them to use instruments such as samplers, drum machines, to make their own compositions.

10.  Working as a Lyricist Tutor. Becoming a lyricist tutor, is a good career where you can, help students build words and content for their songs.