Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 Tutoring Careers in Music

                      A career as a music tutor demands you being interested in the job, dedicated and patient with your potential students. Most of the jobs as a tutor in music can be found in public, private elementary and secondary schools. However, being a tutor in the field of music enables you become more creative, inspired more often, as well as sharing your interest with like minds. Music teachers’ influence, often goes beyond the classroom and for many members of the community, their experience with live musical performances is limited to programs taken in the local schools. Hence, here are 10 tutoring careers in music, you should consider if you want to venture in to the field of music.

1.       Working with Public and Private Schools. You can get a music tutor job in a public or private schools, where you will get to work with students from different grade, as well as be in charge of activities such as singing, composing, playing instruments, dancing, coordinating the choral, instrumental and musical theatrical programs.

2.      Working as a Secondary-School Music Teacher. Also, you could be a secondary-school music teacher in charge of teaching musical theory history and related arts.

3.      Working with Colleges. Post-secondary music teachers, which is another career opportunity, and it involves  specializing  in either  at a local college or university, in  music theory, history and literature in terms of  conducting, composition, or performance.

4.      Working with Churches or Other Organizations. You can get a special job as church or commercial music tutor, which involves a level of proficiency and expertise to the area, though some institutions prefer to employ musicians who are established performers.

5.      Working as a Private Music Tutor. Private tutoring is another career for a music tutor. You can offer music lessons at your home or the student's house.

6.      Working as a Part-Time Music Tutor. Being a part-time music tutor, is a good career, as you get to offer individual lessons  on a part-time basis, like during the summer or winter months when students are on school vocation, also you can teach church choirs and local theatrical group.

7.      Working as a Voice Music Tutor. Voice music tutor, here you can help aspiring musicians, who are students, to train their voices to the path that suits them best.

  1. Working as a Guitar Tutor. Guitar tutor, you can teach students how to play the guitar, the appropriate way and become professionals.
9.      Working as an Electronic Music Tutor. Electronic music elective tutor is another career, where you need to enlighten your student on the role of technology in the history of music and let them to use instruments such as samplers, drum machines, to make their own compositions.

10.  Working as a Lyricist Tutor. Becoming a lyricist tutor, is a good career where you can, help students build words and content for their songs.

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