Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tutor Management 106: Budgeting for Professional Development as a Professional Tutor

It is a different thing if you are tutoring just for the summer break to earn a few extra bucks, but what when you want to tutor professionally. Research has shown that not only do students benefit from a trained teacher; tutors who have undergone prior training and development do a much better job than those who haven’t. So before you consider taking up tutoring professionally do consider honing your skills by undergoing professional development and training.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider budgeting for professional development as a professional tutor.

  1. Even though you may have a knack for teaching students, to maximize your potential one must consider professional development. This may be in the form of a part time course or training. For any profession- formal training takes your performance to a whole new level.

  1. When you undergo professional development it automatically bring about a change in the way you teach and your outlook on the subject and student. This directly has an impact on your student’s achievement.

  1. Professional development is primarily done for the overall improvement in student learning.

  1. Professional development helps tutors better understand different types of students. As a professional tutor you do get students with different scales of abilities and mind sets. You cannot always deal with each and every student in the same way, it is very necessary to understand and approach each differently.

  1. Undergoing training also helps you realise various curriculums and what is expected to be learnt by the student for better career prospects.

  1. By concentrating on professional development you may also attract many more clients that may opt for you rather than a tutor who has no formal training to their credit.

  1. Learning to teach students from different backgrounds and standards can get challenging. With honing your skills as a professional tutor, you get well trained to teach students of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.

  1. Professional development for tutors is a continuous process by which you learn to get more out of your students and your profession.

  1. Receiving professional development as a tutor helps you approach students better. Trains you to better impart knowledge amongst your pupils, weather it is on a one on one basis or a class room.

  1. On the long run the bargain of receiving Professional development always pays off, if you later opt to teach in a school or college.

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