Thursday, September 15, 2011

10 Ways to Get Referrals for Your Tutoring Business

If you’ve been in your tutoring business for more than 10 minutes, you would know that the best way to get clients for your business is through referrals. However the whole process of the word of mouth could be exhausting and that’s one of the reasons why referrals could be considered a good option for your business. The crucial question being how you would work out referrals especially from people outside your circle or rather how you would increase the size of your circle in order to include more people. Now that sounds tough, doesn’t’ it?  However what is important to know is that knowing enough people is not what is important, what makes sense is- Knowing the Right People.  Below are a few ways, in fact 10 ways to get referrals for your tutoring business.

You could start with a blog or website. If you’re not familiar with the web world you could always ask for help.  Blogs or even a website could be useful. The advantages being, you could make people aware of your business and in turn get referrals. The cyber space today gives you or rather allows you to communicate in ways you wouldn’t want to do on a personal level.

Secondly you could also put up a video on YouTube since its famous worldwide. Today conveying messages through videos is an everyday phenomenon and is appreciated by many.

Thirdly, if you’re an Email person you could go ahead and send Emails to your friends pertaining your business and ask them in turn to forward your mail to their friends. So in a way, your word is being passed around. Now this is fast, easy and less expensive!

Fourthly, you could use colleges or cafes nearby – You could make flyers somewhere at the bottom which could be ripped off. Make sure to give your referral link as well.

Fifthly, if you’re a Facebook or a Twitter person- You could make use of these sites to advertise your business, you could make pages, blogs, whatever you feel you are comfortable doing.

Sixth- You could also use of Mailboxes around your town or city. You could make flyers adding information along with your referral link and put them in mailboxes.

Seventh- eBay is another interesting way of getting referrals. There a million people who check and buy various things from eBay. This may widen your chances and will do you good.

Eight- You could always ask people around you which would include your family, friends. They could help you get referrals.

Ninth- You could consider talking to students at schools and colleges since they would be interested the most.

And lastly you could also place your business cards with your referral links in shopping carts.

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