Tuesday, September 27, 2011

10 Tips on Designing or Hiring Someone for Your Tutoring Business Logo

Designing  or hiring someone to design your logo , can be quite taxing , owing to the fact it requires coming up with numerous designs, having more conversations with the clients regarding the designs, in terms of quality and suitability. Hence, this article presents you with 10 effective tips on designing your logo, as well as hiring someone to design it.

(1) Before engaging in designing or hiring someone to design your logo, ensure the client provides series of designs for you to select from, in order to get the best type of design out of the difference ones presented.

(2) Have a marketing plan, as well as making a list with your short and long term marketing needs, which involves your company’s logo and print advertising campaign respectively.

(3) Always do researches on other companies’ logo that offer the same services as your company, in terms of how the logo reflects what they do and its quality , this will help you better design your logo.

 (4) Always endeavor to use the services of person who specializes in logo designing, for the best type of logo, instead someone, who just does it as a hobby, which could reduce the quality of the job.

 (5) Enquire from your associates, friends and family, in terms of referrals and recommendations for logo designers that can give you the type of logo design you want as well as one with a good quality.

(6) Always go through the profile of the logo designer you want to hire along with reviews and previous jobs done by them, and ensure you get all original files regarding the logo for future edits as well as to avoid copyright lawsuits.

(7) For your logo design, it is advisable to select fonts, which are great for “inspiration and evolution” of your design style, updating them, as it will assist you in develop new ideas and methods of putting together information.

(8) use  objects  that relate  to the product or services for the logo, So that the public can easily relate to your services without being confused about what your company does or the services they offer.

(9) it is also advisable and better to meet the logo designer you intend to hire in person, in order to be able to track the job the logo designer will do for you properly, without being stressed and anxious.

(10) Lastly, always get a logo designer in the same region as you, and attempt seeking the services of recent graduates from design programs, who want to develop that portfolio, and will do so for less money, if you are running a tight budget.

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