Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Reasons To Only Work on a Project Per Month for Your Tutoring Business

A tutoring business can be a very beneficial and rewarding venture, for both the tutor and the student. When you start a tutoring business, you are giving a part of your time and skills to developing the skills of another individual. There are several ways in which you can tutor, such as home tutoring, online tutoring, group tutoring and classroom tutoring. Which ever method of tutoring you choose, it is best that you ensure never to overdo it. Maintain a steady workload so that you are able to give your full focus to the students you handle at any given time.

Based on studies and research conducted on tutoring styles and habits, many consider that taking on one project at a time is the best way to efficient tutoring. Here are 10 reasons why.

  1. Give full attention – when you have only one project to work on at a time, you are able to focus complete attention on the task and the students in that group. This allows you to help tutor the students more efficiently.

  1. Maintain high quality of teaching – teaching a project at a time enables you to ensure the right amount of knowledge and correct knowledge is shared with pupils.

  1. Ensure you don’t rush things – when you don’t have multiple projects to work with, you get ample time to focus on the one task at hand, thereby ensuring you don’t rush through courses where students may not follow well.

  1. Maintain consistency in training – like the saying goes, ‘take one step at a time’. Similarly, keeping a limit on the workload to take on helps you maintain a clear and consistent level of teaching.

  1. Get better concentration levels – both you and the students are able to concentrate better when there is just one project to focus on at a time.

  1. Better success rates – when you give everything into one project a month rather than focusing on multiple tasks, it produces better quality results, both to your students, and to you in terms of your reputation as a tutor.

  1. Stay organized – a project a month helps you stay organized and not create confusion with too many tasks to handle.

  1. Ensure you don’t get stressed out – the more work you need to handle the more stressed you get. So keep it simple and take on one project at a time.

  1. Have plenty of time to prepare – when you have just one project on hand per month, you have enough time out of the schedule to prepare for your sessions.

  1. Get time to work on obtaining the next project.

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