Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Websites and Newsletters: 10 Strategies to Keep Clients Engaged

Planning the right strategy for newsletters and websites may not be tough, what however seems to be missing is customer satisfaction. Newsletters and websites should be written keeping in mind what the clients would want, so as to keep them engaged in and out. This blog will dwell into the strategies required to keep clients engaged.

Firstly, you could start by adding more sources to collect feedback from your clients – you could create short or long surveys. Short surveys are however preferable as your clients wouldn’t really have the time to complete long surveys and even if they do, you may get an incomplete survey. The short surveys should be related to your website or rather your product. You could make it interesting by introducing a quiz to make it look fun or could even ask for opinions about website.

Secondly you could also tell your story. Who doesn’t like peeking in and knowing it all? You could tell your clients about how your company works .You could also give educate them about your company picture, for example- about the launching of a new products et al.

Another interesting way to get your clients engaged is by- Adding their reviews or rather publishing their recommendations. This would make your readers want to be a part of your newsletter or website.

You could make a blog especially for your clients and subscribers. It would make them feel special and would in turn engage more in your websites or newsletters.

Increasing media exposure is another creative option you could keep in mind-newsletters is read by many especially the media. The media is an added advantage as it would cover your company stories.

You could engage your clients otherwise- like for example twitter. It surely helps with marketing and would also help you connect better with your clients by building meaningful relationships, asking for testimonies, and lastly asking them to share interesting articles.

You could make your website a little more interesting by creating videos. As said, Actions are louder than words- For all said and done; you may get your clients engaged more often since the video would have detailed information.

With respect to newsletters you could spice it up by giving away a prize in each issue. Now wouldn’t this interest your client? Think about it.

Try giving your newsletter a personality- A personality that would make your client want to read or check out every detail in your magazine. Try giving your newsletter the Edge.

And lastly and importantly keep in touch with your clients regularly- They will not come to you and may not even bother doing so. You should keep sending them mails, newsletters et al on a regular basis. And you should make sure to do something new in the next issue, which would get the client's interest. These strategies have found to be very beneficial for some successful businesses.

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