Thursday, July 26, 2012

Importance of Having a Contract for Tutoring Services

Like any business service, you should have a contract that will ensure the service is rendered fairly and properly. Contracts are documents that effectively define the responsibilities of the tutor to his or her student and indicate the due process that must be carried out. Here are 3 important reasons to have a contract for your tutoring services.

Contracts are professional in the sense that your service will be treated seriously. They indicate the intention of business transaction which is important for the success of any tutoring service. Contracts also stabilize the business function which is important in handling your clients, so that everyone in the contract terms effectively perform as agreed.

Consistency of Service
Both for the advantage of clients and tutors, the consistent nature of contracts offers boundaries and effective measures that must be upheld at all times in order to provide smooth service. This introduces the consistency of service to ensure fair performance of the tutor and the timeframe and other agreed details by the student.

Validity of Service
Contracts are legal documents, and this holds very much true for a tutoring service contract. Your service will be legal and this attracts customers. Having a contract will surely strengthen the validity of your service, which provides customers with the confidence of a service they can trust.

If you plan on starting a tutoring service, it is important to outline your contract for transaction purposes. It becomes important in establishing a healthy relationship with your customer if you wish to maintain effective business function.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why Screening Your Tutoring Clients ARE Important?

Although you want to get the best profits for your tutoring business, you cannot satisfy that complete urge to entertain every single client who approaches you. Not only do you have to consider time management issues, but you also have to take note of client attitude and your client-tutor agreement. Screening tutor clients is nothing you should be surprised by, because as much as they want you to have the qualifications and credentials, you, too, deserve to be certain of their attitude and dedication to your tutoring service. Take the helm and uphold your business practices by screening your tutoring clients through these strategies.

1. Do Not Say You Are Screening Your Clients

Why do clients come to you for tutoring? They need your help and usually they need it immediately. If you introduce the whole screening procedure, they may be put off because they might view it as unnecessary, and for others, as an insult. The latter may be more evident because they would tell you that they pay you anyway, so you should tutor them or their children. Be professional and draw up an agreement, which would naturally be your screening methods. This approach is usually more amenable and clients would understand it as a protocol for tutoring services.

2. State Your Terms

Take the initiative and indicate what your working conditions are. This will provide you with the chance to work within your area of convenience, prevent atmospheres of disruption, and ensure your safety and security. When you state your terms, you can basically narrow down clients who are willing to work with you, especially at your convenience.

3. Ask for Progress Reports

This is an important step for the preliminary analysis on how you will approach your client. Moreover, it is also the most critical part of the screening process because you can view academic and disciplinary performance. You wouldn't want a student who disrupts you while you're helping them out by tutoring them.

4. Talk to Parents or School Administrators

Before you talk to a third-party regarding a client, please make sure that you have a third-party authorization form on file that clearly states that you have permission to do so. That way, you can cover your basis legally. Knowing the student personally can determine whether he or she is suitable for the tutoring service you offer. This step is another crucial part of the screening process because this is where you break it to the parents whether their children can avail your tutoring services or not. If you feel that the student isn't suitable for your services, then you can tell it to the parents. Be very careful and make sure that you recommend other tutors so that your prospective client will not end up disappointed with no leads at all.

5. Written in Black and White

The most binding of all aspects of an agreement is the contract. Once you have ironed out the client's demands and yours as well, put it in paper so that both of you are at an agreement bounded by law. This will prevent students from creating disruption as the conditions are reflected in the contract. Ensure that your tutoring integrity is secured and your clients' welfare as well through the contractual agreement to solidify everything out.

Denying clients the service they deserve can be quite tough on the tutor's part. But, always take note that you, too, have rights and privileges that clients must respect. Thus, you should have the ability to screen them as they will have done to you. Screening not only protects the integrity of your tutoring business, but also, it provides you with the clarity that the students learn from your tutoring service, especially for those who deserve it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why EVERY TUTOR need a background check in your tutoring business?

Having a tutoring business can be enhanced by hiring other tutors to help you out. This not only provides you with that expansion you need to cater to more clients, but it increases your business's versatility in handling a wide scope of subjects. But, not every tutor you hire can give you what you actually deserve, so keep in mind to do a background check before you actually hire the tutor so that you can protect both your business and your clients.

Criminal History

It is always a safety precaution to learn if the tutor you're about to hire has any criminal background. You should consider the security of your clients because your tutor could handle sessions in their homes, and this is a huge problem if your tutor still has criminal tendencies. Moreover, your business will be compromised if they engage in criminal activity, so it is best to include this as top priority before hiring.

Not all tutors with criminal history will repeat the same mistake again, or even indulge in crime at all. Make it a point to evaluate character and willingness to give those who deserve a second chance the opportunity of starting anew. But, be wary and make sure you increase your security measures and limit personal client contact with that tutor.


Some tutors say they're qualified, but in the end they aren't. Although they can easily learn the material at hand, it all depends on your client, really. You want to give out the impression that you have highly skilled individuals, so it is always an imperative to check the qualifications of your tutor to ensure that your client is getting the quality he or she is paying for.
If your tutor has potential but not enough qualifications, then you can recommend that he or she take an exam to be certified as a tutor. This can help out those who are new into the business but with a strong foundation in the subject matter.

Psychological History

Pretty much on par with criminal history, the psychological condition of your tutor can affect how he or she teaches students. Be aware of those that may have mental conditions because the tutoring environment may affect the tutor, resulting in nervous breakdowns or negative reactions that are not needed in tutoring. Tutoring involves a lot of patience and at times, a lot of stress. If a tutor is not able to handle these, then your business will be directly affected.
To rectify these issues, especially with tutors with a huge potential, let them seek out counseling so they can manage their emotions or conditions. Also, assign them clients who accept tutors more to reduce the levels of stress in the tutoring session.

Overall, do a mandatory background check to know who you’re dealing with. Not all the negative that comes out of it should be discarded as there are clear exceptions. Consider these with the solutions available to keep your tutoring business on the right track.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Message from Alise: Next Book in "Expanding Your Tutoring Business" is Finally Here!

Happy Friday! Hope that you enjoyed your week.

Last month, I shared with you my "big" secret and now I am pleased to let you know that another book in the "Expanding Your Tutoring Business" series is now available on

This book caters to building a global learning organization. So, if you know of any tutor business owners, please let them know about this book.

What is this book about?

Below is the book description for Expanding Your Tutoring Business: The Blueprint for Building Your Global Learning Organization:

In today’s global economy, tutoring is beginning to get the respect and recognition it deserves. Due to budget cuts, high teacher-student ratios, and the No Child Left behind (NCLB) Act, parents and school districts are seeking qualified independent tutors or learning organizations to provide data-driven tutoring. With these types of tutoring opportunities, tutors need a blueprint to follow so that they can start out with good information and build a successful learning organization that delivers data-driven results. 

In the Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Expanding Your Tutoring Business Series, Tutor Consultant, Dr. Holland-Johnson delivers her field-tested advice so that you can: 

* Develop the organizational infrastructure you will need to run your learning organization. 

* Assess and acquire the office space and payment that will grow with your tutoring business. 

* Acquire know-how for budgeting, and dozens of other strategies, you will need to be successful in the tutoring industry. 

Take a practical approach to building your global learning organization. By using practical steps and proven methods in your toolkit, you’ll quickly find your learning organization in demand.

How can I get a copy of this book series?

You can buy it from However, only one book in the series is available—it’s the book on hiring tutors and contractors for your learning organization.

There are copies available by clicking Buy My Autographed Copy Now!

Autographed copies are available for purchase, if you click on the link above and buy your copy. 

Stay tuned to learn about the rest of the books in the series when they become available.

As always, happy tutoring!



Thursday, July 19, 2012

Car Magnets--Are they worth it for my tutoring business?

You may not realize it, but with the many means of advertising your tutoring business, car magnets are worth it for your tutoring business. It is a great way of getting your business known as you travel around by people who read them. In considering the cost of car magnets, you can enjoy a low cost that will be worth your investment. Here are reasons that make car magnets effective for your tutoring business.
They Are Cheap
You can get car magnets for as low as $25.00. With the client potential present, you can clearly take advantage of this by the investment opportunity present. You can even get removable ones as well. Overall, having a car magnet can boost your marketing because people will be able to have a glance at your magnet that can contain your contact info.
They are Accessible
Car magnets are seen by anyone who passes by your car, especially during traffic. As people may find a suitable tutor, they can check out your car magnet and try you out. This can boost your business because of the marketability car magnets have.
They are Effective
Car magnets are convenient because you don’t have to secure many permits to put them up. If it’s your car, then you can easily just place it there. You can even spread the word by letting your clients put a car magnet, and if things go well, they just might! Mobile advertising is very effective because it has a wide potential.
As an advertising tool, car magnets are effective because of their affordability, accessibility, and effectiveness. With this in mind, you can use car magnets as a means of getting prospective clients as they can check out your site or call you through the contact info present. At a cheap cost, you can surely consider car magnets as a marketing tool, worthy to enhance your tutoring business.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Test to Find Your Child’s Math and Reading Level?--Help for Parents

Development is critical during the young ages before adolescence until after puberty. That is exactly why it is important to know the level of your child when it comes to math and reading. If you don't, you may prevent them from getting the right learning process they deserve.

Knowing Your Child's Math Level

Alternatively known as a child's math age, you should know the potential of your child especially when it comes to this intensive field of learning. Mathematics can be easy or difficult to grasp depending on the child, so to ensure that your child gets the proper education, here are ways to evaluate his or her level:

- Printable Placement Tests - These tests, available online, can help you gage your child's performance level to see if he or she is having any difficulty with the material. Also, these tests are administered at schools upon request. This can help you analyze the attention needed for a certain year of mathematics. You can also use online math diagnostic assessments to help as well.

- Ask the Teacher - Probably one of the best forms in knowing your child's level, ask his or her teacher for feedback on classroom performance. Teachers know very well how students cope with the demands of mathematics, so this will give you a clear idea on what your child needs.

Knowing Your Child's Reading Level

Your child's reading level will determine the vocabulary and language capacity that he or she has the potential for his or her age group. Providing the best learning process for the right level can shape very eloquent learners later on, so take some time to really understand your child's reading level.

- DRA Reading Levels - Otherwise known as the Developmental Reading Assessment test, this is the most popular method of determining your child's reading level. This test is composed of phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle/phonics, and fluency. The DRA test is administered either once or twice a year. The results will determine the educational treatment they will receive which focuses on the optimal development the child deserves.

- Ask the Teacher - Like knowing your child's math level, you can learn about how your child approaches literature by asking the teacher. The teacher has worked with your child and has observed his or her performance during classes, so they can give you feedback on your child's progress. You can also use online reading diagnostic assessments to help as well.
When children learn at a pace that they are too advanced or unprepared for, they may face problems later on in life. For instance, a highly qualified child learning material of a level lower than his or her capacity may lose the opportunity at greater goals later on life. Also, if a child with difficulty in reading is forced to take material that is nowhere near his or her supposed level, he or she may face the burden of being "not smart" and may result in psychological and even emotional problems later on.

Prevent these from happening by learning about your child's math and reading levels. After all, their education is an important aspect of their development, so start out correctly and your child will smile a whole lot more often with the satisfaction that they're learning progresses just as it is supposed to.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to Work with At-Risk Learners in Math and Science

When students face much difficulty with subjects like math and science, you may find it challenging to tutor them because of how hard it is for them to absorb the subject material at hand. If you do the wrong things when tutoring them, you would only end up wasting both of your time, which is absolutely a huge negative.

Different strategies should be taken for at-risk learners, especially regarding the retention and application of the complicated subject material that is usually present in Math and Science. It is important to realize that these students will not grasp topics as easily as others could, hence special attention must be given. If you want to get the best results for your tutoring services, then here's what to keep in mind at all times when dealing with at-risk learners.

Patience is your top priority

You better face it: at-risk learners may have a difficult time understanding concepts in math and science. You can't blame them, though, because these concepts can get so complicated that they need an even more intensive explanation regarding the topic. Keeping your cool will not only put your student at ease, but it will also allow him or her to grasp the material because you instill the value that they can indeed grasp it without any reprimands.

Modify your conventional tutoring methods

You are going to have to adjust to the student's needs, especially in special areas of Math and Science. After that, you should modify your tutoring methods to adjust to the capacity of your student. For example, if you teach Math by teaching the concept and illustrating two or three examples before you let your student practice solving, try to increase the number of examples and work closely with your student as he or she solves problems. Even more interaction can develop the student's capacity to grasp the material. Whatever you do as a conventional method, you should modify it by adding more attention and more explanation as you tutor.

Motivate, motivate, motivate!

It is very important that you motivate your student to exert extra effort. He or she may have a hard time with the subjects because of low self-esteem as he or she is haunted by low performance results and the even scarring danger of failing the subjects. Counteract the negativity by commending your student for every achievement and instill the value of confidence to keep that student on track with his or her lessons. For example, in science classes, allow your student to explain how he or she perceives a concept and recognize the efforts before justifying any misinterpretations. This will give your student that drive to learn more because of the appreciation he or she receives.

Overall, positive reinforcement is very crucial in working with at-risk learners of Math and Science. These two subjects tend to be difficult to grasp by most students because of the complexity and the cumulative nature that require a strong foundation. By enhancing the quality of learning for your students, they can easily overcome the difficulty through assisted motivation.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Five Social Media Ideas To Help Promote Your Tutoring Business

Getting the word out there about your business is important if you want to begin or even enhance your customers. In order to do this using an effective and almost no-cost method, check out social media networks, and here are five important ideas you should consider doing to promote your tutoring business.

Make a Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites there is, and if you promote your service through a Facebook page, you can help enhance your tutoring business that way. Students hang out around Facebook and they can check out your services conveniently that way.

Twitter Promotion

Twitter is also one popular social media site that you can promote your business with. Tweet daily in order to promote your business, but make sure not to overdo it as it can be annoying or irritating. Once you have a healthy amount of followers, your business promotion will spread like wildfire.

Commenting Promotion

This one is a bit tricky to pull off. You can join in the discussion of the different sites students visit and some of them allow you to link to your website or put contact details. Take advantage of this and write a content rich comment that will draw attention. If you play your cards right, people will be interested to click on your link and learn more about you. Make sure you don’t blatantly advertise if you want some good business coming in.

Send Emails

Because of the many forms of establishing contact, emailing can be a form of social building, especially if you’re looking for prospective clients. Keep in mind that this requires effort and can be tedious at times, but you can find people willing to try your tutoring service out that you can build a business relationship with.

Be Socially Linked

This is the culmination of the social media ideas present. To promote your business, establish relationships with people through different networks. This is important in building an authoritative source of information. Testimonials will lead to you and your tutoring service will boom!

If you wish to become successful in tutoring, make sure you have these five social media ideas checked when engaging in marketing and promotion.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Five Guidelines on How to Create a Tutor Referral Program

Maintaining a strong network of tutors can enhance your business quality and the tutoring industry altogether. This is very effective if you have a pool of tutors of different subject areas. Your business flourishes and your tutors enjoy the work flow they deserve. If you plan on creating a tutor referral program to create a dynamic work setting, here are five things you need to know.

1. Have a Good Business Plan

Naturally, your program must have an objective, projected functionality, and medium. A business plan summarizes the operational and financial aspect of the program, all the way from the communication to the information presentation. Take into account the limitations of tutors that you have in your service and how to effectively utilize the business model you have planned for your tutor referral business.

2. Understand Your Market

What do students need help the most in? Or, are you going for a general approach with tutors of every discipline? Take note of these factors when making your program, so you can easily manage the tutors and provide what your client's demand as immediate as possible.

3. Know Your Competition

You will be dealing with other tutoring services, so make sure you keep yours in the lead with the dynamic business model you have. Be sure that your client's immediate need is always met, as this is an important criterion for the effectiveness of a referral service. When a client needs something now, it better be now, or else another company will beat you to it.

4. Review Your Tutor Pool

Have trends changed in the demand of a certain subject area? Be on the lookout for prospective tutors to add to your pool so that your program can expand. This not only gives you more coverage in terms of students who wish to avail your services, but it also provides the tutors you hire with the opportunity to help out and of course earn a living.

5. Keep Your Business Priorities Straight

Balance everything out and never make the program a total priority. You should focus on bringing innovation to tutoring methods, enhancing your e-learning practices, and other features that make your tutoring service different from others. Discipline and proper management is needed, so step up to the game and keep things in fluid motion.

Tutor referral programs are great in making your tutoring service even more dynamic. Since clients constantly are in a rush to lift up their academic performance, they need immediate attention. The referral programs work in a way to provide the exact tutor that the client needs, giving you that smile of appreciation for being there when they need you. Always expand and your business will command client demand.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Using Podcasts to Help Your Tutoring Clients—Why They Work!

Podcasts are video and audio files that are usually found in apple products. They are great when you want to learn something by listening or watching on-the-go. Podcasts will be a savior for clients who want information but can’t sit down for it. Combine the ease of accessing podcasts through your iPod with the potential for learning, and here you have more clients happy and more business reeling in: the sweet desire of a busy tutor.

Podcasts are Portable

Because they are placed in your client’s iPod, podcasts are very portable, allowing them to listen to the lecture while on the bus or having a walk. As your student does not stress himself or herself out by listening intently, he or she will catch something when he or she watches your podcast.

Portability is an important asset in today’s culture, especially when everyone is too busy to settle down. Grab the opportunity and encourage your students to tune into your podcast so they can learn more at a pace they desire. It is very convenient to watch a short tutoring podcast anywhere; as it will help students grasp information they need with relative ease.

Podcasts are Inexpensive

All you have to do is record or video-tape it and upload it via iTunes. After an approval, you have your podcast online! Podcasts can be cheaply produced using standard recording and video-shooting equipment. But, if you want unparalleled quality, then you may have to invest in recording equipment.

Make sure that when you record, be friendly and take things at a smooth pace to avoid any confusion when people watch your video. Be clear when you speak so that there will be no confusion at all.

Podcasts are Great Tutoring Supplements

Upload your lesson up with iTunes and allow your clients to access more learning material. Podcasts are very fun to watch because they are usually presented in a simply understood way. Take this opportunity to help your students learn a lot more with the podcasts you give them.

Podcasts allow you to expand your tutoring business beyond the personal interactions. This innovative strategy will cater to more clients you are looking for a flexible services as yours. As podcasts open up another venue of your business, ensure that the content you produce is relevant and effective.

Podcasts are like having your own TV show, where you guide clients and give them information they deserve. The portability, inexpensive cost, and the tutoring supplement quality of the podcasts make them a huge necessity that really works for your tutoring business. Focus on these ideas presented to you so you can finally captivate your clients even more with this innovation at hand. So, get that video-cam and start recording your first tutoring podcast!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

5 Things that Can Hurt Your Tutoring Business

Having a tutoring business can be tough to maintain, especially if you’ve got to schedule in clients and make certain trips if your service works like that. Before anything else, make sure you take into consideration these factors that can affect your tutoring business.

Failure to Schedule

This hits a tutor harder than anything else. If you fail to schedule properly, then you can say goodbye to a lot of clients. Especially if you’re making trips to the student’s home, time lost can really hurt your business.

Failure to Specify a Scope

Even if it means going general, if you don’t establish your tutoring limits, your business will lack a goal and mission, which is important in effective functioning. Specify your scope of tutoring if you wish to secure a continued business function.

Negative Advertising

You may want to be the best tutoring service out there, but negative competition can hurt your business, especially if you compare with other businesses through explicit advertising.

No Marketing

You can’t get business by putting up your service without marketing. Lack of marketing can harm your business because you won’t get enough clients to support it.

Lack of Materials

Although the person you’re tutoring should have some books ready, it can hurt your business if you don’t prepare the materials for tutorial. If you borrow from the person, that may work, but if excessive, it can turn down potential continuation.


Knowing the competitive prices is important, because tutoring businesses need to fit the needs of their clients. Make sure you don’t overprice your service, because it will be harder for you to find clients that way.

If you don’t do these five things and you’ll have a safe and secure tutoring business. Just make sure to prepare at all times, because you never know when things may go wrong!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

10 Advertising Strategies that will Boost Your Tutoring Business

If you’ve got a tutoring business going on, it’s important to consider means to attract more clients so that you can boost your profitability. With these ten advertising strategies, you can surely boost your tutoring business in no time!
Forum Posting
Join forums that students frequent. These sites can allow you to help students out with their homework through your advice, and in the process, you can advertise your service. This is a smooth way to capture the interest of people.
Social Media Advertising
Since almost everyone engages in social media networking sites, then take advantage of that and use it as a medium for your tutoring business. Start a fan page or share a post, comment and interact to get your service out there.
Business Cards
Attended a student convention lately or perhaps a PTA meeting recently? You can join in and pitch your service, but make sure you do it appropriately. The power of business cards is that they may need your service in the near future, and you’re just a phone call away.
Posters and Ads
Print some ads out and post them near schools or places where students commonly go to. Make sure to get the necessary permission so that things go smoothly. Traditional advertising effectively works as it provides direct communication means.
This is one of the reliable advertising strategies to use. The fundamental principle is to basically perform well for your clients so that they can refer other people to you.
Classified Ads
Another traditional method, you can send letters to local newspapers to post ads for your tutoring business. People still read printed newspapers so that could lead to clients.
Attend Seminars
Seminars on businesses, especially for tutoring, can help you put your business out there. Grab the opportunity and refine your tutoring business as you attend these events.
Local School Advertising
Check out your local school if they allow you to advertise your tutorial services. This is a clear destination to search for students who need tutoring.
Media Advertising
If you can afford it, ask your local radio station or television station if they allow advertisements. This will help you obtain a larger audience for prospective clients that can boost your marketing performance.
This is great for business management, as it contains the necessary information needed to inform your clients on the service and also the contact details. This requires dedication to get your website easily found in search engines.