Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why EVERY TUTOR need a background check in your tutoring business?

Having a tutoring business can be enhanced by hiring other tutors to help you out. This not only provides you with that expansion you need to cater to more clients, but it increases your business's versatility in handling a wide scope of subjects. But, not every tutor you hire can give you what you actually deserve, so keep in mind to do a background check before you actually hire the tutor so that you can protect both your business and your clients.

Criminal History

It is always a safety precaution to learn if the tutor you're about to hire has any criminal background. You should consider the security of your clients because your tutor could handle sessions in their homes, and this is a huge problem if your tutor still has criminal tendencies. Moreover, your business will be compromised if they engage in criminal activity, so it is best to include this as top priority before hiring.

Not all tutors with criminal history will repeat the same mistake again, or even indulge in crime at all. Make it a point to evaluate character and willingness to give those who deserve a second chance the opportunity of starting anew. But, be wary and make sure you increase your security measures and limit personal client contact with that tutor.


Some tutors say they're qualified, but in the end they aren't. Although they can easily learn the material at hand, it all depends on your client, really. You want to give out the impression that you have highly skilled individuals, so it is always an imperative to check the qualifications of your tutor to ensure that your client is getting the quality he or she is paying for.
If your tutor has potential but not enough qualifications, then you can recommend that he or she take an exam to be certified as a tutor. This can help out those who are new into the business but with a strong foundation in the subject matter.

Psychological History

Pretty much on par with criminal history, the psychological condition of your tutor can affect how he or she teaches students. Be aware of those that may have mental conditions because the tutoring environment may affect the tutor, resulting in nervous breakdowns or negative reactions that are not needed in tutoring. Tutoring involves a lot of patience and at times, a lot of stress. If a tutor is not able to handle these, then your business will be directly affected.
To rectify these issues, especially with tutors with a huge potential, let them seek out counseling so they can manage their emotions or conditions. Also, assign them clients who accept tutors more to reduce the levels of stress in the tutoring session.

Overall, do a mandatory background check to know who you’re dealing with. Not all the negative that comes out of it should be discarded as there are clear exceptions. Consider these with the solutions available to keep your tutoring business on the right track.

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