Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Using Podcasts to Help Your Tutoring Clients—Why They Work!

Podcasts are video and audio files that are usually found in apple products. They are great when you want to learn something by listening or watching on-the-go. Podcasts will be a savior for clients who want information but can’t sit down for it. Combine the ease of accessing podcasts through your iPod with the potential for learning, and here you have more clients happy and more business reeling in: the sweet desire of a busy tutor.

Podcasts are Portable

Because they are placed in your client’s iPod, podcasts are very portable, allowing them to listen to the lecture while on the bus or having a walk. As your student does not stress himself or herself out by listening intently, he or she will catch something when he or she watches your podcast.

Portability is an important asset in today’s culture, especially when everyone is too busy to settle down. Grab the opportunity and encourage your students to tune into your podcast so they can learn more at a pace they desire. It is very convenient to watch a short tutoring podcast anywhere; as it will help students grasp information they need with relative ease.

Podcasts are Inexpensive

All you have to do is record or video-tape it and upload it via iTunes. After an approval, you have your podcast online! Podcasts can be cheaply produced using standard recording and video-shooting equipment. But, if you want unparalleled quality, then you may have to invest in recording equipment.

Make sure that when you record, be friendly and take things at a smooth pace to avoid any confusion when people watch your video. Be clear when you speak so that there will be no confusion at all.

Podcasts are Great Tutoring Supplements

Upload your lesson up with iTunes and allow your clients to access more learning material. Podcasts are very fun to watch because they are usually presented in a simply understood way. Take this opportunity to help your students learn a lot more with the podcasts you give them.

Podcasts allow you to expand your tutoring business beyond the personal interactions. This innovative strategy will cater to more clients you are looking for a flexible services as yours. As podcasts open up another venue of your business, ensure that the content you produce is relevant and effective.

Podcasts are like having your own TV show, where you guide clients and give them information they deserve. The portability, inexpensive cost, and the tutoring supplement quality of the podcasts make them a huge necessity that really works for your tutoring business. Focus on these ideas presented to you so you can finally captivate your clients even more with this innovation at hand. So, get that video-cam and start recording your first tutoring podcast!

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