Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Five Guidelines on How to Create a Tutor Referral Program

Maintaining a strong network of tutors can enhance your business quality and the tutoring industry altogether. This is very effective if you have a pool of tutors of different subject areas. Your business flourishes and your tutors enjoy the work flow they deserve. If you plan on creating a tutor referral program to create a dynamic work setting, here are five things you need to know.

1. Have a Good Business Plan

Naturally, your program must have an objective, projected functionality, and medium. A business plan summarizes the operational and financial aspect of the program, all the way from the communication to the information presentation. Take into account the limitations of tutors that you have in your service and how to effectively utilize the business model you have planned for your tutor referral business.

2. Understand Your Market

What do students need help the most in? Or, are you going for a general approach with tutors of every discipline? Take note of these factors when making your program, so you can easily manage the tutors and provide what your client's demand as immediate as possible.

3. Know Your Competition

You will be dealing with other tutoring services, so make sure you keep yours in the lead with the dynamic business model you have. Be sure that your client's immediate need is always met, as this is an important criterion for the effectiveness of a referral service. When a client needs something now, it better be now, or else another company will beat you to it.

4. Review Your Tutor Pool

Have trends changed in the demand of a certain subject area? Be on the lookout for prospective tutors to add to your pool so that your program can expand. This not only gives you more coverage in terms of students who wish to avail your services, but it also provides the tutors you hire with the opportunity to help out and of course earn a living.

5. Keep Your Business Priorities Straight

Balance everything out and never make the program a total priority. You should focus on bringing innovation to tutoring methods, enhancing your e-learning practices, and other features that make your tutoring service different from others. Discipline and proper management is needed, so step up to the game and keep things in fluid motion.

Tutor referral programs are great in making your tutoring service even more dynamic. Since clients constantly are in a rush to lift up their academic performance, they need immediate attention. The referral programs work in a way to provide the exact tutor that the client needs, giving you that smile of appreciation for being there when they need you. Always expand and your business will command client demand.

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