Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Five Most Sought-Out Type of Tutors

Tutors vary through the instructional techniques they administer for their clients. If you want to be an effective tutor, here are five of the most sought-out type of tutors that you can become or integrate in your tutoring in order to enhance retention and effectiveness.

Interactive Tutors

Based on the Montessori Method, tutoring here involves interactive approaches to handling the instruction. This implements creative approaches to the material to be discussed, which can enlighten a child’s level of understanding.

Challenging Tutors

Another type of tutor is the one that challenges his or her student. This involves critical concepts pushing the student to his or her limits. This can be very helpful because the adrenaline rush and supposed staged panic can widen a person’s scope of understanding. You should be careful in implementing this approach because people may take it the wrong way and everything becomes pointless.

Visual Aid Oriented Tutors

This tutoring type involves visual aid implementation which can help with student retention. For subjects that require a lot of memorization, visual aid oriented tutors may make the memorization process a whole lot easier with the visual aids which induce effective retention.

Modular Tutors

Modular tutoring is a material intensive tutoring type that allows you to give assignments for the student in order to do in-between tutoring sessions. This provides your student the opportunity to develop understanding of the subject long term.

Integrative Tutors

Integrated tutoring involves bringing the whole tutorial session out of the ordinary conditions. This means that you take the student to the subject matter instead of the other way around. In tutoring history, the better option of an integrated tutor is to bring him or her to a museum.

These five tutor types are sought out by many clients because of their effectiveness in handling tutoring. As a result, it is important to adopt these types and approaches in becoming an effective tutor. Most importantly, each of these tutor types can be used in any academic tutoring session.

What is your tutoring style?  Or what tutoring style do you prefer for your students?


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