Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to Organize Yourself in an On-Line Course

Nowadays a lot of educators strive to on-line courses as it’s the most convenient way for them to get additional education of just “fresh” information. I also registered for some courses and very soon understood how difficult this course can be without proper time management and self-organization.  Here is what I use in order to maintain among my on-line education, work and my little son.

  • When you register for a particular course, pay close attention to its requirements, assignments and deadlines (all of them are in the syllabus). If you think you cannot manage, just postpone for a better time and take another one! Remember, education is for pleasure, not for torture!

  • Keeping any type of a calendar is very helpful. No need to remember information which can be easily accessed.

  • Plan your work for the whole week and try to do your best to meet your personal deadlines!

  • Stay in touch with course mates and the instructor. They can help you in certain situations when you cannot manage something. One head is good but two is better!

 Guest Blog by: Alla

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