Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Teach On-Line Effectively

Teaching on-line has become a very popular method for teachers to share their knowledge with students and earn some money as well. Some educators denied this way of sharing knowledge and still stick to “traditional” face-to-face tutoring or group teaching. In just a few years this method became a recognized alternative to traditional learning not only for some separate subjects but as degree programs in universities. That’s a huge progress but a lot of educators who decided to join the team of on-line teachers have a question: “How to teach?” I faced the same problem some years ago when I started to teach on-line myself.  I would like to share some ideas how to escape this feeling of being ill-prepared for an on-line lesson.
  • Explain about the course in detail: attendance requirements, contact methods, course objectives, late work policies, the schedule, and ways of assessment. Ask students if they want to use a camera.
  • Support any discussion attempt, especially at the beginning of the course.
  • TREAT EACH STUDENT AS AN INDIVIDUAL ( I think this rule is the most important one!)
  • Use different signs to express your emotions (For example different types of smiles)
  • React quickly to any type of questions or requests.
I really hope these recommendations which came from my personal experience can help.

Guest Blog by: Alla

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