Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to Organize Yourself in an On-Line Course (Weekly Ideas)

In the previous post I suggested some ideas how to get organized in an on-line course and emphasized the point about week study plan. I would like to continue and mention some ideas that saved me and did not make my life a disaster or too overloaded.

  • You need to access the course at least one time day even for 5-10 minutes in order not to miss anything important.

  • On Sunday look through the weekly assignment and plan how to divide it into 7 days. Some things may be postponed for next week or later time.

  • Think about free time that you have and how much you of your studying you can fit there. Note them down in your calendar.

  • Don’t forget to write down all questions that appear while you are reading. It will be easier to post them on the discussion board and will save a lot of time.

  • In case you have long-term projects, divide the work into the whole course schedule because it’s easier to complete it in small chunks than in one time.

  • Attend seminars and answer all interesting posts on the discussion board (this is a piece of enjoyment!:) )

I’m sure that good organization can help not only successfully finish the course but also enjoy it fully!

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