Friday, March 8, 2013

Message from Alise--ATP Conference in Atlanta, Georgia!

Happy Friday!

I want to remind you that I will be presenting at the Association of the Tutoring Profession (ATP) 9th Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on March 25-27, 2013 about tutoring in the classroom. Here's the conference schedule so that you can see the many great presentations that will be hosted during this time and my presentation is #39.

For many years while I was in the classroom, I used this method. Back in 2010 (my last time teaching mathematics and science at the middle school level), my students were able to grow personally, but I am also very proud of how they grew academically. That specific year, I had 100 percent of my students pass their state assessment, which was a first for me. In the past, it was always in the range of 88 percent to 95 percent for the class passing rate. Let me just say, my teaching assignments were extremely diverse, but I was dedicated to the challenge.

In any event, if you happen to be in the Atlanta area during this time, please consider attending my conference. If not, you can definitely learn more about the In-Class Tutoring Method in one of my tutoring books--specifically, Becoming a Better Tutor: A Data-Driven Approach to TutoringI also train others on this method to use in their very own classrooms.

Hope to see you there and have a blessed week,


Here's more information about my conference presentation:

Presenter: Dr. Alicia Holland-Johnson

Session Title: The In-Class Tutoring Method: Taking Tutoring Inside the Everyday Classroom

Session Description: Are you looking to provide tutoring during the learning day? Are you looking for a tutoring strategy that does not require you to stay after-school? This session is for you! Learn how to strategically help your students increase their academic achievement right in the classroom during class time.

Intended Audience: K-12 Tutors, Classroom K-12 Teachers

Summary: Please see below:

The purpose of this presentation is to share an innovative approach to tutoring in the classroom. The In-Class Tutoring Method is the process that I describe in my first tutoring book, Becoming a Better Tutor: A Data-Driven Approach to Tutoring. The specific plans to engage the audience is to actually take them through the In-Class Tutoring Method by identifying what this method is and how it looks in the classroom. In addition, participants will have a chance to interact with some mock data to help plan in-class tutoring sessions for their own learners. This will help them determine how to use the In-Class Tutoring Method in their own professional setting.

The significance of this presentation to the field of tutoring is trifold (a) tutors and classroom teachers are able to learn an innovative approach to providing data-driven tutoring to help their learners; (b) learners are working towards becoming self-regulated learners; and (c) tutors and classroom teachers are able to identify and utilize specific steps that must be followed to ensure that the In-Class Tutoring Method is a positive learning experience for all learners.

As a 21st century tutor, it is very important to understand the impact of providing data-driven tutoring services whether it be inside or outside of the classroom environment. Therefore, this presentation will also emphasize the importance of planning effective instruction, learning how to be flexible, and being highly organized as the In-Class Tutoring Method is best categorized as an Advanced Topic.

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