Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 Strategies to Find Students to Tutor During the School Time

A tutor is someone who assists in improving the learning skills of others. Tutoring involves training students on subjects that the tutor is an expert at, and which the students need help understanding or learning. Generally done on an individual basis, tutors conduct tutoring classes depending on their and the student’s schedules. As such, tutoring while the student is at school becomes a tough task.

However, with the right method and approach, you can easily get a good number of students to attend tutoring classes during school time. Here are 10 strategies to help you do so.

  1. Tutor in class sessions: you can take guest sessions in particular subjects where students require more attention, and tutor during a particular hour of that subject in a week.

  1. Find free hours during school time: if a particular class has a free hour between classes, rope them into a tutoring class instead of wasting time.

  1. Tie up with schools to have a tutoring hour: many schools will actually take on a part time tutor to help students out, and even give you an hour or two a week regularly to do so.

  1. Plan a recess tutoring session: recess or break time can become a learning experience for students if you can come up with innovative ways to teach while they take their time off from classes. Things like games or fun question-answer sessions can help in tutoring students while they are actually at ease.

  1. Detention classes: detention classes are a great way to teach! Though it might sound like a punishment to the students, coming up with fun and educational tutoring styles can make their detention class more manageable.

  1. Before or after official school hours: add an extra hour either just before or after official school hours to conduct tutoring classes. This way, students will get into a routine of attending because there is no gap of time between school classes and other activities.

  1. Assist during class hours: regular lecturers will allow you to come into their class hours from time to time to assist with the lecture.

  1. Engage with weak students during classes: weak students might be benefited more from one on one tutoring than being with the entire class. As such, you can request permission to tutor them individually during those subject hours that the student is weak in.

  1. Tutor on weekends: weekend classes might be a distraction for students, but making it fun and interesting along with educational can earn you a good number of students.

  1. Online tutoring: online tutoring can be achieved at any time, making it a very simple and easy method of tutoring during school time as well.

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