Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Tutoring Careers in Sports

Get a degree in physical education (P.E) - this is the first step towards pursuing  a teaching career in sports. This would give a good enhancement to your resume’. The P.E. degree opens a number of avenues in health, exercise and sports science. Certifications in a specialized field would be appreciated by employers.

It is a notion that career after a PE degree entails nothing but gym teacher, which is a myth. The reality says otherwise.

1         Water fitness: this is a kind of specialized resistance training given to players who play close contact sports and athletics. This reduces the chances of injury to muscles. A class lasts for 45-50 minutes. It is the best way of stretching your body.

2        Athletic trainer: It requires licensed certification and also recognized by American Medical Association (AMA). Their services are applied at training centers, schools, universities and even the defense.

3        Exercise Physiologist: They study the impact of a particular exercise on the player’s body.  They keep a track of the effectiveness of exercise. They don’t require licensing and thus they can range from sports trainers to sports scientists.

4        Group exercise instructor: In all sports there is certain training that has to be done in group i.e. along with the team players. You need to have a skill set like PR skills to manage them. Some good examples are aerobics and yoga.

5        Sports medicine: This requires certification. They prevent, manage and predict the pathologies resulting from sport activities.

6        Personal Coaching: if you have represented your state or country in a particular sport then you can train the future candidates by helping them understand the strategies and regular fitness.

7        Strength and Conditioning Coach: It is very important for players to increase their stamina. If a player has been injured then he has to be trained for a better form. Without their help a player won’t be able to play.

8       Sport Nutrition: players won’t be able to play right if they don’t eat right. Management of their diet chart is of crucial importance. Each player has separate requirements.

9        Clubs: if you have been a achiever in a particular sports then you can start a club where you can coach the future generation of enthusiast. This can also lead to sponsoring a upcoming talent in sports. Boxing is a good example.

10    Team coach: This is a prestigious position. You design strategies and evaluate the performances of the player. A coach is a leader apart from being a sportsman.

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