Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Master that Mock Tutoring Session

One of the most common parts of the tutor application process is the mock tutoring session. This involves your prospective employer giving you a task to teach to a given audience. Mock tutoring sessions test prospective tutors on their adaptation and response mechanisms to varying attitudes exhibited by different students. Mock tutoring is effective in determining which tutors do make the cut. So, make sure you do the best you can do and focus on being professional and effective in handling any mock tutoring session they give you. Here's what you definitely need to know.

Pretend it's Real

Nothing can put you into that intense moment of panic unless you think of something as real as possible. This will give you that emotional condition that you need in order to overcome any tensions that you may be thinking about. Keeping it real is essential in realizing that you control the elements of the tutorial session. After all, you're the tutor, so act like one. You will find out that you have more control of your situation when you internalize it, which is a strong trait of a tutor that any prospective employer is looking for. Keep that in mind and you'll impress more than just the panel of those observing your mock tutoring session, but your future students as well.

Keep Your Cards in Check

Tutoring is supposed to be spontaneous. You may have some sort of direction to kick you off in your tutoring session, but always keep in mind that your students may not always be as perky as you would plan to. This may ruin your perfectly plan flow, so always keep your cards in check. Understand that you should adjust to the situation and wing it from there. Everything will definitely work out if you anticipate ahead of time. You never know if your panel will play with you and try to catch you off-guard, so don't topple of your tutor podium.

Confidence is Your Secret

No matter how worse things may seem to be, you should cling on to your confidence so you can bounce back from anything during the mock tutoring session. Confidence will break the chills that may happen if you get nervous. This is because you are in control and you understand what is going on rather than stuttering in front of different people. What you should realize is that confidence makes the person even more vibrant in terms of delivery and focus. This is not only great for mock tutoring sessions, but also for your professional career later on.

Mock tutoring sessions help companies determine which tutors make the cut. Don’t be underestimated by the whole experience and take it one step at a time. With that, you will surely understand how you’re going to treat your students, and this will give you that edge over other tutors. Make sure you internalize the whole mock tutoring experience because it will help you out in your career path in the future, which you most definitely would want to be a success.

How have mock tutoring sessions gone for you?  Share an example.

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