Friday, November 4, 2011

Message from Alise--Join Us on LinkedIn!

Hey there, Readers,

TGIF! Hope that everyone plans to enjoy the weekend, even if you're just able to watch TV or do something fun of your choice. 

I just wanted to drop a few more lines to let you all know that we have started a group on LinkedIn that discuss various aspects of tutoring. It's a great way to collaborate and help each other learn and grow.

If you are interested in joining our group discussions, please join us at the group “Becoming a Better Tutor”.  

We do have members that have already joined and look forward to you joining us as well.

As always, please know that we welcome any guest posts from individuals who have great tutoring strategies to help us grow our tutoring businesses.

Have a blessed weekend!

P.S. Don't forget to set your time back so that you can get that extra hour of sleep. :)

Happy Tutoring,

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