Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seven Types of Assessments that Tutors Should Use with Their Clients

In order to know what level to start out in the tutoring session, you should be able to administer seven important assessments types for your clients. These seven types consist of varied types that will help you assess the performance level of your clients.
Math Assessment
Depending on the subject material level, this assessment is used to understand how much of the concept and application a student was able to grasp in terms of mathematical manipulation.
Reading Assessment
This assessment evaluates the reading rate, comprehension level, and fluency of the student with a given reading material. Also, this involves vocabulary level and other language tools of development a student must have for his or her level.
Study Skills Assessment
Students have different study patterns, and with this assessment, you can learn more about how often a student sticks to these patterns. Moreover, you can help them improve their study habits by understanding any patterns involved.
Spelling Assessment
This, along with the basic foundations of communication is tested to see what the level of spelling your student has is and work from there to provide effective tutoring measures.
Writing Assessment
By testing the student’s ability to construct paragraphs and essays, the organization and logical order of the student shall be assessed, along with the word choice, or diction, and other grammar tools present in composition writing.

Progress Monitoring Assessments
Usually given periodically in the tutoring sessions, this assessment ensures that the topic is being absorbed properly. This is important because if a tutor finds out the student is not absorbing the lesson well, then he or she shall monitor the flow of the lesson and emphasize those parts not understood by the student.

As a knowledge assessment approach, this is usually given before a specific tutorial program is administered or even when you introduce new concepts to your student. Giving him or her this assessment will allow you to determine whether the student can handle the new lesson easily or not.

With these seven important assessments at hand, you can enhance your tutoring program by adapting to these issues that become present through these assessments.

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