Wednesday, August 14, 2013

QuizEgg: Product Review (Online Assessment Tool)

As a tutor, you should learn to use the right tools to assess your students’ performance. This will give you an idea on how well they are performing so you can make adjustments to your teaching style, should the need arises. One effective student assessment tool is QuizEgg, which can be accessed from your browser. The role of this tool is that it provides your students with an assessment tool they can easily access so you can gage the performance level and retention that your students have after each session or after a series of sessions. Here’s what you definitely need to know about this online assessment tool.

Extensive Question Types

QuizEgg allows you to generate assessments of various testing types, which allow you to simulate school tests for your students to answer. These are true-or-false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, word list, essay, and multiple response.

Of the six question types, all are automatically scored except the essay, saving you the time needed to check with an answer key. The abundance of question types allows you to be creative in how you handle your assessment schemes. You can vary things up to give students a challenge or keep it simple so you can track progress quite effectively.

In Depth Student Progress

Another great feature of QuizEgg is that you can learn which questions your students answered correctly or incorrectly. Additionally, you can learn how quickly your students answered the quiz and what these answers were.

Learning these details will provide you with insight on your students’ progresses. It is important to note that something as simple as the time it took for a student to answer the quiz can determine that the student is picking up things slow. Such analysis can give you an idea on how you should modify your teaching style for future sessions.

Monitoring student progress is important in establishing proper academic development. You shouldn’t be rigid in your teaching patterns. Adjust depending on the results so you can garner optimal results in future tutoring sessions.

Effective Tutoring Component

The bottom line of QuizEgg is that it is an effective tutoring tool you can utilize for your tutoring service. As an add-on service for your assessment needs, you could save the time it takes to manually record these tests and to have students take them during the sessions. Channel their free time through QuizEgg and you can modify your tutoring style accordingly.

Remember, being a tutor means you should continue to be a teacher. Assess your students’ performances and you can understand where their weak points lie. Help them work on that through the assessments and you can provide even better teaching for your students. This helps them in the long run because you understand their growth gradually.

Being a tutor requires ensuring that your students understand what you’re saying. With QuizEgg, the right assessment tool can facilitate you with easy-to-make tests and great monitoring applications in the service.

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