Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Five Components of the Anatomy of Your Tutoring Session

Every tutoring sessions follows a sequence, because it is that orderliness that makes tutoring something that students can grasp easily. It is important that you understand each component of your tutoring anatomy so that you can guide students effectively and provide them with the right adaptation they need when you tutor them. These five components include the icebreaker moment, the outline, the implementation of the agenda, the interactive modules, and the closing. Knowing what each component really is in depth will give you better insight in channeling your tutoring service.

Icebreaker Moment

The icebreaker is your set-things-in-the-mood jive for your students. Sometimes, tutoring sessions can kick off with an awkward start, but with icebreaker moments, you can tune in your students with an activity or two so that they become mentally ready for the lecture. Icebreakers are great for multiple group sessions because this builds interaction among the students, which can help spearhead your tutoring session quite effectively.


The outline is probably the most important part of your tutoring session. Students will expect something from you, so make sure you provide the outline in a clear and understandable manner. Outlines allow your students to gage how long the lecture would last and what information they will learn during that session. Always keep in mind that your outline must be brief and to-the-point; most students in tutoring have short attention spans.

Implementation of the Agenda

Your outline contains agenda that you must implement during your tutoring session. Always ensure that whatever you place in your outline should be implemented accordingly. This develops your credibility and provides students with the right depth of information that they can handle during that session. Ensure that your tutorial sessions involve clear concepts that you presented beforehand to ensure that these sessions are carried out as smoothly as possible.

Interactive Modules

During your tutoring sessions, interactive modules involve question-and-answer portions and some activities that you may have in store. This keeps your tutoring session alive. Make sure you have these strategically placed in your tutoring session so that you can channel out boredom and filter out enthusiasm. Tutoring is also about establishing that connection with your students, so develop such communication with interactive modules.


Finally, the tutoring session you kicked off effectively must end with the same treatment. Prepare some additional advice you’d like to share with your students so they are motivated to attend the next session. The importance of the closing is to summarize the whole tutorial session with an important message for your students to retain. Having a good first impression matters, but having a great lasting impression matters even more.

The anatomy of your tutoring session involves a five-fold plan that will keep your tutoring on top of its game. Always remember to provide your students with the right treatment they deserve. It is this conditioning that will allow them to retain information more readily and become more active in their academics. Focus on the goal but ensure the journey is well worth it.

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