Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Pros and Cons of Using Tutoring Packages

If you plan on having tutoring packages as a service provision for your clients, you should learn the pros and cons that come with using them. Tutoring packages are great for bundling your tutorial services, especially if you want to offer your clients a discounted rate. With the presence of tutoring packages, your tutoring service can be well defined as you have a working scheme with you. However, there are some disadvantages to this scheme. Here are the pros and cons that you must consider before implementing tutoring packages.
Pros of Tutoring Packages
  • Tutoring packages are effective in keeping your tutoring business professional. You have defined hours/sessions that your client can avail by purchasing the package. With this in mind, you can secure a service component that is popular among clients.
  • Tutoring packages are paid immediately, or in denominations agreed. With this, you can get conveniently, especially with the bulk nature of tutoring packages. If you’re worried about pay, tutoring packages provide you the same consistency as you would receive for a predefined number of sessions.
  • With the defined pattern of tutoring packages, you have a sequence to follow, saving you the time to plan on what lesson to handle or consultation measure to engage in.
Cons of Tutoring Packages
  • Some clients may not be able to afford your tutoring package, because of the cost that is defined by the amount of hours or sessions you put in. You may face lesser business if you completely rely on tutoring packages as your main stream of business.
  • You may not be able to fulfill the complete session requirements, especially if your client feels he or she has learned enough. Compensation issues may rise, especially if you issue the complete payment and the client argues that the complete number of hours weren’t spent.
  • You will also focus on a strict schedule which you must comply with, since your tutoring package is already predefined in terms of session span and scheduling.
With these points in mind, consider how you are going to implement your tutoring package and make sure to consider the pros and cons that might occur with this service option.

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