Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to Design a Robotics Camp

             A Robotics camp as the name implies is a camp for creative and potential young inventors or engineers to explore their creativity and use their problem solving skills to design and program robots to perform incredible actions . Also in the camp, participants learn how to use natural resources to solve physical-challenges encountered in several tasks, exploring a new terrain and engaging in other interesting general activities. Students who participate in the camp expect to be given the opportunity to explore the effects of systems engineering in the world, learn LEGO Mind storms basics, design principles, and numerous projects that focus on real application.

           Moreover, the students are expected to be trained by competent people who are sound in the field and sometimes university graduates and undergraduates participate in the camp activities. Hence if you want to design a Robotics Camp, you must research on other camps that have been held and attend one robotics camp as an observer to see how best you can design yours. However, here are 10 resources to enable you design your own camp.

1.) Research on Information on Robotics Camps is the most important resource as it helps your design chart to be more adequate.

2.) Ensure that your participants are raising 6th, 7th and 8th graders, who are going to be your target population.

3) Endeavour to initiate incentives and interesting competitions to build the interest of the participants.

4.) Set pre and present deliverable Design Robotics Camp goals, to track your progress.

5.) Design the Robotics Camp, keeping the student participants ‘academic curriculum in mind.

6.) You need to get a spacious science park for the camp with an array of interactive exhibits, so students can learn and explore.

7.) Good and efficient facilities are very crucial resources to designing a Robotics Camp because they determine the quality of activities in the camp,

8.) Get necessary circuits and connection in place for the development of exhibits and galleries.

9.) You also need to get machinery that are updated and in good shape since they will be used by children.

10.) Capitals, it is necessary to have them or plan ways to generate them, in order to actualize the Robotics Design camp.

           However, acquiring these listed resources will enable you to design successfully a Robotics Camp. Also, you can create an updated data base of all the associations and bodies who organize Robotics Camp with renowned persons in the field for future assistance. 

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