Wednesday, July 20, 2011

10 Reasons Why You Should Register Your Tutoring Business with the Better Business Bureau

Better business bureau was established in the year 1912 in the United States and Canada. It is looked upon as a brand name which any and every tutoring business holder would want to be associated with due to various reasons such as the following:

1.     Popular name: it is a trusted and reputed name in the market and thus association to it assures credibility to the organizations. Customers shed their inhibitions if BBB logo is on the website. The customers are positively aware of this name.

2.      Reliable: the customers can reach the help line anytime of the day to check the standard of the concerned organization. Meeting the standards of the bureau gives assurance to the customers.

3.      Eqouate or Equate: this is a business tool used by BBB to make the process of interaction between the consumers and the tutoring businesses as well as between different tutoring businesses smoother. The consumers can take quotes from various tutoring businesses with the help of the same form. Thus if your business can be one of them if you are a member.

4.      Special section: there is a member’s section especially for the members. You can keep updating your company’s information as and when required. There are many programs launched and organized by BBB. You can participate in them which will improve your popularity.

5.      Certified: once you qualify as a member your firm will receive a confirmation from BBB as a sign of promise to the consumers as a ethical company which is mandatory for the survival in the market.

6.      MIP: membership identification program can be opted by you if you are ready to comply in the decisions regarding dispute resolution procedures which are an additional benefit for no added cost!

7.      Enlistment: you are enlisted in the BBB list. Thus considered to be screened by experts on ethical grounds. Thus many sectors including the government may employ your firm if the need arises.

8.      Guide for consumers: this guide is circulated all over the country where your firm has been advertised because you are member. What better way to market yourself!

9.      Membership Live support: you are given live assistance by experts if you need help promoting your company.

10.  Networking events: Annual Golf Classic is one of the many events hosted by BBB for its members thus a chance for interacting with your competitors in the tutoring business as well as the future prospects who may also be members. Thus there are opportunities to expand.

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