Tuesday, July 12, 2011

10 Reasons Why Networking with Other Tutors Work!

Networking is a lifestyle and skill for success. In today's world it is not important ''who you are but who knows you''. Education cannot happen in isolation in today's tech-savvy world. Networking with tutors is important for the  growth of  the learner as well as the educator. A tutor who has built up a strong network can share resources, get ideas, advice and techniques and inculcate new methods which can be innovative and creative in his/her teaching.

Here are 10 strategies of networking with tutors and its benefits:

1. Create a Personal Learning Network: By creating a  personal learning network teachers become aware, connected,empowered, confident ''learners''.

2. Use Social Media to Connect With Other Tutors: Considering the demands of today, networking with tutors, is the best investment for an educator. Tools such as twitter, wikis, blogs helps them to know what others are doing, the problems they face and whats worked best for them.

3. Be a Life-Long Learner: Educators need to learn constantly to grow to become better. Networking with  tutors enhances there personal learning, recharges them and gives them ideas and provides them with the support they need to keep on going.

4. Use Different Educational Experiences: By networking you  can develop different educational experiences (audio, visual, interactive,help and tutoring) and inculcate them in classroom teaching to enhance the learning of your students and making learning fun.

5. Free Publicity with Trusted Individuals: By networking a tutor can spread word about his/her area of skills and contact with parents and students beyond his own work area.

6. Meaningful Professional Collaboration: Through networking educators will be able to participate in meetings and discussions  held anywhere,for the greater benefit of the educator and the student. Friends , this is the age of collaboration.

7. Use More Than One Way to Network: Another strategy of networking with tutors is to combine asynchronous learning with synchronous tools, so that educators can have the best of both worlds.

8. Find a Mentor: A old form of  networking strategy that can be used is to observe master teachers in their classroom situation. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from a mentor.

9. Seek Problem Solving Opportunities: Take advantage of problem solving opportunities that exist in your school like grade level meetings , teacher assistance teams, child study team,all designed to brainstorm the teacher to meet different student needs.

10. Attend School Events and Functions: School events and functions can be used for increasing your network meetings, sports events, functions are places where you can expand your network not just with parents of students but, sponsors, partners, vendors and associates of the school.

In a profession that can be profoundly isolating and lonely, networking with tutors will provide the educator with a scope and arena to grow and explore.

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