Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tutor Management 108: Company Communication to Clients

Communication, of any kind, is a highly essential factor in any relation, whether it is between family, friends, or a formal company to client communication. When it comes to business communication, it becomes all the more important to ensure proper flow, style and content of communication, because it will ultimately reflect on the company in question. However, the thing that is most important in business related communication is promptness and regularity.

A company has several channels of communication to its clients, such as marketing communication, customer service, scheduling communication and the like. Communication is an essential connection between the business and its client. The more a business is personally connected to a client, the more the client trusts the business. This also helps build customer loyalty to the business.
Here are some reasons why communication between a company and its client is important.
Build relations: when a client gets timely and prompt communication from a company, the bridge between the two is easily crossed, leading to better and stronger relations.
     Reduce negativity: by constant communication with clients, the business can understand if there is anything lacking. This helps in fixing the issue immediately to avoid any discredit to the company.
Customer loyalty: efficient communication will keep your customer feeling recognized, and thereby gets them to do business with the company again.
Cuts out misunderstanding: if the client is always informed and in the loop of things, the chance of any kind of misunderstanding is averted, leading to a healthy relationship.
Now that the importance of communication has been established, here are 5 tips to effectively communicate to clients.
Improve customer service: whenever a client calls in for any kind of assistance, ensure that customer support offers the quickest and easiest solutions.
Deliver valuable communication to clients: don’t just stop at customer service and regular meetings. Go the extra mile to deliver quality marketing, advertising, product-related material and market related material to the client. This helps in them feeling valued.
Create informal dialogues with the client: try to get your client into discussions or forums to identify what needs they have that are not yet met by the company.
     Ensure prompt communication of important information: always keep the client informed about the status of the client’s business with the company. Be prompt in delivering updates and schedules.
Open up channels to encourage client feedback: getting a response from clients about their interaction with the company will go a long way in helping improve communication.
Have you had an excellent business communication experience?  What did this company do to make a lasting impression?
Have you ever had a negative customer service experience?  What did or could the company have done to win back your loyalty?

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