Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Importance of Tutoring Packages: IT’s More Than Just Getting Paid

Making a service seem more appealing to clients is one of the toughest challenges business individuals face. For tutors, the problem is nothing new, because a tutor must find even more innovative ways to pitch his or her services to prospective clients. Starting out a business, most tutors simply indicate an hourly or session-based fee per session and just specify duration rates in the process. Although this is good, the novelty of such prices is lost as others compete through lower price offerings. The best way to stir up the competition is through tutoring packages.

Below are three reasons why you should focus your business dynamics on tutoring packages:

Reason #1: Tutoring Packages Presentation

They present more service for a supposedly lower value. The collective presentation of your services offered for a bulk rate tends to stir up the psychological aspect of clients looking for quality for better pay. These packages act as advertising tools that not only guarantee you more payment, but a more dedicated approach to your tutoring business because they work akin to a contractual process. These packages offer different services that will cater to your client's interest, streaming in effective business.

Reason #2: Tutoring Packages Work

Think like how a business individual would think. Why would you pitch in a $35/hour rate when you can go ahead and note down a $100 flat rate for 3 hours? Although clients would pay less than the original per hour rate, but if you have more people selecting this package, you will surely make even more than what you would if they chose to go for 2-hour sessions to be on the safe side. You make $30 more with minimal effort in advertising.

Overall, you have more time to focus on even better developmental measures and more clients. These packages therefore not only reel in more business, but they work in such a way that you can properly schedule your business transactions.

Reason #3: Tutoring Packages are More than Just Getting Paid

The value of tutoring packages involves an increase in your business integrity and your development as a competitive tutoring business. Moreover, the tutoring packages indicate your versatility in tutoring as you are able to conduct multiple services for a given client through the terms presented. This kind of attention makes you very much reliable where clients begin to trust you a lot more.

Having that business perspective is vital in the tutoring world, especially when you’re competing with other tutors out there. Pitch your services with a package in mind to reel in client interest. Remember: clients want to get much for a bulk, low price. This will spark even more interest of other clients and you’ve got a great business there. But always keep in mind that quality matters above all.



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