Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why Tutoring during School Holidays is a Bad Idea?

Summer holidays have hit the corner and the beach is ready with its allure and its fun and games in store. Or perhaps, the winter chill has just blown right through the hallways where everyone anticipates the Yuletide with its merriment and cheers. Tutoring during those times is not a good idea at all. If you want to learn exactly why, here's what you need to know and consider for your tutoring business.

Students Seldom Retain Information

Holidays are there for a reason. They help students recuperate after the tough hours at school for some relaxation. Most students prefer to spend their vacation simply away from academic material; hence, if you tutor them, they seldom retain the information. This is due to the mental conditioning they have because of the holidays that temporarily shuts off the academic learning center.

It Adds too Much Pressure

Students do not want to suffer more burden than they already are. If you tutor them during these months, students start to worry about their academic performance before the vacation. This tends to bother them if they did not do particularly well and they get too pressured in the process. This is unhealthy learning and is not recommended, so tutoring during these times will just be detrimental for the student, wasting both the tutor's and student's time in the process.

It May Compromise Quality Family and Friends Time

Vacation time is also dedicated to catch up with family and friends. If you tutor during these moments, you may be compromising quality time which may endanger the social communication they ought to develop. It is important to consider that such family time actually builds confidence and character of the student, which are necessary for academic improvement. So, ease up on the tutoring during vacation and let the quality time takes it course.

Whenever you think about earning that extra money over the summer holidays or perhaps Christmas, think about these three important points beforehand. You should be careful because students would prefer that relaxing moment instead of cracking the books through something you're unsure they would retain. Alternatively, offer summer camps or fun activities instead of the formal tutoring, if you're keen on getting that extra money in through your business.

As much as you love tutoring, you could focus on ways to improve your business during the summer months or Christmas weeks. This can enhance your business at hand and ensure effective development potential for the upcoming busy periods during the school year. Work for that and you will see bigger profits and more students satisfied, leaving you with a smile for a job well done in your business.

What are ways you can grow your business without tutoring in the summer or holiday weeks?  How can you work to improve your business for the upcoming academic year?

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