Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Science iPad apps for Your Tutoring Business

Science is a very interesting subject. Many students like it however some fear it as well due to the inherent toughness of the subject as opposed to the comparatively lesser burdening humanities subjects. Still a huge number of students prefer science compared to humanities. This is largely because of the high paying careers that science graduates can reach out to.

There are a number of iPad apps that can help you overcome your fears from science if you have any or if you don’t, it can help you polish your science skills.

Here are the 10 must have science apps for your iPad that we have compiled for satisfying the scientific soul in you.

1.      The Chemical Touch: This app, as the name suggests, provides valuable information about chemistry. You would find things like periodic table, atomic masses etc. It is quite interactive app because of which you tend to find it interesting.

2.    Pocket Universe - Virtual Sky Astronomy: This is a great app which seeks to give you a great amount of information about the sky. It has a built in compass that generates the similar view of the sky that you view.

3.    The Elements- A Visual Exploration: This is a great app that gives a lot of information about different elements in the universe.

4.    OnScreen DNA Model: See the structure and beauty of the DNA with this cool app.

5.     3D Cell: Cell is the basic unit of the body which acts as a building block. This app will give you the structure of cell in a 3D manner.

6.    Monster Anatomy HD: The human body structure can be seen every bit on this award winning app.

7.     Wolfram Alpha: This is a search engine in itself that seeks to structure all the scientific information about math and science.

8.    Science Glossary: This app can help you understand the difficult terms that you come across in your science classes or books right in a snap. It is definitely a must have app.

9.    Ball & Stick: This app lets you create your own molecular compounds. A great app that makes learning about molecular structures a great fun.

10.                        Molecules: You can use this app to look at the structures of different molecules very closely.

During your self-study when you have a number of curious questions and no one is there to answer them, these apps will help you a lot in learning a thing or two.

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