Friday, December 2, 2011

Message from Alise--Don't Forget To Register for Online Tutoring Courses!

iGlobal Educational Services Launches Non-Credited and Credited Online Tutoring Business CoursesAs you may already know, we value our clients' feedback and current needs. As a result, we have launched an Online Continuing Education Program in which educators and tutors around the globe can gain professional development at the comfort of their homes or any location.

We take pride in providing relevant, data-driven content that is coupled in research and designed for you to use the information immediately.

For more information about our Online Continuing Education Program, please click here

The first online tutoring business course, Tutor 104 Marketing Your Tutoring Business: A Data-Driven Approach to Pricing Your Tutoring Services, is designed with professional tutors, like yourself, in mind.This course focuses on helping tutors find clients by using both basic and advanced marketing strategies. Also, you will have the opportunity to create marketing tools and develop an effective marketing plan. For a limited time offer, you can take this course for only $79.00. That's less than $3.00 a day to move your tutoring business from good to great.

Furthermore, we offer another online tutoring business course, Tutor 105 Conducting Tutoring Sessions: Strategies to Help Conduct Effective Tutoring Sessions, which is designed to help you become a better tutor for your clients. Not only will you learn state-of-the art strategies, you will also get continuing professional education (CPE) credit. For a limited time offer, you can take this course for only $89.00. Again, that's less than $3.00 a day to take charge of your tutoring business.

Lastly, you will receive a personally autographed copy of "Becoming a Better Tutor" by author and successful entrepreneur, Dr. Alicia Holland-Johnson.  

 The best of all is that you can file these online courses as professional development on your tax return at the end of the year. So don't delay; Register Here and sign up for your free account to begin investing in your financial prosperity.

To Your Tutoring Success,

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