Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creating a Facebook Page for Your Tutoring Business

Facebook is one of the popular social media sites where you can advertise and enhance your tutoring business. Through the means of Facebook pages, you can provide details and other links to your tutoring website to garner more visitors for your tutoring service. Here’s what you need to know in order to learn how to create a Facebook page for your tutoring business.
Creating the Page
Visit the Facebook Advertising Page to click a link labeled "Create Page" located at the top of the page. This will start you off on your Facebook page creation.
Specification of Your Page
It is important that you categorize your new Facebook Page as a “business” so that it will be properly indexed and will allow Facebook to provide you the correct fields to fill in later on.
Putting info on Your Page
After your selection of a business type, you can know add information into your page. After digitally signing your page, fill in the necessary details such as contact info and service information. Moreover, make sure you upload your business image as it would be the first thing people look at. Maintain square proportions and make sure your brand is readable at smaller sizes, because Facebook makes a thumbnail out of your logo that you will find in posts and other places on your page.
Publish Your Page!
Your page won’t help you in an anyway unless you publish it. The command is pretty much visible once you’re done with editing any necessary info. Publishing your page allows search engines to pick it up and provides you the opportunity to get more clients for your tutoring service.

Using Facebook as a means of getting more traffic and better opportunities at clients can help you through the Facebook page system. With this, you can enhance your tutoring business through the versatility of social media marketing.

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