Friday, January 28, 2011

Handling Difficult Clients – Should I Work With Them?

Sometimes, your clients may be too demanding or difficult to handle, especially if they want you to tutor them on subjects beyond the original agreement or even if they hold you for too long at their homes. This kind of difficulty has raised concern for many tutors to decide if they should work with these clients.
The clear answer is no. First and foremost, if you are not going to set some limits and voice out your rights as a tutor, then your business shall be compromised. You should always keep in mind that there is always an agreement, usually in the form of a legally binding contract, to set those limits.
Next, you should not work with clients that abuse your services. Not only does this induce mental stress, you are also spending time on material that you didn’t sign up for. Remember, you are working with them as you give them your tutoring service, so they should respect your terms of service should they wish to hire you.
Thirdly, it destroys your schedule. Clients that want more of your time than originally agreed can cause you precious time that you should spend on your other schedules. You will know a difficult client if he or she doesn’t allow you to leave at the designated time and tends to be more demanding. You create the rules and they should agree to your terms.
Difficult clients shouldn’t be tolerated. Although some tutors take the risk because of finances, it is important that if at least nothing is at stake, then you shouldn’t tolerate difficult clients – they hurt your business.

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